American Idol 2014 Top 8 Return To Their Audition Roots Tonight

While some are calling the Top 8 theme a cop out, but I’m actually looking for to its potential tonight on American Idol 2014. Here’s what’s going on with the performances this week.

Jessica Meuse auditions on American Idol
Jessica Meuse auditions on American Idol – Source: FOX

Instead of doing a brand new set of songs the Top 8 finalists will return to where this season all started for them and perform their audition songs on the American Idol season 13 stage for your votes.

I think this will be a great opportunity for us to see just how far some of the singers have come since they started their Idol journey way back last summer with the initial auditions. It’s been a long, long process for these singers and they’ve still got nearly two months to go until the season finale.

We’ve put together a full list of the Top 8 song list American Idol spoilers including their original performances from way back in January. Check them out and then share your thoughts on which American Idol finalist you think will show the most improvement come next week.




  1. i’d love to hear the contestants do dylan. let’s face it, dylan is no adam lambert but the man can WRITE the most amazing lyrics. and as of this date, except for adam, no one can sing “cara mia”. i know, i know, i go on and on about adam, but no one has yet to come close.

    • I’m actually stoked to hear Jessica’s “Blue-eyed Lie’ with a band behind her.
      Regarding Adam: Clearly the best voice in any season of idol and the best showman. Incomparable.

      • i like jessica and i think she just may have a bright future ahead of her, regardless of the outcome of idol.

      • A few, who did not win — I know everyone already knows this— went on to have very good careers and a couple — great careers — They can’t all win — but the truly talented ones- keep climbing… &, often the winner turns out to be a dud !!

      • I still remember how mean she was, maybe it’s not such a good idea to look back.

  2. I think Malaya will shine out next week.. She sang Ain’t No Way by Aretha Franklin.. Such a BIG and soulful song.. I can only imagine how she’ll gonna kill that song again..

  3. Didn’t Jena do an original? I don’t want to see what happened to Angie’s original song happen again!

    • Not for her audition. She did Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. She did an original song during Hollywood week, I think.

      • Thanks Stormy! Somewhere I heard that some of the other contestants did perform some lackluster originals (not near as good as Jena’s). They “now’ perhaps wish that they didn’t?

  4. I hope the band pipes down a bit, I want to hear their voices over the music. I remember Dexter, I loved how he sang his song. Very nice guy.

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