American Idol 2014 Final Two Power Rankings

American Idol 2014 Top 2 Caleb and Jena

Last night on American Idol 2014 we said goodbye to Alex Preston. That means Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene will fare off next week in the grand finale.

So who has what it takes to win? Let’s see if our final Power Rankings can help us determine it.

American Idol 2014 Final 2 Power Rankings

2. Caleb Johnson. What Caleb has going for him is that he’s never been in the bottom three or two like Jena has. And he had a nearly flawless season until this week when he blew out a vocal cord. But he has had the whole scandal where he called his fans a derogatory name, even though that didn’t seem to hurt him. His Twitter following is at 35,000, so he’s got a lot of fans. But will he win American Idol? I don’t think so. That’s why he comes in at number two.

1. Jena Irene. I think Jena will become the 6th female to win American Idol. She had a rocky start to the season, but she has fought her way to the top week after week and now she’s one week away from possibly winning. She’s very relevant and unique and her fans are seemingly die-hard. At 48,000 Twitter followers, that’s more than 10,000 more than Caleb. Of course next week’s performances and her finale song will help decide, but I think this will be the final ranking. Jena first, Caleb second.

What do you think the final American Idol 2014 ranking will be? Who wins, Caleb or Jena?




  1. I think it’s anybody’s game at this point, especially at this time when it all comes down to a popularity contest. either way, both contestants will get recording contracts, and I’m hoping that caleb gets a kick-a** band behind him. and remember, people, there’s no reason to get nasty just because your favorite isn’t there. let’s all play nice! if we can!

    • They both are great! But when it comes to my opinion. .Jena is more marketable and is current! She has an amazing voice and she defiantly knows how to perform the crowd! #teamjena You should listen to her single..AMAZING! (:

      • I HAVE listened and I adore her, especially when she sang “can’t help falling in love with you”. but I adore caleb as well. I’m just an old rock and roller at heart

    • Caleb already has an amazing band behind him! Look them up on Reverbnation or youtube. They are called Elijah Hooker.

  2. But then again, the amount of twitter followers means nothing, as Sam has almost 90,000 followers and Alex has almost 70,000 followers, but they were both voted off.

  3. listen to Caleb’s just released single: As Long As You Love Me…It is awesome. This is a winner

    • Caleb will win. They were wrong picking Alex over Caleb and they are wrong again.

  4. it is really close its up to who has more moments on the final show i believe!! but JENA TO WINN!! COME ON DOODS VOTE VOTE VOTE

  5. I like Jena but Caleb is my favorite. Jena is more contemporary an “pop- oriented”, so I think she’ll win.

  6. Sorry, did you get wrong? do you say Caleb never been bottom 2?? Yesterday night??? that was not count as he was at bottom 2 with Alex??? Jena is the person who saved first. Even Jena won’t be the winner, I am sure Jena will be as famous as Jessica Sanchez

    • they say when they call out the saved people that it is no order so how can u say caleb was below jena unless american idol lies….

    • At this late in the season, AI doesn’t have a “bottom two.” Alex wasn’t in the “bottom 2” with Sam. Look it up on Wiki.

  7. Jena seem to start doing better after she sang with Caleb. Before then she was just so so.. I didnt care for a few songs she did this past week. More likley the popularity teen vote will pick Jena. Older people more into Calebs music

    • Karla, according to what you call old. I would say senior citizens will go 75% for Jena – this will win it for her. At the same time, I don’t look for Jessica’s fans to vote heavy, which could hurt Jena, but not lose it for her.

    • That’s true right there. She started changing her genre after watching Calebs’ performances.

  8. I think the people who voted for Alex are more likely to go with Jena for one thing. I loved her take on the Elvis hit. She is very talented for such a young person.

    • Agree with all you’ve said – even tho I never did vote for her. I didn’t vote at all this week and I don’t have plans to vote next week, either.

  9. Um caleb will win it all..jena what he said you guys never did..get over it..caleb will win.!

    • I agree that Caleb most likely will and should win but to say that Jena sucks is very immature and wrong because she obviously don’t suck or she wouldn’t be here and not only that is totally is very good just not quite as good as Caleb!

    • I totally agree! who cares what he says or thinks? It’s his singing that counts!

  10. I swear to God…If Jena wins, I will truly believe that J.ho is the one that made that decision. No matter how americas votes may fall, let’s face it, J.ho is who has the final say. Bring back Paula and Simon….PLEASE!

  11. This is a TALENT contest. So many people have to give their opinions on looks. Its also what the person does with that talent. I have to say that I want Caleb to win. He is a hometown boy. I have watched him grow as an artist over the last few years. I give so much credit to him to keep coming back. Where are all those others that made it to the top 20 and failed? It takes ambition, strength and love of what you want to do with that talent to be able to keep fighting to live your dream. Caleb is proving that. For those of you that say rock isn’t alive today-its because its so easy to use “canned” music and voice over. Real rock depends on someone with talent and drive and showmanship. Caleb isnt afraid to step outside that cookie cutter box and be himself and do what he loves to do. For all you who like him and speak highly of him, please vote! It is up to us. He is doing his part everytime he hits that stage!

  12. Brandon mentions the number of Twitter followers each singer has, but tweets don’t mean a thing when it comes to voting. Compared it to Facebook, where one can power vote. There, Caleb has the lead, with almost 63,000 to Jena’s almost 50,500.

  13. Jena’s the most versatile contestant since Kelly Clarkson! Vote for Jena-not the one trick pony Caleb!

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