Top 7 Week: Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?


The American Idol 2013 Top 7 took on rock and roll songs Wednesday night and it was a high-energy night, with only one or two forgotten lyrics. And again, the push from the judges and producers couldn’t be more obvious. This week’s target: Burnell Taylor. But more on that later.

American Idol 2013 Top 7 Results Predictions 

100 Percent Safe: Angie Miller, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover

Most Likely Safe: Amber Holcomb

Possibly The Bottom Three: Lazaro Arbos, Burnell Taylor, Janelle Arthur

Probably Going Home: Burnell Taylor

Scenario #2

100 Percent Safe: Angie Miller, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover

Most Likely Safe: Janelle Arthur

Possibly The Bottom Three: Lazaro Arbos, Burnell Taylor, Amber Holcomb

Probably Going Home: Lazaro Arbos

Or …

Surely it can’t be SO obvious that every single week only a guy goes home until they’re all gone. Can it? I mean if that streak is broken then Janelle or Amber will go home. But which? It doesn’t matter though because if this happens, the judges WILL use their save. Then the following week both guys will go home! Ha. Perfect drama!

I said Burnell is the target  at the top of the blog because the judges praised Lazaro Arbos this week even though they shouldn’t. They don’t want the votes to split, so they decided to throw people off and say good things about him so Burnell will go home. And then next week they can focus on Lazaro. And if their plan backfires and Lazaro goes, oh well. It’s a win-win for them.

As I mentioned above, maybe it’s time for a girl to go? At this point I don’t see it happening, but I guess it’s slightly possible. And producers would love the drama of the judges using their save on, say, Amber.  I think I’m going to stick to my first bet and go with Burnell as the person most likely to be voted off. And no, the judges will not use their save on him.

Who do you think will be heading home tonight on American Idol 2013?




  1. why does this show suddenly sound like “survivor”? all kidding aside, there is a universe of difference between angie, kree, and candice…and everyone else.

    • ps-it’s sacrilege for lazaro to sing anything by queen…especially since season 8.

      • Yeah, he should not have gone there, but with that in mind, how could he not? Sort of one of those “how could this get any worse?” moments when sure enough, it does.

    • Don’t get me wrong… GREAT voice. ZERO personality. Kree. Is also awesome, but she lacks personality as well. Similar to Eorre from Winnie the Pooh. Angie is just downright overrated! She on the other hand, thinks her stuff doesn’t stink. Judges made a deal out of Jessica last year, and she was voted off. Yes, they used their save. But she still did not win the competition. Im telling u Janelle is the DARK HORSE. I predicted that with the year of Adam Lambert, and Chris Allen. NOBODY EVER. Expecting him to win. They focused on Adam and other contestants But when push came to shove he won. I predict the same for Janelle!

  2. It used to be that it was the kiss of death to forget the lyrics on Idol. How many weeks in a row has Lazaro forgotten the lyrics? He did last night during the duet, but I thought his solo was one of his better performances in recent weeks. I know I’m going to irritate a lot of people, but I thought Janelle and Amber did the best last night. Kree was built up so much before the show that my expectations were probably raised a little too high, and she was performing under pain of a pinched nerve. I love Candice’s voice, but she was performing under pain, too, and I think that affected her performance. Obviously, she couldn’t move around at all. This year I’m dreading to see what will happen in the next couple of weeks because I’m enjoying the singing. I liked the girls’ trio again last night even though it was not the same 3 as last week. Was the theme mentioned for next week yet?

    • Sorry about replying to myself, but I didn’t answer the question: who is going home? My guess would be one of the guys, but this could be a surprise. Many people have already picked their American Idol regardless of what happens in the weeks to come. I’m trying to remain neutral and choose based on overall improvement and each week’s performance. I liked Angie and Candice in the beginning, but my opinion is changing. However for this week, I think Burnell or Lazaro will be gone.

    • I agree with you on Amber and Janelle. And about the hype for Kree. I don’t get why the show has to be so controlling. It would be fun to see who America would pick without so much controlling input. Judges comments, with 4 judges and Jimmy’s sometimes lengthy judgments, take longer than I have ever seen.

  3. I give up.Lazaro is getting the sympathy vote. How unfair to the more talented.I think Burnell will go home..

  4. This is getting sickening about the judges constantly praising certain singers and taking aim at some others. The producers of this show should be ashamed of themselves for being so obviously wanted a girl to win. How can you say that Burnell deserves to go home when several others sang off key and nothing was said to them about it? The show is quickly losing its credibility and I do hope that the voting public can catch on with what it being done. Shame on the producers and DOUBLE SHAME on the judges for letting the producers tell them what to do and say, Absolutely disgusting. And I am also tired of them commenting on their clothes and shoes – JUDGES, THIS IS A SINGING CONTEST not a FASHION SHOW. Get with it.
    PRODUCERS: Get rid of these judges ASAP if you want to save the show.

    • So you’re criticizing over speculation. You don’t know what production wants. Ultimately America votes and I think Idol abides by that. It’s yours own fault if you fall into the trap of believing they want a girl to win.

      As for fashion, that’s a huge part if their success. You have to be marketable to be successful. Take a look at young Hollywood and you’ll know what I mean and understand why the judges comment on their look.

  5. Lazaro isn’t that bad of a singer. He has an accent. I think it is more of a racist thing with him. He he has been hated from the beginning. It is more then obvious the show is fixed this year. Waste of time to even vote.

    • More of a racist thing? Are you kidding? Lazaro has hardly been “hated.” He was ranked #4 just a few weeks ago in the Top 10. That sounds like racist treatment to you?

      • He may get placed high but every comment about him is how terrible he did. Am I his biggest fan? No. But he isn’t as terrible of a singer as what he is made out to be.

      • He is the weakest of the boys and continually struggles to remember words or his cues in the group songs. Nothing racist about it; he is the worst of the top 5 boys that were left and is lucky to still be there but good luck to him.

    • I am not saying this blog is or anyone on it is racist just making a general comment. Last year Jessica Has a think accent. You couldn’t understand her when she sang. Yet everyone sang her praises. This year we have the same thing in a guy only the tables have been turned.

      • Jessica Sanchez hardly had an accent. She was born and raised in the US. And she was the runner-up.

        You’re saying the viewers and voters are racist despite both of your referenced singers doing incredibly well by the voters’ hands.

        Crying “that’s racist!” is a weak move and it’s unsubstantiated.

      • What the voters say? Look at this year. I mean come on. Most likely every guy gone before top 5? The show is fixed and it is obvious this year. Yes the girls are better. I enjoy watching idol. But I don’t believe for one moment that the producers don’t have a say in who goes home.

      • Wait, I thought the problem was racism. Now it’s sexism?

        The girls are simply stronger options and yes, that was production’s intent. It’d be sexist to continue voting the guys to stay despite being weaker than it is for the guys to be voted out each week.

      • My reply to you was on the your statement that it is what the voters say. The producers started eliminating the guys starting with the strongest to the weakest. Voting means nothing. The more it becomes obvious the show is fixed the more the ratings are going to drop. That is the real death certificate of Idol. It isn’t the judges or the talent. The Producers themselves are killing the show.

      • Is it racism or sexism that bothers you? How can you claim racism against Lazaro when there is one African-American boy and two African-American girls left in the competition? With Lazaro that is 4 minorities out of 7 left.

        The fact is that the “judges” chose 10 excellent female singers for the top 10 and 10 average guys and the voting public left us with 5 great females and 5 average guys in the top 10.

        So, yes, I agree it has been weighted for a female singer this year and anyone voting honestly has to vote for the gals.

        The viewing numbers are down a lot this year and last week’s Motown Show had the lowest number of viewers since the show started with 11 million, of which less than 4 million were in the younger demographic, which is the one shows like AI try to reach.

      • So many gays and gals voted for Phillips. Nothing to do with racism nor sexism but with being blinded by lust or love or inordinate cathexis to an attractive male regardless of his whatever voice quality.

    • If Lazaro was singing hard core punk and people didn’t like him because they didn’t like the accent or couldn’t understand what he was singing you would have more of an argument regarding the racist approach. Considering the limited genre lazaro likes to sing, I think pitch, enunciation, and remembering lyrics are a bit more important, and thus you can safely discard the racist theory. LOL.

    • Racist thing? You must be joking! Not that bad of a singer? In comparison to whom? Surely you don’t mean the others in the top 7? He shouldn’t be there because he cant sing well enough yet to be in this competition. He forgets lyrics, he doesn’t enunciate clearly, he isn’t prepared and he appears to be developing a superior attitude that is completely unwarranted.

  6. Lazaro . He forgets his words to the songs and sometimes I think he relies on his handycap to get a sympathy vote. He can sing great, but I don’t think he can handle the pressure of being American Idol. My opinion

    • You should be ashamed of yourself.. There are alot of people with disabilities or handicaps that can handle what the world brings on them. I am living proof!!!!!

  7. I really am having a hard time understanding why Amber not more up on the voting. She is the only one that puts on a great show every time. She is choreographed when she sings, her stage art is awesome. And the singing wow Ann would have to think this was a great version of her song.

      • So true – Ralph. She comes across so strong but with such little ease. Guess it’s what you call “Easy Listening” music. But – seems many like the “Screaming” music.

    • Remember, the contestants aren’t saved in orde rof the voting, though it feels that way. Though Dialidol isn’t always correct, they show Amber has been moving up. Judges/producers prefer others. Fan bases are set early, so they are free to praise Amber now. But she should be considered a top contender. Kree has a great voice, but no expression or personality when she sings. I prefer Janelle over her any day. But the aura is set for Kree/Angie/Candice. Are they really the best three?

    • wait… what? Amber is the best PERFORMER? I don’t think so. Can she sing? Sure. But she is the worst performer of all of the girls by far. Luckily, she’s had a pretty boring crop of boys to compete with this season.

    • We record the show here and watch it after dinner so we can fast forward through her remarks. People criticized Steve Tyler (myself included) for some of his inappropriate remarks to the girls but she is disgusting toward both sexes.

  8. My Predictions:

    1) Angie – She is the whole package. She
    has looks, stage presence, performance ability and of course an amazing voice.

    2) Kree
    3) Candice
    4) Lazaro
    5) Janelle
    6) Amber
    7) Burnell

    Angie blew the competition away. Kree and Candice were great. Lazaro, Janelle and Amber were very good, but not at the same level as the top 3. Finally…Burnell. He was awful. I hope that his tenure mercifully ends this week.

    That is the way things should be, BUT as I have said before, I have ABSOLUTELY no confidence in the process. It is
    manipulated to have the results that they want. The last 2 seasons when the title was STOLEN from James and Jessica, both of whom were clearly better than the winners, should serve as proof.

    Now, will political correctness take over?
    Will the powers that be allow 3 girls as finalists? If not, who gets shafted?
    If this happens, Candice will lose out to Burnell which serve 2 purposes,
    first to get a guy in the top 3 and second to keep a black contestant in the running. This should not happen,
    it should be based strictly on talent, but it never is. Candice is much more deserving.

    I welcome comments.

  9. American Idol’s ratings are about 50% of what they were even 2-years ago and last week, hit an all time low at around 11 million. I have noticed also that there are fewer ratings on iTunes, whereas even last year, hundreds would rate the songs and the season before when Scotty won, the reviews were even higher.

    Today, on iTunes, only three singers have reviews written and the most are for Angie at 28.

    The Voice beat AI both nights last week in the ratings and it is only at the audition stage. While 11 million is not bad there is no doubt that the AI formula is not working and a lot of that, IMHO, is down to the poor standard of judging we have had for the past 3 years and the obvious bias to ensure they have a female winner this year.

  10. Disagree with all you anti Lazaro fans… He did a great job last night and deserved the praise from the judges. He has more strength and courage then most anyone I know. I love Lazaro, but I know that a woman will win this year, so I say Kree is going to win hands down!!

  11. just because the judges will use their save on a girl, doesnt mean both guys will be eliminated on the same week. Sooner or later a girl will have to be voted off for good. though this year the girls have a pretty strong voice, but the rules are still the same.

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