Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 5/15/2014

Dim the lights, here we go! The Top 2 finalists on American Idol 2014 were revealed last night on FOX as Ryan Seacrest took the stage with your official results.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

This elimination round could be very close as we’ve had a tough time predicting it following last night’s great performances and polls show a lot of jumping around and shifting ranks. We could be in for a surprise elimination tonight on American Idol!

Remember, this is a full hour results show tonight with lots of content. Follow along with our full Top 3 elimination episode recap here.

Along with the big results that will set up the season finale match-up, we’ll get the Top 3’s hometown visit videos, and a special performance by Scotty McCreery!

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Host Ryan Seacrest reveals the results as we meet season 13’s Final Two contestants.

American Idol 2014 Top 2 Contestants:

  1. Jena Irene
  2. Caleb Johnson

Top 3 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight?:

What do you think of this week’s outcome? Did America get the votes right? Share your thoughts!

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  1. That was so wrong. from the polls I have been watching Caleb has been in the bottom this week and last . Love you Alex, I have been voting for all three so I’m not bias.

      • a “Poll” between the last couple shows “in popularity” he was 2nd to Jena, not that it made a difference

      • Check the polls, he was even at the bottom when I checked Dial Idol. If you go in and look at the raw numbers. On the other hand just forget it, believe what you want. But now I know not to waste my time voting or watching the show. Rock On.

      • You can’t always believe the polls…they’re just like election predictions, don’t know until you get the end results.

      • If the polls were right, I believe God’s word. Truth stands the test of time; lies are soon exposed. Proverbs 12:19

      • “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Heb. 11:1 NKJV. Except in this case I see it. Proverbs 12:19 refers to speech which reflects a person’s character. Let us here be careful on going back onto the Bible, please.

      • i’m glad somebody (guest) thinks like I do. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. Matthew 23:12

    • You were watching the wrong polls, obviously. Now don’t look to the bubble gum polls to again be wrong and think for a moment that it will be Jena to win. Caleb all the way and no one needs any stinking polls to tell them that.

  2. What a joke! Even though he had trouble with stage presence, he was the only true artist/musician left. I could care less who wins now.

    • Amen, they tossed him under the bus and I’m not going to watch anymore, Alex is the best!!!

      • The bright spot here is that Alex won’t be obligated to Idol now and can make the record he wants to make and not what they want. Adam and Clay were better off not winning.

      • Have to admit that Alex in his last performance sang REALLY good. Probably because he was not under the pressure of being judged. Caleb rushed to his side to tell Alex he will do just fine and not to worry.

      • i saw that too and it was heart warming b/c the contenders really liked each other and had great chemistry, i do commend this highly.

    • If you don’t care, then please vote for Caleb πŸ™‚ I like and voted for both Caleb and Alex and thought Alex should have been in the finale. Will miss him.

      • Why vote for someone who called his fans retards that sent song selections for him?

      • Because the “fans” were people who were writing insulting comments and he wasn’t referring to his fans in general. Because he kissed Grumpy Cat, he is warm and supportive to all the other contestants, he is nice to his mother and he is the best singer/performer that is left.

    • I agree really sad an votes were manipulated, how can judges be bias??? I’m done watching this season.
      I’m very disappointed. Alex you are a superstar and I admire your attitude you are going places guaranteed.
      This we’ll be the first time I refuse to finish watching a season, amen.

  3. Hey Alex fans! Let us not be bitter about the results. We must be proud of Alex for he did everything he could to be in the finale. We know that he is the best. One thing to be proud of Alex is that he was also sick during performance night but he didn’t need to broadcast that to the viewers like what Idol did with *coughs*. Even when he is sick, he never failed to amaze us. At least he will not be stucked with the Idol producers for his album.

    Alex is creative, talented and humble. He will be a great artist and he will go very far. Don’t stop supporting him. This is only the beginning of his success. He will be a huge star. GO ALEX!!!

    • ty could not agree more! Alex will be following your career the title was yours, in my heart!!

      • Career. Do you really think Alex will have a career? His music is sleep inducing, his stage presence is about as bad as I have ever seen and his personality is about as exciting as watching paint dry. But, at least he is “humble”, I’ll give you that.

      • quite frankly i do. i did not know that you know him so well as to state a personal opinion and comparing it to something so ridiculous as watching paint dry, which leads to the conclusion you know nothing about art at all, if painter or singer or…any talent.

      • i would strongly recommend to change your name to Fox insignificant, i don’t see a star quality in your personality except your juvenile thought process.

      • if I wrote such antagonizing remarks, I’d be threatened with banishment or deletion or both…

      • i thought we were settled?? and no i don’t even want to go there anymore, but quite frankly in almost all your blogs you state negatives LOUD and it seems now you always have to bud into other peoples blogs and assume……???? and have the last word too???. anyway as i said for me its settled b/w us. if they ban me i would accept it, since i too had harsch remarks, but also stated i was not proud of it, especially towards jessica, who i have come to really like now and am convinced she will make it out there, and i would be willing to apologize to her.
        btw i only really react badly to people that make stupid comments FIRST, but if i ever did, i will now apologize to whom ever i offended. some people wrote things to me which needed a reaction, based on how they worded it i.e. people who write in a WE form and cannot represent their own opinion. also the people referring to the MAJORITY etc. nobody is perfect and i am far from it, but i did learn to tone down, since i never done this type of blog thing in my life. i probably will not do it again either after this season is over. you also stated that you would not be surprised if they ban you. so you already admit you are not always so nice. why then these constant come backs??? please lets just be cordial. ty πŸ™‚

      • I’m just saying that I was threatened by the site-admin with banishment for posting about as much. 😐 I don’t know why Matthew singled me out, but I have my suspicions. My gripe is with him, though my frustration with the situation is obviously here—as you seem to have a freedom of speech that I do not.

        Hence, my jealousy en fuego.

      • the ball is still in your court. your not banned. be nice and avoid going out with a bang, bonne chance

      • It’s just simple Foxstar. If you think about Alex that way, then just keep it to yourself. Each of us has our own opinion. If you’re rooting for other contestants, then go cheer for them.

        Do not root for your bet by picking on other contestants and other people’s opinions.

    • Alex was actually sick the week before, and that was mentioned by Ryan also; after Alex had already sung.

  4. I voted for Alex last night, I think the show is rigged. No way those two beat him out. They won’t have to worry about me bothering to watch their show again so I can see their little pets win. Losers

    • Keep in mind, Caleb broadcasted his sickness so it would definitely pour out alot of sympathy votes. And Jena well personally i wouldnt see why no one wouldnt vote for her. So he just didnt have enough fanbase

      • Caleb didn’t broadcast his illness, AI did. It is not the first time that this has happened. When Lauren Alaina had throat issues during the finale, the AI doc came out and explained what had been happening. There would have been no question that Caleb was moving on if it had not been for the injury to his vocal chords. The very fact that he persevered even tho he appeared, at times, to be in pain shows what a pro he is. Alex needs to stop the marching if he wants to do anything other than studio work. It is distracting to say the least. He also needs to not sound like so many other male vocalists out there right now. Both he and Jena have sounds that are dupes of many other performers out there today. There is a void in the Rock solo market and Caleb fits in nicely.

      • Watching Alex pretend he is in a marching band, EVERYTIME he performs is Boring.

    • your right it was rigged. Even Harry was disappointed the only judge who is fair knows what he’s talking about, only judge who went up to Alex at the end.
      It is so unfair and I am so disappointed. I can’t wait to see an Alex live show. Alex you are an inspiration, best candidate ever. Go Alex I know you have more fans, same for Jessica and Sam.

      • You read into things a lot, things that are not there. Give me the benefit in making this statement by going back and reviewing the clips, as I did (after reading your comment). Harry showed no emotion differently for Alex than any of the last dozen or so elimination (do not recall how far back I went). The one exception might be it seemed to bother Harry a bit more when CJ was eliminated.

      • No one knows if it’s rigged or not; because IMHO, Crystal Bowersox should have won Season 9, not Lee DeWyze. She has REAL talent as a singer song writer…I haven’t seen or heard anything more from Lee since the show. Crystal has been touring and is releasing another album shortly.

  5. so sad that Alex was eliminated. he’s, truly, an artist. he was the best. I really feel like this show is rigged somehow.. it’s so unfortunate, too because some of these people really have what should be considered true artist quality (i. e. Alex and Jessica Bassett (the girl with the beautiful voice, who sang “Lydia” in the first auditions).. especially in a competition where they’re supposed to grow and improve..where you can see their genuine desire and authenticity. Caleb’s good, but he’s too good..this show isn’t for him. Jena’s ok, but honestly, shouldn’t have made it this far..her voice is unique in the way that it sounds like raspy shouting instead of singing. it’s ok, though.. because I know Alex is going to get picked up and we’ll be hearing his songs on the radio before the year is up. πŸ™‚

    • it is hurtful, but looking at it this way he will be more than what them 2 will ever be just my opinion
      they (show) wanted these 2 in the finale’ it was just way to obvious, been watching season 1 love you, Alex and its will be ok πŸ™‚

    • Spoken like a true Alex fan—primarily ascribing to his ‘artistic’ and ‘vocal’ qualities.

      (cliche-time) – ‘Art’ is in the eye of the beholder. In this case, I could find 50,000 other ‘artsy’ types. In fact, we have a few past Idols writing songs for Jena & Caleb. Perhaps we’ll see Alex’s work in future season finals? Anyway, ‘art’ does not often equate to ‘idolness’.

      As for ‘vocal’ abilities, as long as you like his rather monotone home range, he’s a decent singer. Problem is, Alex is not comfortable in the upper register. He had issues with Pompeii last night. It didn’t sound good at all. (Go listen again, after he drops the sticks & grabs the mic, it looks like he’s hanging on for dear life as he sallies into the upper register notes.) Its like tartar sauce on waffles… just ‘no’.

      Alex is the kind of guy that has a chance to make it on the radio. Someone you listen to, not go to see at a concert. Alex is not going to fill Madison Square Garden anytime soon.

      Caleb & Jena are way out of Alex’s league when it comes to stage performances. Working with bands. Engaging the audience. Singing a variety of songs. Alex never went there the whole season. Why..?

      • Sp_cebux you are literally the most effing annoying person on this entire website. congrats on that!!!! you win!!!

      • Such a big thought from a little mind..

        ..oh wait… I’m a winner??


        Just like Alex’s little boy in the home vid – “THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!”

      • ty i thought i was the only one,who noticed this so i had to turn it around so i would not lower myself continuously on that level. people who know and have experience with music know Alex is the winner. he just might not have the looks and the attitude (being self-loathing) which seems to be important too many of AI fans, and that’s why the votes were manipulated. i also blame one of the judges for this outcome and i hope justice will be revealed in another way.

      • Sorry R S-M, but my wife has been performing on stage in front of people since she was 7 (over 40 years now) and also teaches singing. She is someone who knows and has vast experience with music. I think I’l trust her views, not yours or anyone else’s. Alex did not impress her at all until we both saw the footage of him performing at his homecoming where he was relaxed and comfortable. He did not bring any of that to the Idol stage. He is a talented musician and nice young man that plays, to my family’s ears and taste, boring music.

      • sorry your family has bad taste in music and even more sorry you have to rely on others to state an opinion on your own taste. i feel sorry for you, have a nice day!!

      • When Alex hit those drums he was fantastic, I still want to buy that song, I know a little about music myself.:)

      • james if i offended you i apologize. i too come from a family who worked professionally in the music industry. some passed on some are in germany going strong which i could have been part of when i myself was still in the band. i chose a different path but love watching talents in the industry blossoming but i would not ask for their feedback. we are all different and have different opinions, but it really only matters what you think and it did not require your family’s opinion. i did appreciate your comment about alex on his home visit and agree. bottom line alex is so happy he made it this far and it almost seems he was not as intrigued to be the winner, as he stated himself. i’m also coming to the conclusion if thats what AI wants as the winner caleb or jena so be it, i’m still entitled to my opinion, as long as we still have freedom of speech.:) P.S. i’m sure your wife is good at what she does did not really want to drag her into this.

      • Thank you very much for saying that Renee. My original reply to yours was a bit edgy and I also apologize for that. We all do have our own tastes, opinions and preferences and believe me, my wife has no influence over those! I was only using her perspective to coincide with mine.

        This season, I believe, was much better than last. Much more diverse musically and I’ve enjoyed that, even though I am not a fan of the soft pop that was the majority of Sam and Alex’s performances.

        I hope you have a wonderful day Renee and so appreciate the kindness you showed in your response.

      • So, the huge vast majority of people over you got it wrong? Bottom line, what remains is Team Rock verses Team Bubble Gum and for me that is a no brainer. Caleb!!!

      • i was just thinking caleb and jena should incorporate a duo together on tour; Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf & Aspen Miller. they would absolutely positively kill it and it would be a highlight on tour. honestly that would make an impression. but that’s just me…….they would kill it and bring back some great moments. it would be a feature.

      • Don’t worry, I’ll be banned soon enough. The monitors don’t seem to mind profanity; but they abhor ‘antagonists’.

      • Pompeii, issues? Alex hit the notes perfect, that song was so good, I want to buy it. He looked to me like he was into the song and enjoying singing it.
        You like him or you don’t. I love his voice as well as the fact he can play 12 instruments. 12 instruments… he is very gifted.

      • Yes there were issues with him singing that song and it was a struggle. People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. He enjoyed that song when it was finished.

      • Yes he did like him. But Harry and the other judges have never said of Alex’s performances that it would be “virtually impossible to beat” as has been said by the judging panel of Caleb and Jena.

        Have a great weekend everybody.

      • Did you notice that after Alex sang his good-bye song it was Caleb who first ran up to him? In his interview Caleb acknowledged how good of a singer Alex is.

      • Others have written profane comments directly to me. Were they warned? Were their comments deleted? No, they weren’t. Am I upset about them? no… I can handle it. I have a backbone.

        If you are going to be the word-police here, please do it equally. Otherwise, I will save you the effort of pushing the Ban button and take myself off this site. Please apply the laws/rules equally, or don’t apply them at all.

        Thank you.

      • Matthew, what did Sp_cebux say that was not anymore antagonistic than anything else I read on this board?

      • This may be my last post, but it seems I dissed his co-worker Branden in another post for diction that (to me) seemed less than stellar.., so, I’m on the To-Ban list.

    • Thanks, but no. I will watch the final show, but really don’t care who wins. Not putting forth the effort to vote for either of them

  6. I guess Jlo got her way, I noticed the cameras on her face when Alex was on stage looking at his homecoming, she seems to be a cold hearted woman Imo. I will not bother to vote, because her precious Jena will win anyway, it’s not about talent anymore.

    • This was hard to watch, and I expected to see Alex in the finals. Idol is pushing for Caleb to win. They have given him the more impressive of the celebs to sing with. Caleb just doesn’t seem like the best contestant to represent Idol. He doesn’t think before he speaks. He smashes equipment on stage to make an impression. Harry tried to tell him to change the way he delivers his songs so they aren’t so predictable, but he doesn’t listen. Rock on, Caleb, but I’m voting for Jena. JLo is JLo. The person she is most impressed with is herself. The rest is just an act.

      • love it especially the last two comments and overall right on as well.

      • IMHO, I don’t see Idol pushing for Caleb; I see his FANS pushing for him. If anything, it’s JLo who is pushing for Jena.

    • I noticed the same thing during the homecoming videos. On her face for more than just one time and at one point, she looked teary eyed. i thought all along Judges were like the rest of us…not in “the know” of the results. is this true or not because it sure looked otherwise last night.

  7. What a bunch of whiny, kids Alex fans are. He was boring to watch, and the least talented. Should have gone long ago.

    • I am not going to say the guy is not talented because obviously he is.. but I do agree about the whiny kids.. it was obvious from the beginning of the show who was in the finale.. you could see in alex’s face he knew he was going home.. then jlo had tears in her eyes when they did his going home video’s…

      • Alex never looked comfortable on stage.

        But, I think the main reason he went home had to do with populace.

        Let’s say each singer has a core base and roughly equal sub-votes outside their core.

        Jena’s got Detroit and probably most of MI and Ohio as a base. Caleb’s got all the Carolinas lined up for him. Then there’s Alex… poor Alex is in the region where even Boston did not save poor Angie last year. I have a feeling New Englanders aren’t all that interested in A.I. or are just more inclined to vote independently, like the rest of the country.

        That, coupled with Alex’s inability to feel comfortable on stage is what ultimately doomed him, I think. I kept wondering why he never got away from the mic, e.g. Why he never tried to get away from the a capella guitar routine. And, when he did try to sing outside his comfort range… it sounded and showed he was uncomfortable with those notes.

        Alex fans kept saying he was the next Ed Sheeran. Aside from the fact I’d rather not go see either in concert, I fail to see the comparison. Sheeran’s songs are not in Alex’s wheelhouse.

        Anyway, he’s history at this point. On to a good finale!

      • geesh folks it’s only a show! not life or death! be nice!!!! lol@ Sp_cebux… funny… I can’t wait to see Kiss next week!

      • I got over it a LONG time ago….other people haven’t…just sayin’….LOL

    • I’m with you all the way! You couldn’t pay me to attend a concert of Alex’s; I’d be afraid I would DIE of BOREDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think he is very talented and would pay to hear his music. I was hoping for an Alex/Caleb finale.

      • You keep using that word, “literally”. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • It’s kind of like cheap hamburger,r most people are use to eating it, so when offered a sirloin burger they would think it tasted awful. Alex is the total package. Caleb and Jena might be powerful singers but they are sooo lacking when it comes to Alex. πŸ™‚

    • Go read about Alex, least talented? I
      You know I think AI should release all top three a song, Truth will stand the test of time.

  8. one question… does this mean caleb and jena won’t be going to prom????

  9. Finally, all the Jena- and Caleb-haters have gone home!

    No more silly charges of “so-&-so screaming”, “so-&-so is full of it”, yada yada yada.

    Now we have the two from district 13 going at it in the finale. Should be a great show to watch.

    • Nope. We still hate them. Apparently, the viewers of this show wouldn’t know talent if it punched them in the face (and i wish someone would, sp_cebux). It’s fine. We’ll have a finale of the arrogant ungrateful rocker d-bag vs. marble mouth ingrid michaelson wannabe. At least when Alex changed up a song he didn’t have to steal the arrangement from someone else.

      • That’s what I don’t understand Alex did it well, while Jena and Caleb are lacking.

      • Being able to change-up a song, make it one’s own (as they often say), I think is less important than being able to perform on-stage, live.

        Alex did not do the latter as well as Jena & Caleb have.

        This is not a song-writing contest.If it were, perhaps Alex would have won. It’s not a pure singing contest either. If it were, we’d have had another stand-and-deliver group of divas at the end again.

        And, we don’t know the creative abilities of the other contestants—some others may have been better than Alex, actually. We won’t know, though.

      • There were signs, you must have never studied music. Hint one, he always had and instrument in his hand, Two he is planning to take a notebook to write songs during the tour, Three, his footwork on stage shows he’s keeping in time with his music. The guy is so talented and letting him go was a bad call. Some people try to relieve their youth and voted for what they liked as teenagers, while others voted for whoever came from their town and that’s why I think Jena and Caleb are in the final it wasn’t about the best talent.

      • Amazing that you totally Ignored James Sutherlands post about his wife; been a performer for over 40 years AND a vocal teacher; You might want to go back up and look again…but you’re so full of yourself that you’ll Refuse to, because it goes against everything you’re saying. BTW; I’ve studied music and play several instruments and used to sing with a band. Alex is good, but he was so uncomfortable on stage, and that’s not Idol material…you have to have the whole package….but he just needs more experience.

  10. I think Caleb should have gone home. All are talented, I just can’t imagine Caleb making anything that would sell to a lot of people. I think Alex is far more musically talented then Caleb but Jena is my favorite with Alex as a close second. Very disappointed.

      • The rocker fans (Caleb fans) on this website are so trashy! Which explains why they cannot see true talent when it slaps them in the face. I’m surprised they have internet access in trailer parks

      • that’s a very intelligent comment, I said, as my tongue touched the inside of my cheek

      • Actually, Bev, I don’t think pr64 was complementing you. You just made yourself look as stupid as those people in “trailer parks” you insulted.

      • Mindy, First of all I know she was not complimenting me, but thank you for explaining the obvious. Second of all, you just called them stupid, not me…. (read your last sentence). Lastly, you misspelled “complimenting”

  11. Alex Preston kinda sounds like Nate Ruess from F.U.N. Anyone agree? Lol

  12. my two faves are in the finals. but the big question is, who will still be around and making music ten years from now?? who has that kind of staying power? record companies want marketable talent now and also talent that will be around for a long time.

    • I don’t care about record companies and such. I care about the music and the singer, so I prefer Caleb who is consistent, true to the music he loves and isn’t trying to fit into a popular mold. There are wonderful musicians that have small careers and are actually better than those that are famous. You never know what twists and turns popular styles of music will take. Remember the Disco era? I personally was glad when it was over.

      • I’m trying to FORGET the disco era!! I’m a child of the 60’s and 70’s when people really rocked. and that’s why I love caleb. I also love jena who, when she wants to, can be a real rockin’ chick

      • Dim all the lights sweet darling…. Disco was great, but I loved Bread too. The Eagles were considered rock but they were played on the country startions as well as pop. I bet you liked them too, plus Bread? Caleb is good but the days of that kind of Rock are gone.
        Same as Elvis, I bet he would have been sent home too.

      • Those days of rock are not dead, not by a long shot. New rock music is alive and well, it just isn’t on mainstreamcommercial radio. Satellite radio and downloads is where this music lives.

        Van Halen grossed close to $100 million on their last tour and that was just in the states. I went to several concerts and it wasn’t all of us “old” people at the show. There were plenty of “young people” at the shows and they weren’t with mom and dad.

      • Van Halen iis old now. Some young people grew up listening to mom and dad’s music and some want to see a rock concert You can also listen to it on the odies station.

      • are they really?? if the stones toured tomorrow, every arena would be sold out in seconds! was never a bread or eagles fan but I do have a huge thing for duran duran. and I chased the beatles all over manhattan when they played the ed Sullivan show. for those of you who don’t know Sullivan, look it up! but right now, number one in my heart is adam lambert who is going to kick a** this summer with queen, who can STILL rock it! it’s a pity that some of you were not even alive when the fillmore east was the place to go for truly great music. you would have heard the best

      • Hey, when I think about it, maybe Alex should have sang the Rolling Stones ‘Emotional Rescue. He could have done it too. It would have been fantastic…

      • I miss the Doobie Brothers.. ‘Another Lonely Park Another Sunday’ πŸ˜‰ now that was music.!

      • I was thinking, I would have like to have heard Caleb sing,’ Let It Roll Down The Highway’, Bachman Turner Overdrive

      • What about Charlie Daniels, Pure Prairie League, Black Foot, Grateful Dead… Truckin’ got my chips cashed in.

      • totally!! brings me back to fillmore west were i had the dubious luxury to see the doors without jim though. it was too cool. i got to see robbie krieger one of the best guitarist in my opinion.

      • You say the “days of that kind of Rock are gone”. Maybe they are, maybe they are not. But, if Alex’s style of music is considered “current” … I feel very sorry for the youth of today. As it seems to have all the passion of a Perry Como song, from my mom’s generation.

      • I love his music… It’s Jazzy, or Soulful at times, sometimes mellow, he’s Amazing.
        Did you know there are some college students that listen to Judy Garland and others of her time as well? πŸ™‚

  13. I knew it’d be Caleb and Jena in the finale. Alex was boring, never ventured away from the mic, and always looked uncomfortable.. And the stomping, terrible. Oh… And the shirts… Ugh. Ok. I’m done.

  14. AS you know to all you that JENA HATERS
    Let us see, if you (JENA HATERS don’t like JENA’s voice), lets try audition. CAN YOU MAKE IT TO TOP 2??????

    • Nothing you said makes any sense on any level……and I’m a Jena fan! So please stop. You are embarrassing yourself and me.

  15. One thing for Sure, Alex is like cream, and like cream he will rises to the Top! Alex you will always be a Real Winner. I have never seen a homecoming that compared to yours, it was amazing. So many people there to support you.
    Now, just speaking my mind… πŸ™‚
    I understood that we all have 50 votes on facebook, phone, etc this year, but I have read where people have said they voted way over that. How can a person do that? I think it would be like cheating, wouldn’t it?
    If someone wins this way they’ll never win over the public, because they were never really good enough to win in the first place.
    I have always been a Dexter fan, but I know Alex should have won.

  16. We all have our opinions. We all do not agree. There have been some nasty things written in here that deserved an equally nasty response. But, when someone states their opinion and does not denigrate a contestant, why does another person feel they have to respond in such a hateful manner?

    And yes, my lumps were taken about certain comments I made last week that some thought were funny and some took brazen offense. Oh well…life goes on.

    Alex appears to be a great kid. He has talent for certain. When my wife and I were watching his homecoming portion of the show and saw him performing on stage with his friends, we both said “where is that comfort level and performance on the Idol stage?” He was completely different at home as compared to in front of the judges and AI audience.

    All the talk about him being a “true artist or musician” as compared to the others just ring hollow to me. His skills are different than the final 2 but they are also different from him. Caleb and Jena “perform” their songs. Alex plays music. All 3 have their own “true artistry”. Watching his “goodbye song” made me wish, for him, that he would have left his own personal comfort level of holding an instrument and standing behind the microphone stand several more times during the competition. If he had, the outcome might have been different. He NEVER engaged the crowd and to perform in front of a crowd you MUST engage them. That style of music, on it’s own, just won’t carry a a performance, let alone and entire concert if he had a concert.

    Personally, I hope Caleb brings the house down, melts the Idol stage as it has never been before and takes the crown. A new era of rock is on the horizon, and I’m excited about it.

    • Did you read about ‘Alex Says Goodbye America Idol’ yet. I think he’s been on the stage more then the other two, He has always put me in mind of Buddy Holly, but his voice is like sexy, jazzy, sweet, mellow all combined when he sings Imo. i find him great on stage. I don’t feel you have to dance around or knock things over to perfrom. He had me when he started playing the drums the other night his voice hit notes perfect. I like to see skill in action, not dance steps or knocking things over.

      • And that’s where people have differing opinions. Personally, I don’t care for his voice and that kind of music is boring to me. To you and to others, it is what you like.

      • One other thing: Ricky Minor has NEVER, EVER laid his bass guitar down on the stage next to a contestant as he did with Caleb after “Dazed and Confused” the other night. He and his band bring it to another level when performing with Caleb. And no other performer has ever given praise to Ricky’s band as does Caleb. The respect between band and singer is immense.

      • I 100% agree. He drew the audience in by just doing what he does. He didn’t have to do all that crazy stuff to command the stage.

      • He didn’t command the stage. He played music. He didn’t perform to the crowd. He stood behind the mic stand about 99% of the time. He could have gone wireless with the mic and performed AROUND the stage but he chose to not do that. Perhaps he should have. Evidently he didn’t draw enough of the audience in by “just doing what he does”, or impress “the proper people” if conspiracy theories are to be believed, to make the final.

        The fans of Alex speak of him like he’s some Svengali, and that a spell has been cast upon him. He’s a fine young man with talent, which makes him no different than many hundreds or thousands of others (Caleb and Jena Included) in this country and around the world. He just happened to be on TV and could be seen.

      • And watching Alex do his VERY repetitive marching band, two step is entertaining to you?

      • Alex I’m sure feels music from head to his toes, it’s in his soul, he is so gifted. Besides, who says you have to dance or run on the stage to sing, or have a sold out concert? He likes to sing and play his instruments, I understand that, I play the string harp myself. I find Alex to be a great entertainer, I love his voice and could care less if he’s doing a two step march or not. I respect him for the Artist that he is.

    • James, you make some really good points in this posting. I thought I would second your comments about the performance Alex had with his friends at the homecoming concert. Alex gave a pretty telling answer in an interview, when he listed that as the top experience so far. While it may have been an Idol photo-op for the producers, for everyone else it was a full bore concert. An interesting side note is that the four of them never had a rehersal together before the show, it was really just 4 boys who wrote and played music together for 4 years coming back together after 3 years apart and supporting Alex and sharing their joy of music (Alex and Dustin did work together on songs up until Alex went to Idol you can see that in the Less Than Three NH pages). Synergy and friendship like that trumps the makeup, lights and TV staging everytime. I’d recommend to all that if you enjoy good music and a good time search youtube for the Don’t Need no Doctor hometown performance at UNH.

      I wish the best of luck and futures to all the kids from Idol, it isn’t easy and they’ll need it.

  17. I think Caleb is teriffic, but his brother’s “I’m not even drunk” comment in the limo was embarrassing. And where were his parents? I assume the guy in shiny gym shorts and a baseball cap who joined Caleb onstage was his dad. You would think you could dress a little more appropriately when going on national television to support your son. I just felt bad for Caleb after seeing all the family support from Alex and Jena’s parents/grandparents and siblings…

  18. I don’t agree but it doesn’t matter. The most talented will be affirmed with the test of Time. Alex will be selling his music and writing his songs for himself and other musicians for a long time to come. He will play for sold out audiences and entertain us for as long as it is something that brings him as much joy as it does to us. Looking forward to buying his first album. See you on stage, Alex!

  19. I admit I am an Alex fan, he is musically interesting and from what I have been reading he is already respected in the music community. I see him working in the industry on many levels. I have nothing against Jena or Caleb but I feel they both need a lot of work to hone their talents. The thing that bothers me most is that the spotlight is taken away from all of the contestants to focus on Jennifer Lopez… I just don’t get why we have to endure watching her rather than the performers.

  20. This season is perhaps the very first season I have watched, were there was no surprise eliminations. That very much includes Alex, who I though had 2 great performances. The rest were sleep inducing to watch … Unless you like music with no passion.

    • He is the one who has passion, a true artist., Have you read about him yet. He is so talented, a star was right before our eyes.

      • He NEVER brought that passion to his AI performances. Sure he can play 12 instruments (according to AI wiki) but so can a lot of musicians. True art is defined by each individual person that sees it or hears it. You defined it as that as have others. Others never saw it or heard it and Alex finished 3rd. A grand accomplishment, yes, but still sent home.

  21. I am NOT a Alex hater. I think he had a few good moments this season. When I heard he was doing a song called “Stay” … I thought it was going to be that slow, heartfelt, tear jerker by the country duo called Sugarland. And I think he could have struck gold with that song. Instead, it was some VERY bland piece of pop music by Rihanna, that I felt no emotional connection with. I challenge Alex fans to listen to the Sugarland version and tell me that could have be so much better for Alex.

  22. I want either one of them to win. I don’t know who I am going to vote for next week. It’s going to be a tough decision for me. But they are both terrific singers and it doesn’t matter to me who wins because I know that they will both become singers no matter what.

  23. Here is what this has worked up to: As any true rocker and music enthusiast knows, the 80’s rock began years earlier with Led Zeppelin in lead. As with anything else even perfection has its time. The thing we call modern age is a never ending metamorphosis. The beep pop
    and rat noise, with all its hate and destruction, arguably have been the worse days of the past but ever changing modern age. The
    80’s rock will not come back in the same perfection as the past. But that does not mean a very like version of it is not around the corner, with a modern twist to it. Something compared to what U2 and Nickleback did for us. Caleb Johnson is an endless wonder in reminding us of the 80’s rock. He has shown us that he is capable of taking it to the next step (in the process helping to lead the way), now all he has to do is figure out how to mix U2 and Nickleback with a modern twist for a new perfection. That is why Caleb is this season’s American Idol winner. Don’t be left behind. (5-16-14)

    • I’ll still buy Alex over Caleb, ;he is a true artist of music. I guess I have a finer taste in music.

    • i agree w/most of your statements, actually it was put very well. i am not arguing caleb is not good, and i was happy to see someone on the show like him. he has a God gifted voice and he does well bringing those memories back, no doubt he is good. on the flip side i personally think the 60′, 70′ 80′ etc had their own era. nothing stays the same, change, change…..and it will never come back that way. what caleb needs is a good band to support him,
      b/c honestly i never caught on whether or not he plays an instrument or not. more importantly he needs to write his own music, for example; jim morrison,doors, who played the piano a wee bit , if that, he was a poet and wrote those songs, jon anderson, yes, only sang but composed it all. and both of them are stellar!!!! my other argument i have is; he should have not made those juvenile comments to the media calling people retards. i know we who blog do those juvenile comments, but it is different for someone wanting to represent himself…..i don’t think he did himself a favor. not even the old rockers do this anymore, most of them are humble a lot of them turned their lives around…anyway i realize i’m very particular when it comes to, who has the package deal to win and its only for me alex had everything in this package and i’m disappointed he did not make it into the finale. and in the end……..i hope they all make it. this was the first year since 2007 (my opinion) that all contenders were strong unique and i really enjoyed them all.

      • Okay. With that said, did you catch on the Billboard Music Awards yesterday Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips and singer Miley Cyruse performing from live concert in England “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, a Beatles’ classic going back to more than four decades ago? We might even call that before old school (Smiling). By the way, there were a number of artists at the Billboard Music Awards that might not have been there if not for their start on American Idol. I also found that interesting.

      • no but i’ll look into it. yes i agree AI has done such a blessing for all these kids which may have never believed in themselves having a shot. that is why i love the show for this
        particular reason.

      • I’m not a fan of every remake out there. Some remakes are far worse than the original.

        Rihanna’s S.O.S. (Rescue Me), for one, is a type of remake I enjoy. While it incorporated a portion of Devo’s song, by-in-large, it was a completely new song: modern beat, modern sounds, modern lingo, modern feel to it.

        We’ve yet to see Caleb really get creative with his song choices. I’m still waiting, actually, for Adam L. to break free from Queen and do his own thing. At least, I’ve not heard anything fresh since his Whattya want from me days. I hope Caleb can take up Daughtry’s path to independence post-AI. Ditto for Jena. I think both of them have plenty of potential, but I’m not sure Jena’s quite ready (maturity-wise).

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