American Idol 2015: Trevor Douglas Hollywood Week Preview [VIDEO]

Trevor Douglas continues his American Idol 2015 journey this Wednesday on Hollywood Week with a solo performance of “I See Fire” that looks like a sure thing for a seat at the Showcase Week.

Trevor Douglas on American Idol 2015
Trevor Douglas on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX/YouTube

Rocking the geek-swagger, Trevor starts out his Hollywood performance with a little joke about his guitar and then is off and running with the Ed Sheeran cover. Jennifer Lopez is clearly impressed as Harry Connick Jr. remains stone faced per his usual approach. Will it be enough to crack the Judges and move on to the next round?

Watch Trevor Douglas sing “I See Fire” during the American Idol Hollywood Week round and see if you think he’s ready to be a finalist on Season 14.

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How far does Trevor Douglas go on American Idol 2015? Check our Top 24 spoilers list to see if Trevor has made it through to the live shows which start in just a few weeks!




    • I would say he’s more confident than Archuleta and changes arrangements more than Archuleta. Plus he can sing upbeat songs. Archuleta had one of the most incredible performances ever with Imagine but he was a one trick pony. Archuleta has a better voice. Heck, he has a way better voice than a lot of people but Trevor is a better artist and can spark the crowd more so.

  1. Hes trying to do ALEX PRESTON…but he will never make it. ALEX was and is way better. Alex came in 3rd last year after they gave it to a screamin Caleb Nobody cared about. Alex Preston should have won but hes prob better off not.

    • If Alex, Caleb and Jena were in last years finale (much like the Voice), Jena would have won “hands down”!

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