American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 8 Round 2 Performance

The Top 8 were back for another round on American Idol tonight! Now is your chance to show your support and vote for your favorites so they don’t slip away on Thursday. The Save is gone which makes this vote final!

Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol 2014
Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

FOX’s official voting opened at 8PM tonight with the start of the show thanks to their Google Search Voting method and the rest of the voting methods have joined in as the phone lines were unleashed for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. My top 4 were Jess, Dex, Sam and Caleb. Bottom 3 were Malaya, Cj and Jena. Alex is just too weird to judge.

    • sam, caleb, dexter and jena I think is safe the rest will battle it out again this is my only and gut feelings

    • We’re so close in our listening pleasure: Tonight I enjoyed, in this order – Jessica, CJ, Dexter, Caleb, Sam, Malaya, Jena & Alex….. last four are equal -to me — not bad, not great.

  2. My favorites are still Caleb, Jess and Jena. Sam still shows no personality on stage and has no connection to the songs he sings. I totally agree with what Harry said about Alex and him belonging in a coffeehouse. CJ cannot sing in a lower register in the least and when Malaya hits those high notes, I tend to cringe.

    • You may love him but he has a LONG way to go in terms of connecting with both the song and his audience. It’s like his performances are robotic in nature.

  3. A Jena and Caleb finale would be one of the most entertaining in idol history. They showed that tonight with their amazing solos and duet! Here is my top 8 in order…
    1/2: Jena & Caleb
    3: Jessica
    4: Sam
    5: Alex
    6: Malaya
    7: Dexter
    8: CJ

      • You know how she likes to change songs.. she did that to I love Rock & Roll…. She’s cute and has her fans — I just can’t connect with her style…

      • Don’t listen to him, she was great, I loved the performance, the arrangement was great! but however I didn’t like the song choice she could of picked something that really captures her amazing voice. 🙂

  4. You have to remember it’s all about performing and singing the song. Jena was not bad! She has the guts to make the song her own. CJ is cute but come on he has never been on key! Caleb will end up winning this but Jena, Jessica and Dexter should be around a long time. Get rid of the boy next door. We have done that too many times. Sam is good but NOT IDOL material.

  5. My view of tonight:
    1. Alex Preston
    2. Caleb Johnson
    3. Jena Irene
    4. Jessica Meuse
    5. Dexter Roberts
    6. Mayala Watson
    7. Sam Woolf
    8. CJ Harris

    Sorry if some of you like CJ and tend to ignore how he started his song tonight, but it’s very hard to convince a fan to vote for you if you start the song that out of tune. I strongly believe CJ will leave tomorrow.

      • CJ is the only person who ruined a song tonight. That performance was awful.

      • Dude you sound absolutely stupid if you think she butchered the song. She was one of the best of the night!

      • agreed! Jena’s rearrangement was really interesting, AND the ending was killer! it was the most interesting performance of the night-great energy 🙂

      • she didn’t botch that song please leave with negative comments everywhere for her, are you a pyscho?

      • Look at your handle… who’s the psycho? She totally botched that song, you’re just blinded by her fake, white teeth.

    • Finally someone who appreciates Alex! Somebody sure is voting for him because he’s never been in the bottom 3 (yet) 🙂 Love him. I think CJ or Dexter may be gone tonight. Just my opinion.

  6. Caleb Johnson for the win,he blew it out of the park tonight,singing Journey-Faithfully!!!

  7. Jessica is doing better than the rest of them lately.

    Sam and Malaya picked it up as well.

    CJ is gone this week for sure.

    Jena may see the bottom 3 as well.

    • No way will Jena or Alex will be in the bottom. CJ will be there but it will be Sam and Malaya joining him. Dexter might get stuck there as well.

      • I do not think Sam will see the bottom 3! He did so great! I think Malaya and Alex might but not Sam

  8. 1st – Caleb AGAIN. If he doesn’t win there is something wrong.
    2nd – Jena
    3rd – Jessica
    Now on to the important stuff.
    I didn’t like Jennifer’s dress and hairdo. Neither was flattering, BUT she was still absolutely gorgeous.

    • I think Jennifer was trying to dress like it was the 80’s. I think Keith made a reference to it but I can’t swear to it. I just keep wondering if I dressed like that in the 80’s..

  9. I guess I’m not in the norm cause I thought Alex was excellent. I think Dexter or CJ will be going home tonight. I don’t think it will be Sam and I don’t even think he will be in the bottom 3. I think he saved himself from that last night. I pick Caleb to win the show though.

  10. 1. Caleb; 2. Caleb; 3. Caleb; 4. Sam (a soulful performance this week–nice job!). Ironically and sadly, Jena’s performance was a disappointment. Jessica’s performance seemed awkward–decent vocals but, her movements appeared uncomfortable. Alex’s “Every Breath You Take” was so far from the original version that JLo’s critique of his performance as having “lost the soul of the song” was spot on. It may have put him at jeopardy. CJ continues to have pitch issues–which at this late stage of the race is simply not acceptable. His interpretation of “Free Falling” was soulful and while it took his vocals the first half of the performance to lock-in, it was a decent performance as compared to past performances. Although he’s very likeable, he’s just too inconsistent. Malaya was decent but, the song seemed too big for her vocals. Her performance seemed to try too hard. Dexter was forgettable.

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