Who Is Going Home Tonight On American Idol? 05/01/2014

The American Idol 2014 Top 5 took on songs America chose for them Wednesday night and there were some clear standout performances. But will those influence this weeks votes?

* UPDATE: Click here for our full recap of the Top 5 elimination results show!

American Idol 2014 Top 5

I think so. And all signs point to one unfortunate elimination. It’s time once again for us to look at how the votes might play out tonight.

Who is going home tonight on American Idol 2014?

Definitely Safe (No one is definitely safe at this point in the competition) 

Caleb Johnson. There’s no way that this guy is at risk. Not after his week-to-week consistency and his fantastic Whitesnake cover Wednesday night. I think we’ll see Caleb in the finale.

Jena Irene. I think this might be your final two. Jena has definitely come a long way, but I think she’s officially arrived. I’m listening to her performance of “My Body” from last night right now as I write this.

Most Likely Safe

Alex Preston. Sam did better than Alex in our poll, but I can’t bring myself to put Alex in the bottom two. I just don’t think America as a whole is picking Sam over Alex. Not when Sam already got voted out once, basically. I might be wrong, though.

Probably Bottom Two

Sam Woolf. Just like I said above, I can’t imagine Sam getting more votes than Alex, but we’ll see.

Jessica Meuse. Jessica has found herself here the past two weeks so I think she’ll be heading back. It doesn’t make sense, but we’re down to the Top 5 so it’s bound to happen to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Possibly Going Home

Jessica Meuse. I think it’s going to happen. She’s last in our poll and she had the weaker song choices this week and like I said, she’s already been in the bottom two twice. Should she go home? No.

Who do you think will be heading home tonight on American Idol 2014?




  1. Go Sam 🙂 Hope to see you in the Top 3!! As soon as you get voted off I’m not watching it. Only because I’m really not a fan of anyone else on this show!!!! Hope to see you next week!

  2. Alex was best of the night imo.
    Caleb’s Whitesnake performance keeps him in.
    I think Jessica’s Human performance was awesome and she should stay.
    I’m not really feeling Jena atm. But it’s not enough to send her home yet.
    Bye Sam.

  3. I think it’s going to be Jessica leaving with a huge surprise…Jena in bottom two.

  4. It might be Jessica , Sam or Alex, but I want Alex to stay around he hasn’t sang, Taxi -Harry Chapin, yet. I’m hoping he will.

  5. I think the writing is on the wall with Jessica. Jena is last in itunes at the moment and from what I last saw looks like she’s getting watched least on YouTube.

  6. I really don’t want Jessica to go home…
    Hopefully it’ll be Sam or Alex, but it probably won’t be.

    I am hoping for a Caleb and Jena finale, but at this point I am really unsure who could be in the finale. I believe Caleb will definitely be in the finale, but I’m unsure who else it would be. Jena sounds like the best bet, but knowing female votes, it might be Sam or Alex.

    • I love Caleb, I wish he would sing Living Inside Myself by Gino Vannelli, he has the voice for that song .not many do…. And I’m still hoping Alex sings Taxi by Harry Chapin.

  7. RANKING: Who’s Most Likely to Be Eliminated From Top 5:

    1. Jessica Meuse

    2. Jena Irene

    3. Alex Preston

    4. Caleb Johnson

    5. Sam Woolf

    Switching Sam and Caleb is up for debate as well as switching Jena and Alex. I know this ranking will upset people, but I’m pretty sure due to their performances, Alex and Caleb will be safe. I definitely believe that Sam Woolf’s popularity will keep him in the contest for at least another week so for right now I’m going to say he is least likely to go home tonight. His performances were not great, his “thing” with Arianna is likely to get him votes from her fans, and who ever the male celebrity was; his fans are likely to vote for Sam. I know that’s not right but it’s probably true. I regret to inform you, Jessica is most likely going home tonight.

    • I’m coming back…

      I just watched all the performances again and I am switching the places of Sam and Alex. So…Who is most likely to be eliminated:

      1. Jessica

      2. Jena

      3. Sam

      4. Caleb

      5. Alex

  8. Jessica is awful. She sings like a goat. Looks like a mannequin when she sings. Hope to see her on her way. Wish Caleb would follow… he will be fine finding a gig with any 80’s cover band. Jena, Sam and Alex have some original and genuine talent.

  9. Just like any other year, the judges have picked their favorites and it’s Caleb and Jena followed by Alex. I personally Love Jessica and her voice, I think she is a super talent and much better than the rest. I know allot of people like screaming Caleb, but to me last night he BUTCHERED the Aerosmith song, it completely SUCKED! I can’t tolerate Alex either, and I really don’t care who disagrees with me, it’s my opinion and I have my right to it.

  10. sam has the best voice quality for me. his voice is so thick for a 17 year old, therefore he”s got the gift .. his tone is so nice to hear. caleb is a great singer but just an ordinary voice we hear all around so is jena, so ordinary a voice is. alex has a very unique voice but its too thin, its nice to hear but it lacks intensity and range. jessica is a good singer, she has style but is she the complete package for an american idol? many will agree but the teenage votes wont…for me, its sam and alex in the finale.

  11. I think Sam has finally come into his own and is ready to stay. Jessica needs to go with her arrogant attitude.

  12. I loved Caleb’s second performance better than any other of the night. I thought Sam did a good job and so did Jessica for the most part. I can’t understand what Jena says when she sings. She has this weird accent or something which makes it hard to understand her words. Alex didn’t do so great last night in my opinion and it may land him in the bottom tonight. Personally, I would send Jena home.

  13. I hope Jessica does go home she can’t sing and it’s her time to go

  14. For me,…this is my assessment!…most likely to go home on May 1, is…JENA. Sad to say that!…for me she needs to go now! She has nothing to show and she is overdoing her craft, same with CALEB if he won’t improve his craft, he will be next to go after JENA.

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