American Idol 2013 Top 7 Live Recap: Contestants Ready To Rock

Angie Miller

The American Idol 2013 Top 7 are hitting the stage tonight and they’re taking on rock n’ roll songs. And ballads are out of the question this week! Oh yes, bring it on!

As usual, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assuaging the letter grade I think each one deserves. Be sure to follow along and do your own grading in our comments section below! The more opinions the better.

The American Idol 2013 Top 7 Performances 

Burnell Taylor, You Give Love A Bad Name. OK, this wasn’t as weird as I thought it was going to be. This is about 1,000 miles outside of his comfort zone, so with that in mind, I think it was great performance. I don’t want to listen to it on my phone or anything, but It was a solid performance. Grade: B+

Oh no. Angie and Lazaro are doing Queen. You don’t want me to review this. Because I will be incredibly mean. Wait, this is too horrible that I can’t ignore it. F F F F F F F- HORRIBLE.

Kree Harrison, Piece Of My Heart. Kree’s pretty awesome. That’s all there is to it. Her version of the Janis Joplin hit was the right mixture of country and rock and awesome. She got a little winded at the end, but whatever, she’s good. Grade: A-

Janelle Arthur, You May Be Right. I could think of about 1,000 artists and songs for Janelle to do, but this song or Billy Joel in general was not one of them. What a cheesy song choice. The performance was just OK, too. It wasn’t bad vocally or anything; It just wasn’t special. Kree continues to outshine her. Grade: B

Lazaro Arbos, We Are The Champions. Hey, Lazaro, have you ever heard THIS song? The best thing I can say about this is he didn’t forget the lyrics. Grade: D+

Candice Glover, I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction).  Candice rocked it like always. And you don’t get anymore rock and roll that the Rolling Stones. The arrangement was a little weird, but Candice handled it very well.  Actually, it’s the best performance so far. Grade: A

Amber Holcomb, What About Love. It’s rock week and you pick a Heart song from the 80s? Why not something from the real Heart ROCK era? Urgh. Her performance  was pretty solid. Nothing to jump and down over, but pretty great. Grade: B+

Angie Miller, Bring Me To Life. I was not sure how this was going to be. I was glad to see her back at the piano, for sure. But her doing an Evanescence song? I was worried. But it was pretty awesome. She could have rocked it just a bit more, but it was still one of the most entertaining of the night. Grade: A+

What did you think of the performances tonight? Who were your favorites?




    • thank you. adam is one of the best to come from idol. standing o’s from simon and smokey robinson for “tracks of my tears”. too bad that people just don’t appreciate that talent, but adam is still doing all right!! love him!

    • You got that right Mary….I keep hoping one season we’ll got that standout person like Adam…but nothing even close yet!!!! I loved James Durbin but he was no Adam either.
      BUT this is the year of the girls… me it should be The Top 5 Girls……Burnell and Lazaro are on their way out. JMHO

  1. If Angie won’t do great on her individual song, she is in danger of being in the bottom three because of that duet.

  2. i like piece of my heart and now will sing by kree it will be a great performance 🙂

  3. Kree was amazing as usual. Not only a super talent, but also a kind, caring person. She will probably get all 50 of my votes. Love,Love,Love her every week!!!!

  4. I am so over Angie. Kree for the win! Janelle and Candice battle it out for runner-up!

  5. Burnell–yawn
    Angie and Lazaro duet–Horrible. I think Lazaro forgot the words again at one point He just stopped singing.
    Kree–outstanding. as always. Man, I dug that. see you in the finals
    Candice and Burnell duet–well, Candice was good.
    Janelle–I enjoyed this one. Nice job.
    Lazaro–I love Queen, but not this version, unfortunately.
    Girl trio–not bad at all
    Candice–fantastic. Loved it. see you in the finals with Kree
    Amber–I enjoyed this song. Nice job Amber.
    Angie–well, one of my favorite songs and she did a good job of it.

    Kree was my favorite tonight with Candice second by a hair. Burnell and Lazaro in the bottom 2. Fire Nikki. Enough with the fashion commentary. they don’t need advice from someone who looks like a 2 bit call girl

  6. This whole season sucks,especially the judges…I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABYS??? I WANNA EAT YOU AND CUDDLE?? REALLY

  7. I’m surprised at Angie’s A+ and Amber’s B+(from this website review)? It doesn’t matter who wins, but I thought Amber had an A+ performance. Angie was maybe an A-. After Amber’s performance I was ready to give all of my 50 votes and then Angie took some away because she was good as well. Lazaro…….I agree, but America, stop feeling sorry for him and give your 50 votes to someone that REALLY deserves it. As far as all of Nicki’s reviews……..come on……lighten’ up people. She’s totally random but that is her. Last year JLo and Steven Tyler were pretty boring. Even though she is a bit weird with her comments, she knows her stuff. Not that it matters, but this is my lineup:

  8. Orianthi Panagaris was fantastic as usual. Who was that guy in the red pants and why was he on the stage while Angie was singing?

  9. Goodbye Lazaro, you’re going home tomorrow.
    Unless the fangirls STILL vote for you.

  10. Eliminate Nicki Minaj. She is such a rude person. I can’t stand her. As if she can even sing any better than the contestants. I mean all her songs are completely autotuned and she comments as if she has genuine singing talent……

  11. I can see the way “B-Squared” is gonna be explaining his apparent lack of objectivity by saying that “it’s not his personal opinion, but it’s the way he thinks people will vote.”

    IMO, my rating for last night performance:
    1. Candice. She’s flawless
    2. Amber. Well, she’s still “amber-izng” her song, in a good way.
    3. Kree,. She’s over-stretching a little [at least we know she has her limit after all]
    4. Angie. She is still performing like a beauty pageant contestant. It starts to look stale.
    5. Janelle, She’s singing too close to the original with a slight country twang
    6. Burnell. He’s definitely outside of his comfort zone.
    7. Lazaro. Do I need to say more for this?

  12. Im a burnell fan but it was a really terrible genre for him. In my prediction, he will be eliminated tomorrow. It will be him, lazaro, and amber on the bottom 3. Amber will be safe. Because of the votes, lazaro will also be safe. I just wish the judges use their save for him.

  13. which genius decided that lazaro should sing queen?? freddie is turning over in his grave!!

  14. Indeed it’s time for Lazaro to go, enough is enough. Burnell is so unique and his style so genuine, can’t believe people think he’s in the bottom 3. Next to go should be Lazaro, Janelle, Amber.

  15. So disappointing, this year’s AI contestants. Compared to the previous season: Elise Testone, Jessica Sanchez, Phillip2x, Joshua Ladet, and also 2 years ago: Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina. This season is aboslutely nothing compared to them. I bet even if Angie or Kree were in the past season, they would only make it to the top10 or top12. And what is up with the damn top10, why couldn’t they make it top12. Elijah Liu and Aubrey should have been part, instead of Janelle or Lazaro. Man, so underwhelming!!!! DAMN AI2013. Hoping for the best, cause I am switching to the Voice. 100x better!

  16. Enough with the sympathy votes already…Lazaro should already be gone! Top 3 in my opinion are Kree, Candice and Janelle (who has not been getting fair acknowledgement).

  17. hey, lazaro also did a pretty good job. I will give him B+.. hopefully he will be saved this week..:-)

  18. Angie is the best!!! Lazaro is my other favorite but honestly i think that he was not prepare for a competition of this magnitude and now he is suffering a little bit.

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