American Idol 2013 Season 12 Top 7 Live Performances

Kree Harrison - American Idol 2013

Are you ready to Rock ‘n Roll tonight on American Idol 2013? Maybe just Roll? Well that’s okay too.

The Top 7 Finalists have hit the stage and we’re sharing all their performance details here including who sang what and how you can vote for them. Then as soon as the show is over we’ll have this week’s performance poll ready to go so you can come back and vote for your favorites all week.

Can’t wait to see what everyone sings? We’ve got the American Idol spoilers for all of those rumors. I’m hoping those are true because it should mean we’ve got a great night ahead. Read our Top 7 Live Recap right here.

On tonight’s show we’ll find out just how close we are to saying goodbye to another male performer as the women continue to look stronger and stronger each week!

American Idol 2013 Top 7 Live Performances:

What did you think of tonight’s performances? Let’s hear your predictions for who will be voted off American Idol this week.




  1. Kree & Angie!!! wish they would not pick on Angie just cause she is so pretty and enjoys her music, they pick on her sexy way of dressing!!! really seems to night there were short shorts and jeans opened up to well mmmmmmm so what gives????

  2. It seems like the judges are pushing for their favorites to win again. They do have the gift of planting the seeds of doubt into the minds of the viewer. Angie and Janelle IMO was great tonight. Lazaro needs to go home but it will most likely be Burnell .BTW where is Jimmy?

  3. Candyce and Amber are stars…so effortless and natural soulful talents! Theeee best!

  4. After tonight’s performance how can lazaro possibly survive another week? When I think of all the truly talented guys that were eliminated in favor of Lazaro,, and the potentially great performances we were denied and for what?
    The viewers definitely got the fuzzy end of the lollipop this season!

  5. Amber and Angie killed it tonight, I think Burnell will leave tonight pop is not is genere and I wish him the best in finding what his home is..

    • Agree on Amber. Angie good but I don’t like her screaming. That’s why I like Amber so much – she never screams but she gets it across so easy to listen to.

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