American Idol 2015: Top 16 Contestants Revealed

American Idol spoilers have leaked revealing the results of who made it to the Top 16 thanks to the results show and performances being taped in advance this week in Detroit before its broadcast on FOX.

Update: Full list of Top 16 elimination results have now been revealed in the article below.

American Idol 2015 semifinalists with Aretha Franklin
American Idol 2015 semifinalists with Aretha Franklin – Source: FOX

Want to know if your favorite contestants made the cut to the American Idol Top 16 for Season 14? We have your spoilers here thanks again to The Idol Pad!

There were four eliminations for the guys and another for the ladies leaving us with an ever narrowing field of contestants looking to become the next Idol winner. The guys’ results were revealed on Wednesday and the ladies’s results will arrive on Thursday.

American Idol 2015 Top 16 revealed:

Find out what songs these surviving contestants will be singing this week for Top 16.

Unfortunately for these following singers, they did not make the cut in your votes they will be eliminated in this week’s American Idol episodes. Prepare to say goodbye to these contestants:

Update: We now have the full list of eliminated singers, thanks again to Idol Pad.

American Idol Results – Top 24 Eliminated Contestants:

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Wow, I’m impressed with the readers here! You all helped correctly predict 3 of the 4 eliminated guys this week based on your votes in our readers’ poll. Well done! Now as for the ladies, our poll was 0 for 4 on those predictions. Ouch! How interesting though.

Next week these remaining singers will head to Los Angeles for the Season 14’s first live broadcast performance shows where another elimination will yield the Top 12 finalists for American Idol 2015.

Wild Card rumors suggest we might be seeing these eliminated singers back again though so don’t feel too bad if you’re favorites were cut this week.

American Idol 2015 Top 16 Revealed:




  1. Well poll here seems pretty revealing as only Trayvon was incorrect as going home. Sadly if the girls match closely couple pretty good singers going tomorrow.

  2. I’m thrilled that Mark and Nick made the Top 8. disappointed that Riley didn’t make it because I think he has potential. As for Daniel, I just don’t get it. I truly believe that he doesn’t belong in the Top 8 guys. I’m surprised that Michael was cut; JLo will be beside herself. I will miss Savion; he had a very nice voice.

  3. Quasim Middleton is not a singer. He is a peformer. His voice is very thin and eak.. Should not have made it over Michael or Savion. Nic has a very weak voice but I am sure the girls love him. Rayvon is the real artist along with Quentin and Clark…

  4. Glad to see Shi and Lovey eliminated but Katherine and Shannon were my favorites. Also sad to see Riley go–lots of potential.

    • I for one am sad to see Shi go home. Not that I thought she had the vocal talent to go any farther. But, she was easy on the eyes and knew who to dress to impress.

  5. SO HAPPY FOR MADDIE<3 I don't understand why Lovey went home. I think that Adanna, or Joey should have gone home instead. Lovey was so good and so marketable.

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