American Idol 13 – Best Of Top 5 Performances [VIDEOS]

The American Idol 2014 Top 5 were taking requests last night and nearly every performance was knocked out of the park. Fantastic deliveries and mostly solid song selections led to a great night that makes narrowing them down very difficult.

Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol 2014
Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Of course the real challenge will be for viewers picking which singer has to go home from such a talented bunch, but selecting just three songs to make this week’s “best of” isn’t much easier!

The top performance of the night won’t be a surprise to anyone, but moving down the list with just two open spots wasn’t easy so I want to hear from you. Tell us which performances you say make up the best three of the night and share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

#3 – Jessica Meuse singers “Summertime Sadness”

#2 – Alex Preston sings “Say Something”

#1 – Caleb Johnson sings “Still of the Night”

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  1. Definitely agree with #1 and #2. Although, as a Lana Del Rey fan, I did not like Jess’s rendition. The greatness of Lana’s songs comes in large part from the distinct sound of her voice. This isn’t a jab at Jess, but I just don’t think anyone can do Lana quite like Lana. Also thought it was a bit tacky that they put her in a red dress to match the lyrics, not that that’s her fault.

    • Jessica’s rendition is actually ranked above Lana on the alternative chart today!

      • That’s because it’s new and has an influx of purchasers. I just think there are better song choices out there for her.

      • I agree, there are better song choices for her, she has such an awesome voice.

  2. Best of the Night: Caleb, no contest.
    #2 Alex (great night for Alex)
    #3 Jessica (strong performance)

  3. RANKING: Who’s Most Likely to Be Eliminated From Top 5:

    1. Jessica Meuse

    2. Jena Irene

    3. Alex Preston

    4. Caleb Johnson

    5. Sam Woolf

    Switching Sam and Caleb is up for debate as well as switching Jena and Alex. I know this ranking will upset people, but I’m pretty sure due to ther performances, Alex and Caleb will be safe. I definitely believe that Sam Woolf’s popularity will keep him in the contest for at least another week so for right now I’m going to say he is least likely to go home tonight. His performances were not great, his “thing” with Arianna is likely to get him votes from her fans, and who ever the male celebrity was; his fans are likely to vote for Sam. I know that’s not right but it’s probably true. I regret to inform you, Jessica is most likely going home tonight.

    • I’m coming back…

      I just watched all the performances again and I am switching the places of Sam and Alex. Therefore Who is most likely to be eliminated:

      1. Jessica

      2. Jena

      3. Sam

      4. Caleb

      5. Alex

  4. Jena is playing it smart. Because now she’s worked herself into a position that is “surely” safe, she can experiment with other classes of music (to appeal to a broader spectrum of people). From A to Jazz type of music-maybe “RAP” next week? Harry states that jena is the most “versatile” and jena is obliging. While Caleb is only a one trick pony and is burning himself out too soon before the finale. However, even though “GREAT HITTERS” can swing at bad pitches and still obtain a hit; I think it’s about that time where Jena should only swing at her wheelhouse pitch (like Caleb) so as to not only knock it over the fence but “clean” out of the park!

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