American Idol 2014 Judges Reveal Twist: ‘Hollywood Or Home’

The American Idol 2014 judges reveal the first big twist of Season 13 on Wednesday’s Hollywood Week episode.

American Idol 2014 - Hollywood Or Home

American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban break the news to the room full of Golden Ticket holders in the American Idol Season 13 preview clip below. JLo and Keith first offer up promising details of how the singers will get a chance to perform for the judges but then it falls to Harry to explain this isn’t going to be good news for everyone.

“Congratulations on making it this far. We have such strong talent this year. We’re going to have to take another look at some of you today,” says Jennifer. Smiles all around the crowd.

“The last few days we’ve been reviewing everybody’s audition again. We’re going to be selecting some of you to come here and sing a song of your choice,” explains Keith.


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Wow, this sounds like great news right? A chance to show off in front of everyone because the judges want to hear more from you. Good, right? Not necessarily!

Harry drops the hammer. “There will be cuts made today. The stakes are very, very, very high. So we want everyone to take this as you will very, very seriously.”

“The competition starts right now,” says JLo.

Wednesday’s American Idol 2014 episode features this new “Hollywood Or Home” twist where singers who received only two “yes” votes and even some that received all three will be forced to sing for their Idol lives. Those who are deemed unfit to continue will be sent back home before ever moving on to regular Hollywood Week events. Ouch!

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  1. I cannot believe because the judges let people through they doubted they would do this to another human being. They make it to Hollywood, get to see an airplane hanger and then get put on a bus and don’t know if they are going home until they see the airport. HEARTLESS Why hurt these kids. They should have at least spent a day. Disgusting, inhuman. Idiots. Who ever thought this up should be fired. You want positive not negative feedback. I did excellent marketing in my career. I would have squashed this idea knowing the future outcome. Some very immature person thought this up and did not think it through.

  2. Read all the complaints about the American Idol this year 2014, it’s shocking to me. I don’t think people have been very fair to the show. Some comments were furious and harsh.

    Please don’t think I am taking side or anything. I love these kinds of the shows because I love music, and I love watching these shows. I’ve been watching American Idol and the X
    factor for a while now. It’s pretty much the same routine. They try to find the best singers and the best contestants for the show.

    The bad part about these shows is that, it makes most kids fantasize about winning the show and obsessed with the shows; instead of focusing on school and homework to get a real job someday. However some of those who make it on these shows will have a great career, some will not. The winner will have to be able to work very hard to sell their records. It’s a big dream to make huge money. At the same time it could become a great disappointment in the end.

    Sometimes it’s more the parents’ dream than their kids. Some parents go to the show and create a lot of drama causing unneeded pressure for themselves and on their kids. Sad to see that and it happens all the time.

    Parents who have kids that go to these shows should encourage their kids to be prepared. These kids will have
    to go through much stress and face a lot of hard work to get there. If they can grasp the concept of what they need to do to be successful, then it would be easier and more enjoyable an increase their chances of winning.

    These kids know that they have about 70,000 to 1 chance to even make it to Hollywood week, but it’s a chance they know they have to take. Their parents shouldn’t send their kids
    without preparing them for the disappointment they may encounter if they’re going send their kids to the real world to make a fortune out of them.

    Yes, I agree at some point they should be told that their bus is going home before they get on their bus. I don’t think we should be too harsh with the show for a small mistake they made.

    We need to prepare for a lot more heartache that is coming as the show continues because there will be a lot more disappointments coming our way when they vote off our favorites and keep the ones we don’t like. It’s an entertainment show. Don’t wrap your heart around it too much, just enjoy it.

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