American Idol 2015 Top 24: Who Went Home This Week? – Update: Spoilers Revealed

The American Idol 2015 Top 24 have performed and your votes are in, so who was sent home this week on Idol? No one! Well, not yet. Here’s how it’s going to work.

Update: Spoilers revealed who was eliminated from the Top 24 & who is Top 16!

American Idol 2015 Top 24 group
American Idol 2015 Top 24 group – Source: FOX/YouTube

Next week on American Idol all twenty-four remaining semi-finalists will be back on the stage for the show, but they won’t all get to perform. Instead over the next two nights of Season 14 episodes we will see eight of the twelve guys and eight of the twelve ladies return to the spotlight for another chance to win you over.

It’s likely that instead of revealing the American Idol results up front at the start of the show there will be a slow boil with singers brought out to perform one by one, per the spoiler reports earlier. Soon we’ll see fewer spots left and too many contestants to fill them out. The suspense will build and four will be eliminated each night.

By the end of the next round on American Idol 2015 we’ll have just 16 semi-finalists as the prepare for another week of nail-biting, anxious waiting to find out who will become the Season 14’s Top 12 finalists.

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  1. You do not have 8 girls good enough to go forward. It is a shame to eliminate guys far superior to girls you are forced to keep due to a flawed format

  2. Top 24 Power Rankings:

    1. Clark Beckham
    2. Daniel Seavey
    3. Nick Fradiani
    4. Trevor Douglas
    5. Quentin Alexander
    6. Michael Simeon
    7. Qaasim Middleton
    8. Rayvon Owen
    9. Mark Andrew
    10. Adam Ezegelian
    11. Savion Wright
    12. Riley Bria
    1. Jax
    2. Tyanna Jones
    3. Joey Cook
    4. Lovey James
    5. Sarina Joi-Crowe
    6. Loren Lott
    7. Adanna Duru
    8. Alexis Gomez
    9. Maddie Walker
    10. Shannon Berthiaume
    11. Shi Scott
    12. Katherine Winston

    • My favorites so far are Nick and Daniel. The girls Jax is probably my favorite. Don’t like Maddie. I do think Shi has potential to pull out a great week and take the lead. She just needs to get over her nervousness.

  3. Yikes, Idol is being cut further back and further back. No results show, change in venue for the show, etc. Cut back time on the show. I’m afraid this will be the last year of Idol. Sad.

    • No it will come back next year. The show is still getting good ratings for 2015 standards. When X-Factor got cancelled, it was only getting 3 million viewers a week. Idol is getting at least 10 million per week. That’s more than 300% more than X-Factor. So no. I don’t it will be going anywhere. Plus Fox owns American Idol, and is still making money from it. Simon owned X-Factor, and Fox wasn’t making any money from it.

  4. Riley, Daniel, Michael, Adam; Lovey, Maddie, Shannon, Shi. All of these people go home

  5. I love that idea. It’s like rush week last season, but we get to decide who sings, not the judges.

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