The American Idol 2013 Top 10 Girls Victory Performances

Kree Harrison in Las Vegas on Idol

You’ve watched the boys, now take a look at the girls from the American Idol 2013 Top 10 finalists as they give their “Victory Performances” from Thursday’s big show.

There will be even more excitement next week as the Top 10 Finalists move on to the theme weeks where one singer will be cut each round until we reach the American Idol finale in May. We’ve already posted our thoughts on who has what it takes to take it all the way to the end so we want to hear yours too!

But before we get that far let’s take a moment to reflect and congratulate the talented five girls who made it through that brutal round of eliminations.

Janelle Arthur performs “Home” by Dierks Bentley:

Candice Glover performs “I’m Goin’ Down” by Rose Royce:

Angela Miller performs “I Was Here” by Beyonc√©:

Amber Holcomb performs “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston:

Kree Harrison performs “Evidence” by Susan Tedesch:

Which lady do you think had the greatest “Victory” performance last week? If there was more voting for that round of American Idol 2013, who would you have picked?




  1. The ladies are powerful, only Burnell comes a close contender for the boys. But i do hope its a top 3 battle between Kree, Candice, and Angela.

  2. I really liked Janelle and everything about her..Carries herself like a true young lady,pure beautiful voice and sweet fun personality..uplifting!

    • Yes and she is all of the above. She will be a great roll model for our young girls, sweet, pure, honest, flawess character. They so need some one to look up to. I pray she gets shine for the world…

  3. The only one of the girls I don’t think has a chance is Janelle. the other 4 girls are all good! I really could’t pick one out of them. Love Angela Miller. Love Candaice. The people will choose. I hope America gets it right.

  4. Of the five girls in just my opinion the only one who does not stand a chance of winning is Janelle.She does not have the talent the other 4 have!

  5. angie, candice, kree; kree angie, candice,; candice,kree angie…any way you say it, here are your winners. all three are amazing singers and they completely dominate the boys this season. is the fix in?? and the best judge is keith urban, honest and delightful

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