Who Wins American Idol 2014? Our Prediction From the Top 4!

Who will win American Idol 2014? That’s the big question looming in the minds of the final four contestants taking the stage this week. There are only two weeks to go until the American Idol finale for season 13. There isn’t much time left for Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene Ascuitto, Alex Preston, and Jessica Meuse to capture enough voters to propel them all the way to the win.

American Idol Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson: The fan base for Caleb is strong and devoted. He’s pulling votes from the younger viewers and the older ones, the Southern rock lovers and the Northern ‘cool’ hipsters. No one owns the stage like he does or looks more like he’s already the lead singer for some band playing stadium concerts. Although we would say his Aerosmith song last week was one of his weakest of the competition. But then he came right back and smacked it out of the park with his Whitesnake song.

However, Caleb has one a couple of really big obstacles to face. He’s not your typical ‘hot’ guy that gets all the tweens voting for him, and he’s a hardcore rocker with a classic bent. We’ve never had a winner like him before, and that pretty much screams it’s an uphill battle. We could see a lot of votes for Alex Preston and Jessica Meuse votes swinging to Jena Irene instead of Caleb after they are gone, making her an even more formidable opponent.

Even so, based on the American Idol betting odds, the track record of the voters so far, and the latest results of our readers’ poll — we’re going to call this one for Caleb Johnson at this point. He’s potentially neck and neck with Jena Irene, but after that blow-out Whitesnake performance to top off the show last week, we’re giving him the edge for now.

Of course, that’s if he doesn’t blow it all pulling stupid stunts like this one where he calls people “retards” and slams his fans.

Jena Irene

Jena Irene Ascuitto: We would put Jena Irene as the only other final four contestant who can challenge Caleb right now. Last week, we might have even given her a slight lead. However, after Caleb’s second performance last Wednesday night, we take back anything we may have thought previously about him peaking too soon. Jena was good last week, but Caleb owned the night even with a first performance that left a lot to be desired. Jena is going to have to push herself to the limits to steal victory away from Caleb in the American Idol finale if they end up face to face.

However, Jena has already proven that she can pull out a big performance and suddenly grab the spotlight away from Caleb, as she has several times in the past few weeks. Even the Las Vegas betting odds gave Jena a leg up over Caleb in the American Idol 2014 finale for a while. Jena is still capable of surprising us, perhaps even more than Caleb is, and that could be the thing that takes her all the way. All she may have to do is blow it out right at the end and outshine Caleb at the last minute to win.

Alex Preston

Alex Preston: If we are going to be real, we just don’t think Alex is going to win American Idol 2014. We could see him making the final three over Jessica Meuse, but we feel it isn’t in the cards for him to make the finale. This is somewhat sad to us because we do think he is probably the most purely talented all around musician and artist of the remaining finalists.

But being a star is more than just that. You also have to be the master of the stage and connect with your audience, Alex just doesn’t seem really gifted at doing either of those things. Even if Alex did manage to make the finale over Jena or Caleb, we give him almost no chance of beating them.

Jessica Meuse

Jessica Meuse: We liked ‘Pinky’ from the beginning of the season for her old school rock with a touch of country vibe. However, she has continued to fail at truly clicking with the audience or the American Idol judges all season long. No matter how hard she tries, she just comes across as stiff and cold on stage. Plus, she’s started to get a reputation as having a bit too much attitude, even if that isn’t really true. If Jessica doesn’t go home next, we really would be surprised.




  1. Jessica has too much attitude, you say? With Caleb running down his fans in interviews, and Jena and Alex looking like cutthroats after the smoke cleared from Thursday’s “shocking twist,” Jessica’s stock looks like it’s rising.

    • Yup… take your ball and go home… it is a CONTEST… last week or this week….. does it really make much difference?

      • Calene, I was only pointing out the effect of the possible backlash. Personally, I don’t disagree with the rationale for Alex and Jena’s no-votes last week. But since it wasn’t unanimous either way, they knew that they were weighing the risk of Sam or Jessica coming back strong on May 7 against the possibility that they’d look like backstabbers for voting the way they did.

      • No,, she doesn’t, Alex and Jena did the right thing the other night, The right thing, they should not have been put in that place.

      • Oh, I agree. The producers wanted to keep Sam around, and the stunt was designed to make anyone who didn’t vote Yes look like a heel.

        It’s a competition, after all, and Alex and Jena had every right to vote No and let America’s decision stand. But that’s the chance you take in this popularity contest: sometimes the right choice puts you in a bad light.

      • When you do the right thing you already won. Even if you are not popular for doing it. They let America’s vote stand, as it should had.

      • Um, Sunny, you do realize that American Idol is a popularity contest, right? So you’re supposed to avoid doing things that make you unpopular.

        They shouldn’t have been put in that position, it’s true. But we’ll see whether they made the right decision or not.

      • From the look of things nobody is popular right now, Nobody will lose votes this late in the game. Most people in a contest would have done the same thing. Unless they feared going home.

      • Really??

        American Idol 2014 Top 5 Week Rankings:
        Caleb Johnson – 26% – up 3 points from last week
        Sam Woolf – 24% – up 2 points from last week – eliminated
        Alex Preston – 18% – up 3 points from last week
        Jena Irene – 16% – down 5 points from last week
        Jessica Meuse – 14% – up 2 points from last week

      • After what happened to Caleb, Jena, and Alex, Jessica actually put herself in the lead. She stayed quiet and nothing happened to her. But what NEEDS to happen next week is that Jena, Alex, & Caleb needs to blow everyone away to knockout Jessica. Also, Caleb needs to mature ALOT AND FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • you seriously need to watch Jess’s interview with the same people who interviewed caleb at afterbuzztv on youtube. She’s the nicest, most humble contestant on the show.

      • I liked Dexter and am still hoping he gets a contract.
        Ya’ll pushed the wrong one in Alabama, Imo, Dexter and CJ were the nicest and most humble on that show besides Sam.

      • We like talent in Alabama. Go away, Sunny. You’re only here to hate Jess. Boo to you.

      • You’re saying Dexter & CJ doesn’t have talent? They have a lot of fans.

  2. So, you don’t call out Caleb for his slur or saying how he looks forward to the hookers and cocaine on his hometown visit? But, you say Jess has an attitude? How can this be? I think you are WAY off here. I don’t think Jess will win, but come on! The vid of Caleb is insanity! there is not way he can win this competition now.

  3. Jessica is boring at best….she looks awkward and uncomfie on state. I agree with the super talent of Alex… but also agree it will be Caleb or Jena that wins… any of those three is good with me. Jess needs to go… as in yesterday or last month.

  4. Jessica is boring at best….she looks awkward and uncomfie on stage. I agree with the super talent of Alex… but also agree it will be Caleb or Jena that wins… any of those three is good with me. Jess needs to go… as in yesterday or last month

    • Caleb can no longer win due to an interview he gave last week. He still may be able to rally enough votes to get top 3, but I think he is out of the finale. It will be interesting to see where Sam’s votes go. I don’t think Caleb. Jess voted yes so his fangirls might vote for her. I would say they could go to Alex, but he voted no, although he is the most similar to Sam. Or Maybe Jena. They are also mad at her for voting no, but she and Sam are really young like a lot of his fans so they may find her most appealing. Regardless of his comments, I don’t think Caleb was going to be taking many of Sam’s votes anyway. I can see a Jena/Caleb b2 this week.

      • No matter what, I don’t foresee Caleb going down in votes or off the show!

      • That is too bad. not sure how 70’s and 80’s rock will be accepted by radio in this day and age. I am guessing it won’t and he will go nowhere further than a cover band.

      • Don’t get me wrong…. I’m hoping JENA wins!!! I just knew that Caleb wouldn’t be going anywhere is all!

      • She’s not my fave, but I can really only see her or Alex having commercial success. I am gunning for Alex, but not sure he can beat out Caleb for the finale. Jena has this all but sewn up at this point.

      • I like Alex….he’s just a bit too boring to win, I think. Jena has it all!

      • None of Sam’s fans will find Jena appealing. My guess for where Sam’s votes go is a split of some sort between Alex and Jessica, since those two can actually sing pretty well.

    • Stop calling JENA, Jena. She’s going to get mad, stomped her spoiled 17 girl foot, and sing in her warbly voice at you. It’s JENA!!! OK!

    • Let’s see, you think Caleb, the arrogant jerk who can’t sing in tune unless he’s screaming at you, deserves to win over Jess? yeah no.

  5. I love Caleb’s talent and totally enjoy his performances everytime, I personally would love to see Him and Jessica in the top 2. I believe they are the best. She has an awesome voice and is very talented and does have a great stage presence, no matter what any one says! You don’t have to prance all over the stage or scream to perform……..her voice does that and it is amazing everytime! I believe Alex is a very talented singer songwriter as well,I am just not that into his style of music.I am completed unimpressed with Jena. While yes I agree she has a set of pipes, her ennunciation is horrible and she tries to hard to put the drama in every performance……..can we say Broadway musicals? I think that will be her niche. Jessica and Caleb top 2!! Go team Jessica!

  6. i think Jessica will win shes very talented sometimes she comes off with an attitude but its just her way of being strong and confident about her self. Caleb is to much into himself and is a bit immature. Alex is to nasty and never smiles hes next to go. jeana will be in the finals shes sweet and pretty she deserves a spot with Jessica……….

    • Jena does not seem sweet at all, she seems very self-centered in a Caleb kind of way. Alex and Jessica are good musicians, Caleb has a good voice that he rarely shows from behind all that screaming, and Jena is just awful all around. I vote for Sam for the win. Or CJ. Or Casey or George or Marquis. Those are my votes.

      • yes i agree jeana is a little snobby and alex is to he never smiles and is the worst in my opinion

  7. Including Caleb’s mistake…
    Winner – Jessica
    2nd – Alex
    3rd – Caleb
    4th – Jena

  8. Caleb has joked about a peanut allergy, called his fans retards. He joked about hookers and cocaine in his interview. He blew it. Probably had the win in the bag until he opened his mouth. Can’t win now. He seems arrogant. Why was everyone trying to save sam. The judges and producers know he is a star. You don’t have to win. Look at hudson, daughtry, and lambert. Good luck sam. We will miss you. Going to sell lots of records to many ages. Make your grandparents proud.

    • He may not be polished, but I think he may have been trying to sound cool to fit in with the rocker crowd. So what, he wants to pick out his own songs, I can understand that. he said something about getting hate mail and some of the songs that pretend fans pick out could do him in.

  9. If Caleb wins it’ll be another winner that the producers (excuse me, judges) thought wasn’t good enough to even make the live shows the previous season. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both capable singers but there’s a reason this show is on the decline and the most relevant Idol to come out of the last 5 seasons is Phillip Phillips. There have been no stars emerging. The product is dying. Time to pull the plug.

      • I think Carry Underwood and David Cook have been pretty successful too. Not saying this as an opinion of who I like, just from what I have seen

      • LOVE David Cook!!! Plus, my 2¢….Adam Lambert should have won his season!!!

      • Yeah, if you’re looking purely at album and singles sales/charts then Scotty definitely has the edge. That said I think he mainly benefits from his country music following. As far as mainstream radio, Phillip gets a lot more airplay. It’s pretty even but having said that, neither have come close to the success of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

      • OMG, I can’t believe I left out Kelly Clark son. She’s had awesome success!

  10. I Still have faith in Caleb I do not want him go him
    I still believe he will be the next American idol champion

    • I’m being completely honest when I say this. Unless he has the nerve to apologize to his fans on live tv, his fame will be gone in 2 days.

      • agree. But TPTB probably will want to hide this as much as possible. The casual viewer will not be aware of this controversy!

      • I bet he won’t say a thing about it. He’s in the producers’ good graces because he went along with the ploy to save Sam. He can say he’s already offered an apology, regardless of how lacking you and I might think his Facebook comment was as a sincere plea for forgiveness.

      • From Caleb?? Come on Caleb need everyone votes to win. Apology is ok now for him? wonder what he will call everyone after he wins. No excuses for him.

      • Thing is, I don’t think Caleb’s fans actually care if he calls them retards or worse – it all fits with the rocker persona, and that is likely fine with most of them. At least he’s honest some portion of the time, I’m sure it is annoying to get songs you hate suggested by your loyal fans, means they like you for something you aren’t. Or maybe know better than Caleb does what sort of songs suit his voice. All about the sales, Caleb, listen up. But the thoughtless, filter-less bad boy thing is likely a plus with his fans, and he did kiss Grumpy Cat.

  11. Caleb probably has a deal with a band lined up and doesn’t want to be bound to the American idol contract if he did win. He may be just trying to loose

    • Caleb certainly has behaved this past week as if he wants to lose. Does Idol not tag any of the future earnings of the other contestants, just the winner’s?

  12. Can we all just admit the contestants voted for what was best for each of them! Jess and Sam were in the bottom two in some polls, while Alex could have been in the bottom two in others. Alex and Jena stayed the course, allowing the voters to choose. This is a contest after all. No do-overs after the judge’s save. Caleb was leading and could afford the yes vote. We should be voting for the person most deserving of the title.

      • Who feels that American Idol is fixed? ? These votes on here are not at all what it comes on the show.

    • Are you sure? This pool have been the same as the elimination and only for Thursday it Change? why?

      jena and jessica was on the bottom.

      the same on the elimination. oops jena was in the bottom. had to be changed.

      American Idol 2014 Top 5 Week Rankings:
      Caleb Johnson – 26% – up 3 points from last week
      Sam Woolf – 24% – up 2 points from last week – eliminated
      Alex Preston – 18% – up 3 points from last week
      Jena Irene – 16% – down 5 points from last week
      Jessica Meuse – 14% – up 2 points from last week

      Read more at americanidolnet

    • Well said. I have watched the show every season, and my opinion is that America get a 50% vote, and then judges/mentors maybe doing a 50%. I don’t know. I just would like to see something different. I say this only because I have seen some truly deserving contestants get voted off before their time, as well as some people kept around because they are like Sam for example, who had teenage girls voting like crazy because they are unable to make a decision based on vocal ability, performance, etc., but rather because he’s cute. And don’t get me started on last season’s Lazaro. His story was touching and I felt sorry for him, but I don’t believe he should have even made the top 20. And just to clarify so I don’t offend anyone, (cuz we are all entitled to our opinions,) I enjoyed Sam for a while, but just felt he was not even close to the caliber that this competition reached this week. And again, everyone’s opinion should be respected. I think it’s interesting to learn other’s opinions, and why. 🙂

  13. I think Jessica is aware of the comments being made and may come on with a new attitude. It would be nice to see Jena and Jessica in the Finale, but I don’t think that’s what the producers want. Caleb’s chances are gone; however, I wouldn’t count out Alex just yet.

      • You are awfully “cold” for a person named Sunny. Jess rocks. Top 3. Deal with it.

      • I love Jessica’s style and hair every week. I think she seems sweet on the show, but maybe I’ve missed something. I don’t think she is going to win, but she’s still incredibly talented, as are all of the remaining 4!!! I haven’t heard about what Caleb did or said though. I still believe he will make the finale, along with Jena, I hope. That’s my vote, but we are all voting differently in my house. We’ll see soon I guess! 🙂

      • Jessica is not cold, although she is reserved. She is not embarrassing the show, making a fool out of herself, or talking smack about her fans. She is looking pretty classy right now, and her voice is good. Top 2 will be Jessica and Alex. Caleb hangs on one more week, Jena is out this week.

      • Yeah, Jena keeping on being fake likely won’t change this late in the game.

      • She may or may not be but I still like her voice, I wish them all the best tonight.

      • I think Jena could EASILY take it just based on her Elvis classic. That song brought out emotion and gave me goodies. (I think J-LO agreed, lol)

    • Jessica has turned out to be the warmest person in the final 4, can sing anything, and best chance for a big career after the show.
      I just hope she has fun and enjoys performing for us, because most of us love her just the way she is. Go Jess!!!

  14. I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s any fallout from last week’s controversies. It could be that voters look at Jena and Alex as backstabbers even though they were well within their rights to vote No. Caleb has the most to lose, since it appears he considers himself destined to win no matter what America thinks. Jessica may be in a position to pull off an upset.

  15. I think who goes home tonight is going to be affected by who picks up the Sam vote. I don’t see it being Caleb at all. They probably go to Alex (maybe Jena). Along with the comments he made, it seems like a no brainer that Caleb goes home.

    • Caleb is a better singer and performer than Jena, so I sincerely hope it is Jena who will go.

      • How do you think Jena will go before Caleb after all this nonsense? That is just crazy.

      • Weirdly, I don’t think Caleb’s fans care if he calls them names. The other statements likely don’t bother them, either. They like Caleb to sing really loud, scream quite a bit, and take a stance of a rocker on stage. They don’t care what Caleb says or does, as long as he keeps on refusing to cut his hair or dress decently, and rock out on the stage. They aren’t really voting for his singing voice, either, just for how much commotion Caleb can cause on stage and how much the band likes playing loud with him. So oddly enough, I don’t think what Caleb says during the week impacts what his fans think of him. Personally, his best performance of the season was Skyfall, and I wish it was him singing the Elvis Presley “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” instead of anyone else. Caleb’s voice is good, we just have barely heard it all season. Just all that noise. But his “retards” seem to love that.

  16. I think jessica has shown her self a singer and musian. Your final 2 or jessica and caleb and alex is right behind these 2. I’m sorry jena not ready!! She a cute young girl that sings okay! Jessica is the real deal she has endured alot. She has a unique voice and style. ROCK ON JESS!!!!!

  17. Everybody Watch Jess’s interview with the same people who interviewed caleb at afterbuzztv on youtube. She’s the nicest, most humble contestant on the show. i would post the video but these nice apparently I can’t do that cause they keep getting deleted.

    • No kidding, she’s a lovely person. Don’t drink the judges Kool-Aid, she deserves to win.

  18. So you all like to be called retarded by Calleb?? Why would Jena say no??

    Because she was the one to go not Sam since she is being saved by the Judges like a favorite she will keep going American votes means nothing jena has the lowest votes in all pools.

    Did you listen to his words?? Caleb and Jena has the same personality and after they win i gues what name they will call all American!!

    Calleb said on the video intreview
    “Yeah. It gives access to a bunch of retards to talk to me. I don’t really enjoy having to see somebody telling me what song I have to sing…at this point of the competition I can pick and choose my own songs…I don’t need 10,000 people saying ‘You should sing this, you should sing that, listen to me.’

    • We all know what song we’d like to hear, but the thought occured to me if anyone asked Caleb what he wanted to sing. It’s really not about us, it’s about him, and the kind of singer he wants to be, one of us might choose the song that could send him home.
      I never bothered sending him a request.

  19. I think that Caleb is going to one. thought so from the beginng and would you look at that.. hes in the final four WITH the obvious lead

  20. Jena will “WIN” if she “USES” her “SECRET WEAPON”- the “PIANO”! She will be back onto the piano this week so “WATCH OUT!”

    • She needs something to drowned out her voice… they piano might work if she plays loud enough.

    • jena w only win if the judges lie again. She only screams. spell words wrong and can’t understand what she is saying only noise.and she should have been gone long ago.

  21. Be ready to be surprised then…Jess Meuse will not be going home Thursday.

    • If Jess Meuse goes home on thursday i stop watching the show. simple as that.

      • At this point, seeing all Jessica’s support, I would be shocked. That said, they never mention an independent auditor, so who knows what happens really.

        Honestly, I’m still surprised that Candice Glover, a girl they had to give personality lessons to, won last year. But hey, they are a corporation and needed someone other than a skinny white male with guitar to win… again. With the money they make, can you blame them if they tilted the field a bit? Who really knows how the sausage is really made?

      • The producers manipulate the contest in various ways, but I never have the suspicion that they cook the numbers. Why would they have gone through all that shocking-twist nonsense, after all, if they could have just said Sam was safe and throw some other contestant under the bus?

      • To make a shock . make it easy to cover since Sam was save last time let’s blame on that on Sam again!That they want to keep him. and will seems that they did this all for Sam. Since he has the most young girls and votes make it easy to take him and get all his fans to vote for the one they want to win. It’s all Fake. Since they were having people complained about how they were treating Jessica not being nice to her. They did not want to hear more. Sam was easy for Them

  22. Caleb and Jena will not be the top two. They have the same voters. But most of them prefer Caleb-well, they did before the comment anyhow. I believe Jena was in the bottom two last week.

  23. American Idol 2014 Top 5 Week Rankings:
    Caleb Johnson – 26% – up 3 points from last week
    Sam Woolf – 24% – up 2 points from last week – eliminated
    Alex Preston – 18% – up 3 points from last week
    Jena Irene – 16% – down 5 points from last week
    Jessica Meuse – 14% – up 2 points from last week

    • So the contestant who was a close second according to these rankings is the one who got eliminated last week? Good thing you’re not predicting the weather.

  24. I admit, a few weeks ago I wasn’t necessarily a big fan of Jena, but after her last few performances, especially her rendition of an Elvis classic tonight, which I believe was flawless, I believe she could easily take the win. I also have seen some amazing performances from Caleb, so I believe he will be in the finale with Jena. As for Jessica and Alex, I love them both and they are extremely talented, but i don’t think they will win. Afterall, let’s face it…At this point they are all absolutely amazing and they’re all winners in my book. I will say, I, personally am so glad Sam is gone. I know a lot of people really liked him, and I thought he was talented, but not at the caliber necessary this late into the competition. Anyway, everyone has their own opinions and I respect that more than ever. I wish them all luck, because America has its work cut out.

  25. Someone please tell Alex there is no flood due anytime soon! And Jessica take the ring out of your nose. You are way to pretty to ruin your looks like that. It’s like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa!

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