American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 5 Performance

The Top 5 contestants on American Idol have delivered a pair of performances each tonight on FOX. That means it’s your turn to start telling us who did it the best! Vote for your favorite contestant remaining in the competition in our poll below and share your thoughts on what makes him or her the very best Idol Hopeful.

Sam Woolf performs on American Idol 2014
Sam Woolf performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

FOX’s official voting opened at 8PM tonight with the start of the show thanks to their Google Search Voting method and the rest of the voting methods have joined in as the phone lines were unleashed for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. WHO is voting for sam woolf in this poll?! I like him, but he was far from the best tonight. Come on guys.

    • I Actually found that Sam, Jessica and Jena all had two good performances while Caleb and Alex both had one awful and one great. But I really enjoyed Sam tonight. He’s really easy to listen to, nothing extremely exciting but if your in the right mood its real smooth.

      • Were we watching the same show? Sam had two bad performances. Normally I really like him, but these were not great song choices.

      • So what if I am? Does it matter if I am a teenage girl? A lot of other people like him too!

      • I like Sam. He has a great voice. But tonight just was NOT a great night for him, no matter how you and the teengirl mob try to swing this one. He’s sounding monotone, couldn’t hit the ed sheeran falsetto, and was pitchy in the fray song. Alex and Caleb put on some stellar performances tonight, and Sam frankly did not compare. Sorry to break this to you.

      • Sorry to say I’m with Sam and I love all his performances. Including these two. Then how come right now on this poll is 28% and Alex is bottom and Caleb is 2nd?

      • Because teenagers like you are voting in this poll. Sam could have sang the itsy bitsy spider tonight and you would have voted it the best performance.

      • I’ve already said about six times that I’m not against Sam. I like Sam. I can tell you’re a teenager because you’re so defensive. However, there were two shining performances given tonight and they were from Alex and Caleb. Regardless of the genre of music you’re into, these guys stole the night. Sam has put on better performances in previous weeks.

      • I think Sam has amazing performances every week and I will say he improves every week.

      • Caleb is Karaoke everytime he performs. Alex is awesome.

      • I agree that Alex did really do good. But I don’t think he stole the show. Same with Caleb. No one was the best. I think everyone did really good and America’s got a hard choice of ahead of them. But #woolfpack all the way

      • When a person can sing a song I can’t stand and make it sound good enough for me to buy I’d say Caleb was Fantastic!

      • Ok. Or just calling it like I see it. I’m not a Caleb fan by any means, but he knocked that last song out of the park. Overall, I’d love to see Alex win the whole thing as he truly is the best overall talent of the group.

      • ahem, you really need to stop with the insinuations “guest” can’t bare to use your real name…you are on the media train and feel that the opinions of others are not part of your life, i appreciate sticking up for our idols, but clearly you are taking this to another level to try to belittle fans of sheer talent. Please stop trying to start something with this teenager…you have said your opinion, now please move on and start an argument somewhere else.

      • ty i agree some people have nothing better to do, so we should just pray for them.

      • I do agree that this wasn’t the best night for Sam but, it wasn’t a good night for anyone.

      • I kinda see it that way too except Alex shot the moon w/his 2nd song and has been consistently good and should win the competition Sam just needs a little more experience and confidence and both of them will get far. On the other hand all other 3 are fake phony wannabe hollywood icons and look ridiculous trying to achieve this.

      • learn how to write before you make any accusations. and yes i know a lot about music more than you can write, and on top if it the name you call yourself personify your personality.

        which sucks!!!!!!!!!

        und ausserdem geb ich mich mit moechte gern leute ueberhaupt nicht ab, zieh leine loser!!!

      • don’t cast pearls before swine. We battle back and forth w/our opinions and it gets out of hand at times….but bringing in demons on your part seems totally inappropriate, be careful what you wish for butterfly!!

      • Sorry; but I’ve dealt with Demons, literally; I call it the way I see it, so you better deal with the one you’re trying to battle before you try to turn the table on me. I wish you nothing but the best of luck on getting rid of yours; as you know, it take Jesus to get rid of them.

      • I’m sorry you feel that way and no I would not want to be you battling demons or misinterpret the context. I wish you the best too w/all my heart!
        God bless you!!

      • well, I’m not a teenager, and I happen to LOVE Sam! I’m in my 40’s. It’s a matter of musical taste, what we like. Sorry if you don’t appreciate his sound, but that’s your loss. You can’t go around knocking other people’s opinion and making wild accusations, saying that they only like a singer because he happens to be a somewhat good looking boy.

      • FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME. I like Sam and appreciate his sound. But objectively, he was NOT the best one last night. This poll is “who gave the best performance?” not “who is your favorite on the show?” It just makes the poll seem stupid when it’s totally inaccurate.

      • THANK YOU! You hit the nail on the head!!! Objectivity is not a strong point of a couple of posters on this site. You know who you are Joy and Kelly. LOL

      • Hey I am 64 years old And I like Sam and Alex best of all.

      • I’m not jealous of anyone. I think everyone has talent on this show. And I agree with you I like Sam and Alex the best.

      • Kiana I wasn’t calling you jealous I was saying that is why people put Sam down.

      • ahem…i am a 43 year old woman and clearly being a teenager doesnt matter here with your snide insinuations…read above my comment on the matter of who stands out and who clearly doesnt.

      • congratulations on being able to use the word insinuation!! you sure showed me!!!

      • I certainly hope we have as many teenagers at this point b/c the older generation which i am too don’t seem to recognize real talent anymore which saddens me.

      • I thought Sam was awesome. Probably Jessica is going home. Wish it was Caleb, I don’t think I can stand the rest of the month of his ego.

      • No I am not off my rocker I know the difference between karaoke or a good cover artist and a creative musician.

      • Well, I am not a teenager (I am 57 and a grandmother of 8) and I love Sam and Jessica. I don’t think it is fair to say that only teens are voting for Sam. I myself think Jena was the worst and should go home this week but that is just my opinion.

      • “nothing extremely exciting” being the key factor. You are not able to be objective.

    • Not me, it is time for him to go, the judges should have never wasted the save on him!

      • I think he deserved the save at the time, but the competition is just too stiff at this point. Sam is so talented, but the others are above and beyond.

      • we have Caleb and Jessica karaoke all the way. Jena who looks like she is about to throw up everytime she sings. then we have two tremendous talents Alex and Sam.

      • I think it’s time to get your dementia check. Sam looks lost most of the time and Alex looks stoned. Caleb and Jena are the only entertainers on the show. Jessica has the best pure vocals.

      • Dementia? Ha well maybe you could lend your idol Caleb some shampoo and soap. And Jessica? Whatever. Hey this old lady with dementia will post to you tonight when Jessica’s light goes out. KK?

      • Personal attacks are not allowed in our comments area. Your “dementia” remark was crossing the line. Any future comments that contain negative personal comments about other guests here will be removed. Let’s all play nice, okay?

      • and you are on some drug which alters your state of mind b/c i have never seen any of what you are seeing in jess or caleb. jess has no personality and is a wannabe i’ll give her as much as she writes her music and sometimes she sings ok to average. caleb is a copy cat who has only talent in doing just that and God blessed him with vocals……where is there real true talent. alex and sam don’t need drugs b/c they are so darn talented that their own music gives them the high they need and will go far.

      • I agree.. Jenna used to get on my last nerve.. not anymore.. it’s Sam and Alex now.. Sam is so goofy.. and Alex always moves around like he needs to pee..

      • A person’s voice here should probably be a little more important than their small physical movements on stage. But to each his own.

      • Do you want to go see a live performance of someone stomping feet like s/he has had three or four too many cups of hot chocolate?

    • obviously who ever was voting for sam in this poll failed to vote for him in the place that really counted…

  2. I just can’t get over it….how you down Jessica… omy goodness.. ???? I would watch her ….. Jessica… book the fraze 😉 Kettering/Dayton … ohio <3

  3. sam is awesome…caleb is awesome…Jessica has no class nor rhythm she should have been gone a long time ago

    • Jessica is very classy and way more talented than Sam will ever be! Sorry, I think Sam is a sweet kid and he is talented but just very generic. Whereas Jessica has a very distinct voice and great artistic ability. What makes you think she is not classy? Do you know her personally?She is always poised and polite.

      • you have your opinion  I have mine…I don’t know her personally, do you?   Do you know Sam personally   …  and if you had class you would accept someone else’s opinion.   I voiced mine you voiced yours get a life

      • You are a bullying people who do not agree with you and this should not be ok on this site. Is it necessary to respond 4 times in a row to someone. We get it. You have “degrees”. Can’t we have a conversation here with out you acting so aggressively?

      • you have your opinions I have mine… do know Sam personally as you asked if I knew Jessica personally…you stated your opinion I stated mine! Are you an educated musician with degrees? I am

      • Jessica may be poised, but her rhythmic walks and movements aren’t there and should be as she entertained in clubs prior to this. Sam never professed to be an entertainer …

      • I’m not a musician, nor do I play one on t.v., but I still know a bum note or a singer off the beat when I hear it. I don’t need a $80,000 degree in Music History to ‘get it’.

      • I’m sure you wish you did but thank God I just found out you don’t know much about music. Maybe you should listen to people that are educated in music. Oh have you tried washing your ears, they also have a lot of knew things on the market without having to use Q-tips.

      • Do you know Sam personally. Jessica claim to be an entertainer in clubs and shows, but yet can’t move in rhythm…she is often out of pitch… Sam’s pitch is 99% there and never professed to being an entertainer…that is class! Are you an educated musician I am

      • Not sure you heard what I heard last night. Sam was flat as flapjacks on a cold morning sans syrup during the trio. He had a better 2nd tune, but his first was all over the place.

        Not sure ‘education’ qualifies anyone to be an expert here. Certainly doesn’t take much to be obnoxious, though.

        Personally, I know both Sam and Jessica were far from perfect last night.

      • Last year my obnoxiousness(your description) was on target… with the top two..Actually, for the past 5 years ! Let see how close it is this year… Education and Degrees I earned by studying and sacrifice!

      • Having strong opinions is great, even arguing about them is fine, but please do not take your comments to the level of attacking others. For example, calling someone else “obnoxious” is not cool in our comments area. Let’s all play nice shall we? Any comments crossing the line in the future will be removed.

      • i guess you missed the first couple of shows group round etc. and i respect ur opinion just for me she does not do much and no i don’t know her personality but i pick up on certain vibes and do not particularly care for it, that’s all!

  4. Caleb is awesome yes but would you buy his concert tickets? Would you hear him on the radio? Would you buy his music? Can he write music? Ok…. The real talent is Alex

    • Alex was great tonight. The fact that he is somehow last in this poll is ridiculous. Even Harry gave him top honors tonight.

      • people do not care for originality anymore its their loss and if Alex does not get the title then the majority of people are wrong.

    • I would go and see Caleb as a front man for an 80’s cover bamd. No disrespect at all. I find him amazingly talented, just not current AT ALL. Seems like a really fun and genuinely nice guy!

    • never cause i don’t care for copy cats and ALEX God willing will win b/c he deserves it.

    • I certainly hope Sam goes before Alex. The kid can sing but come on people. If this was based on talent, Alex should be on top.

      • i love them both but alex is more experienced sensible humble talented and will win one grammy after the other and sam will follow too

      • well he’s gone and I’m sure he is relieved himself since it seemed to me he wanted to go home b/c in his heart he will still pursue his career and get better and better. As it has shown people let go early have more going for them now then the actual winners. I think he is pretty amazing and he’s willing to learn, that shows more to me then people having confidence out of false pretense which I put Jessica in this category. Caleb has a great voice but no originality and Jena has been up and down for me but is slowly but surely getting the best of me. there is always a surprise w/her and after liking her voice at first it is getting more and more annoying. Alex is the only one with the real talent, just like philip philips.

    • Agree about Sam, but not Jessica! She is so talented and has such an awesome voice!

      • dream on, but than again that is your opinion and that’s cool too.

  5. Caleb is the best performer hands down. Alex is the most talented musician all around but this is a singing show so Caleb should win!!!

    • I disagree its singing along with a lot more and Caleb does not possess this yet.

  6. Alex Caleb Sam Jessica in that order tonight. Jena has an annoying personality. Your all great kids and no matter who wins you will all get a recording contract your too good not to.

  7. Are you kidding Sam doesn’t compare to most of them as he lacks confidence and experience ect…..If he were to win I would stop watching lol he is good just not as good as Caleb and the girls

    • So what if he lacks confidence? He’s only 18! You can’t force everything singers know onto an 18 year old, he is new to this. And Sam is much better than Jess.

      • I would be loathe to give Sam a pass based on his age. If he’s not ready, why is he on Idol now?

        What ’bout Jena, she just turned 18, as well… I don’t see her getting a pass because she’s new to this as well.

        If these Top 5 are not expected to do everything by now, when can we expect it? Would you tell that to the 1,000s of rejected applicants watching from the sidelines now? “Sam just isn’t ready for the big stage… give him time.” If I were one of those 1,000s of rejected applicants, I’d be fuming.

      • We can’t expect everyone to be perfect on that stage. Not everyone has a killer performance on that stage! Unless you count screamer, little judges darling Jena, and same with Caleb. I don’t care what anyone says about Sam, it truly does bring people down that like Sam, but he never gave up and he has proven himself after he got that save. He deserved it and Sam deserves to be here. I will vote and vote til’ the end! #woolfpacker 🙂

      • Lets say you study real hard for an exam, and you find out later, you got an ‘A’ on it. Great job. You know you earned it.

        Lets say a classmate also studied real hard for the same exam, but got a ‘D’.

        Would you say you both deserve to ‘pass’ ? Should the teacher / professor take your ‘A’, degrade it to a ‘B’ so your classmate can then have a ‘C’ to pass? Its not fair that your classmate who studied just as hard as you did could not get an ‘A’ as you did. Its not fair your classmate could not get the same intelligence genes as you to get that ‘A’. Are you ready to share your ‘A’ with your classmate, just because?

        What if you were both trying to apply for the same job later on–the potential employer saw you both had the same grades coming out of school. How is that employer supposed to pick between the two of you? Obviously, the employer should choose your classmate because she/he tried really hard… and for you, getting that ‘A’ must mean you didn’t have to really work that hard.

        Is that logical?

      • Okay. Whatever. I still think Sam does good every week. Caleb and Jena just irritate me more and more every week! Just my opinion.

      • Okay. Whatever. So, no matter what Sam does or doesn’t do, you’re going to vote for him. So, not much of a discussion topic.

        Doesn’t matter what Caleb or Jena do or don’t do. You’re a Wolfer forever.

      • bunch of crap to me ur scenario no don’t make sense at all nice try.

      • Would you please tone down your rhetoric, Renee? I have no problem with someone disagreeing with my opinions.

        Correct grammar would also be appreciated.

      • dude or dutette who ever you are;
        your long blog scenarios are a waste of any body’s time keep it simple stupid

    • maybe you are right re:confidence and experience, but this will come in time for him. his overall qualities on personality the way he presents himself are more valuable. usually confidence should still go side by side with humbleness and that in itself is an art. this is what caleb jess and jena do not possess. caleb has a voice but is strictly a copycat which should put him in the bottom, but in the end ALEX who deserves the title will win, at least this is what i’m hoping for. we’ll see!!

  8. I don’t understand all of the craze over Caleb and Jena. Caleb especially. He is singing music that no one buys anymore or is popular. Don’t get me wrong, I love rock, but he ISNT ANTHING DIFFERENT. He isn’t new, he’s a reproduction of just another wannabe rocker. Jena’s voice, to me, is not a voice that is pleasant to listen to. I liked her at first, but now I find her voice annoying. If you look at all of the contestants, Sam Woolf is the most popular. He’s got the most followers on ALL social media sites and he’s not your typical “heartthrob”. Wish people would watch his interviews b/c that is the EXACT opposite of what he wants to be. Sam writes his own songs, and that’s how he became an early fan favorite. This makes him NEW and CURRENT. Caleb and Jena are nothing new.

    • Go to you tube and you’ll find MANY, MANY Rock Groups and singers. I just take it that it’s not what you’re into.

      • But that’s not what Caleb is doing. He’s doing the classic rock stuff. Which I love! But I love the original, not Caleb’s unoriginal karaoke singing. He’s got a voice, I’ll admit that, but just because there is an “AMAZING” voice doesn’t mean he will sell records. Take Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. Jessica S. has so much range, but has no artistry or anything new. PP speaks for himself, this guy has many hits and he’s only been on the public scene for 2 years.

      • So, last I checked, Billy Idol, Motley Crue, Steven Tyler, et. al., had oodles and gobs more money than any One Man With Guitar soloist.

        Motley Crue has been around from basically 1980 and is retiring in 2015. That’s a 35 year span. KISS is still performing… heck even the Grateful Dead are probably still around.

        Owl City, Philip Phillips, Ed Sheeran may sell bunches on iTunes, but are those ‘Idols’ ? Where is Lee DeWyse now? Candice Glover?

        At least, I see Jessica Sanchez here and there… she even made a cameo this season with J-Lo.

        Back to your postulate that Caleb is not current—who’s to say what will be ‘current’ 10, 20 years from now?

        In the 80s and early 90s, Rock bands were atop all the charts. Stadiums were packed to see Def Leppard, AC DC, and other bands perform. Even with the advent of Grunge in the late 90s, people still flocked to go see concerts put on by 9-Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, & Nirvana… but, never so for those Singer-Songwriters.

        John Denver hardly ever filled a stadium to capacity. Elton John might be the one exception that comes to mind, but he had quite a following on both sides of the Atlantic. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel only did well once they combined. Few salivated to go see John Denver ‘live’. Many might like his songs, and bought tapes, records, or even CDs of his music, but you’re not going to see the masses flock to see him perform live.

        Which is my point – Alex might be gifted to write music; Sam, someday, might show some talent as well. But, none show promise to be a “stage presence” like Caleb or Jena do. And, that, to me at least, encapsulates an ‘Idol’.

        iTunes chart presence does not equate to Idol-ness. If American Idol were a singer-songwriter competition, Alex would be tops—no question. If this were a stand-and-deliver competition… well, we had that last year with 4 divas. Remember any of them? How many are packing the stadiums on tour now?

        Adam Lambert – every American Idol watcher knows Adam. Daughtry, too, one could say was a ‘Grunger’—but is grunge dead? Some say grunge faded in the late 90s.

        Now, you could argue with me that whereas Adam and Chris Daughtry both brought new styles, new talent to their performances, Caleb does not. I can see that. Caleb’s either not gifted .. or perhaps he’s not being assisted in choreographing / writing a good two minute version of what he’s tasked to sing. Who knows? Who knows whether Adam or Chris D. had outside assistance or whether they did all this on their own. Is Alex doing all his re-writes on his own?

        Stage-presence, however, is something one either does or does not do. Being an ‘Idol’, for me, means people clambering to go to your concerts to see you perform ‘live’. I just don’t see that happening for either Sam or Alex. Maybe Jessica, but … only marginally so.

      • are u done w/ur crap analogy cuz that’s all it was u just spend so long on writing crapola u have no clue

    • I agree 100%. Sam just might take the whole thing. Last two Sam and Alex!

      • I don’t think Sam will win the entire thing. But I am hoping Alex does. Regardless of the chatter that goes on here, money talks, and Alex is selling more on iTunes than anyone else. It’s one thing to support your favorites in a comment section and another to spend money buying their music. I think he has a real shot.

    • I totally agree. Caleb is not as diverse or as good as Adam Lambert and look how it’s proving difficult to market him. One hit song. I think Sam and Alex will have most success.

  9. 1. Sam
    2. Alex
    3. Jessica
    4. Caleb
    5. Jena

    That’s the order I see them. Go Sam; all the way to the top!

  10. Ok the Sam love in the poll is flat ridiculous. Caleb killed it. Alex was second best on the night and Jena a close third but her Valerie performance was not good. Sam might be able to beat of Jess but I actually enjoyed her more tonight.

  11. I really like Jessica but i feel that her being a tenured bar room singer she is used to playing the very small stages thus she is not used to using the big stage. Beautiful voice needs to show us her true self like they have been saying

  12. For me best Top 5 AIs Performances:

    1. SAM – seen new performances from him both songs; improving a lot! The arrangements of the songs I love it very much, very decent performance!
    2. ALEX – both songs love the arrangements, and performance is simple but able to render it well!
    3. JESSICA – Love the songs and performance wise, has seen improvements but still lacking something.
    4. CALEB- I love the rendition of the”still of the night” but there is nothing new on it! The other one, I still prefer the rendition of David Cook! I was bored nothing new with the arrangement, not impressive!
    5. JENA – performance still the same nothing new whatsoever! Lyrics still not clear!

    • Yes agree with you Jackie! It is so amazing if you see the idols made some new things and think that they can do unexpected performances. I love Sam’s performances. he really is good in arranging his songs and a lot of improvements! He is the best for me this week!

  13. 51 years old, my favorites in order Sam Alex Jess Im tried of Calebs and Jena screaming and over sized heads

  14. Just reading through the commentary here .. is this what we have come to as a society? So quick to jump to conclusion many of you are. And, if another does not agree with one’s own sentiment—off with her/his head!

    As I mentioned in other posts, I saw issues with every singer last night. Some were worse than others; but no one escaped with a flawless night.

    If you ask me (tho I’m sure many aren’t..) having Ryan intervene and ask the contestants questions about each song JUST as they were about to go perform did not help anyone; it only served to distract and unrattle. In the end, it was a poor show. But, I’m not ready to cast the whole Season 13 into the Disaster Bin. It was just the worst show of the past 4~5 weeks with very few solid performances: particularly considering we’re supposed to be seeing the Top 5 of 1,000s of auditioners.

    Sam and Alex should not be allowed to perform a duet or triplet or quartet… ever. If it were not for Jena holding a note in tune, singing over those two, the whole trio thingy would have been a complete joke… something you would have expected to get people expelled during Hollywood week. Indeed, how did those two survive past group night?

    I could nit-pick each performance, but there’s little point to that. The only highlights (and I have to search harder than normal here) were Caleb & Jessica’s duet–put that Trio debacle to shame. Jena’s consistent singing, though it was far from stellar. And, Caleb’s closer.
    That’s it. That’s all I can say was “on par”. Nothing knocked my socks off. I could say Sam was better than I’ve seen him, but he’s still so far below what I’m expecting a Top 5 performer to be, that I do not count that as a High Point. All-in-all, a mundane show compared to what we’ve seen from that group prior, or from other Top 5 groups in Seasons past.

    • Sam and Alex aren’t in a band. I don’t think it’s really fair to judge them on a group performance they were forced to do to fill time in the show.

      Sam seemed to struggle last night. However, I felt that Alex did a good job. With Alex, I feel like if you like that kind of music, you like him. Whereas others might find it “boring” and that’s okay, but let’s not discredit his talent.

      • This begs the question, though, what is an ‘Idol’ to you? … to whom is ‘American Idol’ attempting to cater?

        I will not argue Alex is gifted in writing his own lyrics and as a singer-song-writer, he’s probably tops in that group.

        To me, however, his style is not what I consider to be an ‘Idol’. I don’t consider Ed Sheeran to be an ‘Idol’, per se. I think Owl City might even be a stretch. Philip Phillips was a success from A.I., to be sure. Can you objectively compare Alex to Philip Phillips and say Alex’s as good or better?

        For me, seeing young people bounce off the walls (while singing in-tune) is a good measure of an ‘Idol’. So, for me there are only 2 contestants, obviously. However, if neither Caleb or Jena have an off night, I’ll ding them for it.

      • I think Idol means something a little different to me, and to others as well. It doesn’t always have to be the loudest person, otherwise we’d have a top 12 full of divas. I think it’s a good thing how much diversity in style was brought to the table this season.

        As someone who enjoys Alex-type music, I think comparing him to Phillip Phillips is apples/oranges. PP’s sound is a little more gruff, more reminiscent of Dave Matthews. I think Alex has a unique sound. And as Harry said last night, I think there is really a niche he can fill in the music industry.

        I’d love to see a Caleb-Jena-Alex finale. In the end, it’s going to come down to taste.

      • Agreed — at least we’re not down to 4 divas singing ballad-after-ballad, .. and 2 more moaning on the bench. 🙂

    • I too find the comments on this page more “fangirly” than objective. This mostly comes from 2 people who feel the need to attempt to stick up and defend their favorite every time someone says he or she had a rough night. It gets old when they have to respond to EVERY stinking post. They need so Summer Donna!!! -and allow others to have their opinion without felling the need to take offense.

    • bla bla bla what is society anyway????????????????
      A joke there is no society and good luck building one. lol

  15. It’s a good thing Joy and Kelly are here to let everyone know that any opinion is wrong except for theirs!

    • And I do have a right to my opinion. My opinions have come in response to yours and others negative posts about Sam and Alex. Yes I have a right too. Guest 123 you don’t have a name? Well I wouldn’t release my name if that’s who I supported either.

      • Sorry, we are not allowed to have a conversation here unless Joy and whats her face get to chime in at EVERY post.

      • but do you HAVE to respond in defense of your boy at EVERY SINGLE post? Can’t you let people have their opinion? It’s getting old seeing you troll around waiting to pounce on anyone who dares to diss Sam. Just saying. YES se know you have your right to your opinion, but seriously you are looking a little silly at this point. and the snark and the end of this comment above is just uncalled for. Get a life.

      • Is that wrong to defend Sam? No. We have a right to our opinions and so do you. Remember what you teacher and parents told you. If you don’t have anything nice to say. Don’t say it all. Maybe I should start taking their advice..

  16. Team Talent…Team Alex. He has it all. He sings, writes, and plays multiple instruments, and he is unique.

    • Multiple Instruments… you mean different types of guitars? Can he ever wear a guitar strap that does look so tight on him?? (I know why he’s wincing during his songs…)

      • Sorry, I could have sworn that 5 minutes ago you were critical about other people making petty comments about other people’s opinions.

      • “Selbsterkenntnis ist der erste Schritt zur Besserung.”

      • now we’re having fun, glad I got you motivated learning a new language it keeps you busy and prevents you from writing these long boring blogs of BS. sorry but you make it easy to pick on. have a good evening.bonne nuit a demain peut etre on verra!

  17. Looking at the polls, an injustice is about to happen. Sorry, but Jessica has more potential than all of these contestants .. here’s my breakdown: 1. Jessica is IMO the best and most original of the group. Her voice is distinctive and she’s real. Her performances have a way of sticking in your head, i.e. the ‘Pump Kicks’ song and ‘Jolene’. Her facial expressions could use some work, but if this girl ever completely released, she’d bring the house down. Would love for her to do her take on a song like ‘Still Loving You” or “I’m Your Lady” .. Jessica has an amazing original tone to her voice and has both an upper and lower register giving her better range than any of the contestants. 2a. Caleb .. I put him here for his consistency. He’s got a powerful voice, but tends to scream a lot and that gets old fast. His greatest asset is that he’s a really good entertainer and at times it almost feels like you’re watching a rock concert when he’s on stage .. so props for that. 2b. Jena .. this girl was my dark horse in this comp and she’s proving me right. Like Caleb, she has a powerful voice, but doesn’t have the same consistency. Last night’s performance was bland. 2c. Alex always has interesting takes on songs .. but they’re all starting to sound the same. He’s fallen into that ‘coffee-shop’ mode and it’s getting boring. I did like his last song last night though as his voice really shined when it was at front and center of his performance. 3. Sam is by far the worst singer left in this competition. Yes, he has a good voice and obviously has musical skill, but he looks like a deer in headlights on most of his performances and when singing with the others, his voice is badly exposed in comparison and to make matters worse, he usually brings the others down to his level. What I fear now is that he has what I like to call the “puppy-dog” vote .. and that is a dangerous thing. Basically it’s the ‘teenie-bopper’ vote that goes for the young shy contestant with the puppy dog eyes. Heck, they even showed puppy dogs and brought out an up-and-coming teenie-bopper star to help boost his votes. This is Kris Allen all over again, whom I just had to google to remember his name. He got the ‘puppy-dog’ vote and inexplicably beat Adam Lambert in the finale. I almost stopped watching AI as a result. Don’t get me wrong, Sam has talent and has a nice voice, but in no way is he in the class of the other four. One of the top four should win … and a case can be made for each one of them, but IMO, Jessica is by far the best singer of the bunch.

    • Glad someone else here knows how to write War & Peace in the blogs. 🙂

      I think you’re spot on regarding the Sam vote. Except, from what I’m perceiving, its not just the teeny-bopper girls voting for Sam, but the more seasoned female voters as well are in the tank for Sam. I think they will give the sympathy vote to Sam moreso than the young’nes will.

      • Sp: Oh how I love so many things about your response to this post!
        Jukebox: Thank you for putting thought into your reasons for how things play out in your mind. It’s refreshing to see on this site! I do not agree with everything you said, but appreciate how you laid it all out.

      • I bet Sam could pass an air-bagel on stage and still have his die-hard followers post about how ‘pitch perfect’ he sang. 🙂

    • I should also point out – when the A.I. producers are filming, you will see – by FAR – a much greater number of camera cuts to young girls watching Sam perform than any other contestant. I counted them up last week, the numbers were incredible. The camera crew also gave ample close-up face time to Sam.

      I believe A.I. is assisting Sam in his puppy-vote tally, purposefully or not.

      • you sure have a lot of time on your hands and you can count??? super!! I guess you just need to learn how to clean your ears before you listen in the following shows it’s progress not perfection.

      • You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to respond and insult my posts any / every chance you get, Renee.


    • sorry i totally disagree.but each to their own opinion we’ll all see what happens in the end.

  18. The whole point of American Idol is to establish which contestant can appeal to the largest number of people right? right. It’s like an election. So lets not blame “teeny boppers” or “people that love screaming” for the outcome of the poll this week. THIS IS HOW American Idol works. The majority rules. So either appreciate it or just don’t watch. And stop bashing on contestants. Like just chill for Christ sakes.

  19. based on last nights performance in my opinion: 1-Sam, 2-Alex, 3-5…all 3 were bad…no talent, not performing…totally karaoke, not original…its been that way for all 3 of those…watch sam and alex’s performances from beginning of the season to now…who has progressed? Again, i have to reiterate that if Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, James Durbin didn’t get the overall win and clearly are way better than Caleb’s and Jena’s “singing” more like shouting…there is a reason! Sam and Alex are marketable, the others…won’t stick in your mind like Sam and Alex do.

  20. For the first time, I didn’t like Alex too much. This was probably his worst night. Normally he does great but I didn’t like either of his performances. The song choice could be the problem. Or maybe I’m totally off base. But, I don’t know it just wasn’t his night for me.

    • 2nd song was a charm harry’s critic hit the nail listen to it again,

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