American Idol 2013: Amber Holcomb’s Top 4 Week Performances (VIDEOS)

Top 4 Amber Holcomb

According to the American Idol 2013 judges, Amber Holcomb was the star of the show during last night’s Top 4 performances.

The judges have been Team Amber for awhile now, but they were laying it on thick last night. They even offered up the first harsh criticism for female contestants (Kree Harrison and Candice Glover) this entire season to ensure we all knew that Amber is the one to beat.

While I think Amber is beautiful, talented and marketable, I think the judges should just let America make it’s own decisions and stop with the obvious trickery. OK, I’m sounding like a broken record, so let’s get to the topic at hand: Amber’s performances!

Amber Holcomb Performs “The Power Of Love”

I thought Amber’s version of Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” was her best performance of the season. I get why the judges were all over this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Amber isn’t talented. Because she is. And this performance proves it. Is she Idol winner material? Personally, I say no.

Amber Holcomb Performs “MacArthur Park”

I wasn’t as crazy about this one from Amber and neither was Jimmy Iovine. But the judges LOVED it, of course. They loved it so much, they used up half of Candice’s critique time to defend Amber against Jimmy’s comments.

What do you think of Amber? Were these two performances worthy of all the judges’ praise or do you more agree with me and Jimmy Iovine?




  1. It is so obvious that the judges are trying to sway the vote Amber’s way because THEY think she is more marketable. She is a good singer but I do not think she is the best and isn’t and shouldn’t it be up to the public vote?! They did the same thing last year pushing Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips where I thought Jessica Sanchez was the best singer. I have been watching Idol since Season 1 and I have been so disappointed in this year’s judges. They definitely need to clean house and let the public vote. Also, it was inexcusable for them to take up valuable critique time from Candace to defend their Amber comments with Jimmy Lovine. I felt so bad for Candice. It is just not fair.

    • For me, Amber has the best pure voice on the show and she has been killing it from day one. No other singer has delivered on a weekly basis the way she has.

      To suggest that she is in the same thing as Phillip Phillips is not even close. He is nowhere near the singer that Amber is. It was ledet who they were bigging up and he went out third. There is no comparison.

    • The judges can try and “sway” as much of the votes in favor of Amber, but it is not like they are doing it for no reason. They think that she deserves to at least be in the Top 2, and I completely agree. I think that after what we saw last night, the finale should be between Angie and Amber, and frankly I wouldn’t mind who ends up winning between those two because the two of them are potentially the 2 contestants out of the Top 4 with the highest likelihood of making it big across genres in the industry.
      Besides, NOBODY is forcing ANYONE to vote for anyone. They can “sway” you as much as they want, but it is ultimately YOU that makes the decision to vote for a contestant and no one else.

  2. The judges are trying to push for AMBER but she not that good CANDICE and KREE are the ones to beat something is wrong with Kree I think the judges are getting to her. they need to replace the judges like Nikki for sure

    • Kree is good, but she is not as good as Amber or Candice for that matter. Candice, I think, is just as good as Amber, but I think Amber has got more of that star quality that is essential to be a big, succcesful recording artist, which makes her more marketable. I just don’t see Candice becoming this mega star because she is just….there. She is great, but that’s it. Her aura is quite dim.

    • Did you have a problem when it was Kree every week?

      They did the duet and it was obvious who was the better singer. Kree looked troubled, for some reason.

  3. In the beginning of the season, I think Jimmy and the judges were right in feeling that Amber’s ability and her position after each voting did not match. Angie, Kree, and Candice jumped to the forefront, and it did not help that Amber was constantly called the next Whitney Houston. I think Amber does belong in the top four. She seems to improve each week where Angie, Kree, and Candice bounce back and forth. I thought Angie had peaked a couple of weeks ago. Last night it looks like she got her second wind. Candice is starting to wear on me with the volume stuck on high and all the runs. Kree has a beautiful voice, but does not seem to “feel” the song IMO. The judges’ constant praise of Amber is not helping to bring attention to her ability now because it’s being viewed as biased and will lose votes for her. I would like to see Amber and Candice in the finals because their match-up would be the most interesting. Amber and Kree’s duet was not that interesting. Angie and Candice were a little better, but not as good as the duet with Amber and Candice a while back. Maybe the “twist” has something to do with the guest stars tonight.

  4. AMBER is by far the best singer in the competition..I wish people would vote for her!!!

  5. Branden, There you go again about Amber. You just don’t like her for some reason???? Oh well America is going to pick the winner. And I have a felling Kree is going to win! would I buy her records? No because I think she should be a lounge singer. Or possibly a country star. Not that there is anything wrong with countr stars. I like quite a few of them. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorites!

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