American Idol 2014 Rankings: Top 5 Week In Review

There are just four singers and two weeks left in the American Idol 2014 competition which means one of these great singers will soon take the crown! We’re taking a look at your votes in last week’s performance poll to see how they stand up and rank as we prepare for this week’s performances.

Alex Preston on American Idol

After a level week the round before we were back to seeing a few leaders of the American Idol pack. Caleb Johnson stood out on top once again with 26% of the vote and continues to be a dominating force in the competition. He wasn’t alone at the top though as Sam Woolf was just a step behind him in our poll at 24%. Of course Sam was eliminated last week as many saw coming and his standout rankings here could be attributed to a flood of fans inflating his actual rankings.

In the mix at the bottom we find Alex Preston at 18%, Jena Irene at 16%, and Jessica Meuse at 14%. Alex continues to play the middle of the field and has dodged the danger zone so far, but he’ll need to crank it up if he wants to get to the finale night. Jena Irene was the only singer last week to drop in the polls from the round before. All the same she continues to do well overall and remains a contender for the title. Then there’s Jessica Meuse who spent two weeks in the Bottom 2 but with the strange twist last week we don’t actually know if she was there again this time. I’d wager she was despite great performances the night before.

Take a look at where your favorite remaining American Idol 2014 Hopeful stands heading in to this week and be ready to break out the support on Wednesday night to help keep him or her in the competition!

American Idol 2014 Top 5 Week Rankings:

  1. Caleb Johnson – 26% – up 3 points from last week
  2. Sam Woolf – 24% – up 2 points from last week – eliminated
  3. Alex Preston – 18% – up 3 points from last week
  4. Jena Irene – 16% – down 5 points from last week
  5. Jessica Meuse – 14% – up 2 points from last week

Who do you think will top our charts this week on American Idol?




  1. Jena is back on the piano this week-which means she’ll blow away Caleb and the others this week!

    • She’s dropping like a rock. In fact, she’s the only contestant going down.
      I bet she was the other one in the bottom 2 last week, and will be going home Thursday. Piano or not. Angie Miller was way better on piano than Jena, and it didn’t save her.
      On the other hand, I’m sure the judges are already writing up their praises of Jena in advance in order to try and save her again. Many people follow the judges like sheep, so Jena still has a chance no matter how unsteady her voice is.

      • to be fair they’re more nicer to alex and caleb than they are jena!! She deserves the praise imo! ITs a matter of taste don’t just use the judges to give a reason to not like jena ..u either like someone or not everyone has an opinion if u don’t like her fair enough but just cuz u think the judges do doesn’t mean they can’t!!

      • She literally gets the best praise from the judges even when she isn’t any good. I couldn’t understand a word she said in her first song last week and yet somehow that warranted a standing ovation from Keith Urban. Just because she’s your favorite doesn’t mean you need to try to sell everyone else on her with every waking post.

      • I agree. I have a hard time understanding what Jena is singing, especially when her tongue gets in the way. Like JLo said during her audition. She does some funky thing with her tongue and it fills up her whole mouth so is sounds like she has her mouth full of like cotton or something. Very weird sound.

      • Nope. It was Jena or Caleb in the bottom with Sam. That’s why they never revealed the other name.

      • I bet she was the other one in the bottom 2 last week

        You might be right. Despite what our anti-Jess amigo here says, no one except the AI people really knows who else was in the bottom two. But just as I’m sure the shocking-twist rigamarole would never have been concocted if Jessica had been the lowest vote-getter, I have no reason to believe they wouldn’t have revealed that Jess was in the bottom two if indeed she was.

      • You’re so correct…… never have thought about how to spell rigamarole…..:) good one!

      • I so agree. I was so shocked and disappointed when Angie Miller went home — she was right up there as one of the most talented Idol performers…. I can’t say that about Jena.

      • Angie was my favorite too. She went home because of the home town visits. She was the only one who didn’t have a sob story. Just a normal, happy life. People felt sorry for the other two.

      • Go listen to jena’s only other two piano performances: “DECODE & “CREEP”. Then go shake in your boots!

  2. Caleb needs to go home with the way he disrespects his fans… The ones that without the votes his butt would be HOME!

    • He doesn’t disrespect his fans………..He’s the only one thats any where near fantastic….and he is fantastic…

    • Get over it. It’s a singing competition, not Miss America. Caleb loves his fans, but not the haters on social media. Regardless of his bonehead use of words, he’s the best performer this season, which is why he deserves to win.

    • Give an example of when and how he has done that. I don’t believe that he has ever done that. He has class.

  3. If Jena wins I will be highly disappointed. Whatever it is about her voice that sets her apart gets on my nerves. She sounds like her voice comes straight out of the back of her throat. Besides at her age, she will be a disaster. Caleb is too one sided, his voice would only be good for one style of music. Alex and Jess on the other hand have their own style and passion. Alex is my favorite though. He’s been the one since his very first audition. I absolutely love him.

    • She barely made the top 13 (and wasn’t in the top 10), so everyone heard the same irritating voice at the beginning, but the judges constant praises have change some peoples minds like an old Jedi mind trick.
      “You will believe JENA can sign, you will understand her garbled voice, you will find it beautiful and not annoying, you will vote for JENA”
      I say to the judges, “Ho ho ho ho, your mind powers will not work on me, boy”.

      • UGH I think people are being brainwashed and the judges are ridiculous with Jena. I don’t understand it.

      • All I have to say is go back and “LISTEN” to Jena’s only “two” performances on the “PIANO”:”CREEP” & “DECODE”! Two “very” good reasons after hearing that Jena will return to the “PIANO” tonight-to shake in your boots-if you are “NOT” a “JENA” fan!

    • Remember she was the wild card? Oh yes, and she still has that tongue problem the judges talked about during the auditions. What is she doing here? If Jess would blaze a performance and knock our socks off, Jena would get her walking papers. UGH

      • The problem is that it doesn’t seem to matter whether Jess kills it or not. The week she did rip-roaring versions of “Somebody to Love” and “Jolene,” she still got raked over the coals. I thought she did a fine job this past week with “Human” and “Summertime Sadness,” but all she got was praise so faint I had to turn the TV way up to even hear it.

        Maybe with Sam gone, there won’t be as much pressure to throw her under the bus and they’ll give her some well-deserved credit.

      • She doesn’t look or move naturally. Great voice but always looks unnatural and uncomfortable. She comes off as a very bad “actress”. She appears constipated .

  4. Ah…JESSICA with that Stevie Nicks sounding voice!! I could listen to her all DAY!! I truly do not need to watch her “perform” as the judges and some viewers have disregarded her talent for!! 😛

    • She’ll be signed whether she wins or not — if that hasn’t already happened… a few of them will…. I really like her, too!

      • At some point, you have to start wondering if you really want your favorite to win and get locked into the AI contract or not.

        I bet there are some labels in the Pop/Country/Rock world hoping Jessica doesn’t win so they can sign her.

        Avicii, with Wake Me Up, and Hey Brother, is just the latest with that country background going huge on the charts. But was Florida-Georgia Line before that, and many, many more. Jessica will hit that sweet spot like a heavyweight champ.

        I predict Jessica will be the next Daughtry.

    • I wish Jess would nail a performance and blow Jena’s tongue out of her mouth. Well, maybe we could understand what Jena is saying after that. But, Jess has a smooth clear vice and she needs to wiggle and walk and move and shake what her Momma gave her !!!

  5. Alex needs to win I think. I have loved every studio version single of his so far, and just cannot get enough of his voice. His original song is a great song I think, and the way he changed some songs up so much practically made them his own as well! There is so much originality that I think he can do very well in the market after the show. Jena is fine, but her big loud voice isn’t really that different from any of the other big loud girls already out there. Jessica is as bland as Dexter, but gets a free pass by fans who like her darker edge I think, and Caleb is good but couldn’t make more than one album I think without it all sounding a like. All of them are decent, but I think only Alex can really withstand multiple albums and a long-term career.

    • I can’t believe you’re complaining about any other contestant’s blandness when Alex is the Prince of Bland. And his originality depends on whether you’ve ever heard of Jason Mraz or Paul Simon.

      • I certainly agree that there are a lot of people who he has a similar style too. The ones you mentioned, and actually the one I always think of is Damien Rice. Still, though, I think he has a lot of originality in how he sees American Idol as more than a glorified karaoke contest. Maybe originality was the wrong word to use, but I think out of anyone, he understands the importance of having to take things and put them in his voice. The other singers just seem to try to do the best they can with the songs given to them. Jena has mixed things up a couple times, but rarely.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you, Adam. (Unfortunately, Shem has nothing better to do with his time than badmouth any contestant that isn’t Jessica).

      To me, Alex is anything but bland. I find his sound very refreshing. You can tell that he puts in extra effort to connect to the songs he’s singing by dissecting the lyrics and drawing on his own experiences. Perhaps his style is similar to that of Jason Mraz, but he certainly has his own unique sound.

      Further, he has a positive attitude as is appreciative of his fans.

      • I’ll admit I don’t have much interest in Alex’s precious whimpering. He has never so much as taken a step during a solo performance, appeared without clutching his security guitar, or made any other facial expression except his frightened rictus. Yet his feeble act gets nothing but gushing praise from the judges, and it’s Jessica who gets criticized for her lack of onstage dynamism.

      • 1) Using larger words (or, more like, your computer’s thesaurus function) doesn’t make your argument any more valid.

        2) Alex has not received “gushing praise” from the judges. jLo has been especially critical.

        3) Alex’s stage presence, regardless of his stance and use of the guitar, will always be better than Jessica’s because she looks like a soulless robot. I like her voice, but I struggle week after week to get passed the fact that she looks like she’s demonically staring into my soul

      • Alex’s stage presence, regardless of his stance and use of the guitar,
        will always be better than Jessica’s because she looks like a soulless

        “Better” because he just stands there hopping from one foot to another, flashing his serial-killer grimace while he alternately whimpers and screeches his way through another bland rendition of a popular song?

        I at least admit that Jessica is a little stiff onstage. But next to Alex, she looks like Katy Perry.

    • Jessica’s darker edge is definitely one of her unique strong points, no doubt. Listen to her sing Summertime Sadness, and you hear a haunting low range that only Stevie Nicks had. But then her voice can soar… wow.

    • Truly, truly HATE how Alex has destroyed some of my all-time favorite songs. I know a lot of people love his versions but I am not a fan. Alex, stop messing with my music!

      • You obviously do not know what true talent is. For goodness sake, Alex is incredible and makes every song better than the original!

    • I love Dexter, while I agree with you when it comes to Alex. But Caleb’s voice is Powerful and that doesn’t come along often, not a voice like his.

    • I agree with everything you said about everyone! Alex my favorite and by far most talented!

  6. Alex WILL win. It’s obvious if you’ve been paying any attention at all.

    • If Alex wins, it will be the perfect explanation of why this show is circling the drain.

  7. The one to watch is jessica!! She goes out on the stage week after week giving solid performances. Only to get dumped on by the judges and randy. Whats with this show I don’t get it!!!! ROCK ON JESS!!!!

    • She has an amazing sultry voice. But, she stands like a statue and she doesn’t “perform” like she could. I want her to shake her booty !!

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