American Idol 2016 Auditions: Premiere Preview [VIDEO]

American Idol auditions head to Atlanta and Denver this week in the first part of a two-night “Farewell Season” premiere on American Idol 2016. FOX has released a series of the standout performances to get you ready.

American Idol 2016 premiere on FOX
American Idol 2016 premiere on FOX – Source: FOX

We’ll be watching for great performances from singers like La’Porsha Renae, Michelle Marie, Josiah Siska, and Olivia Rox as the American Idol judges travel through Atlanta, Denver, Little Rock, and San Francisco during this week’s audition episodes.

LaPorsha is singing “Creep” by Radiohead and does so beautifully, but will it be enough to earn her a ticket to Hollywood? Along for the audition is LaPorsha’s daughter who finds a seat for the performance in the arms of Jennifer Lopez. Very cute baby.

LaPorsha Renae – “Creep” – American Idol audition:

Michelle Maria is performing “Blue” from LeAnn Rimes and does so with the support of her large family waiting just outside the audition room where judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. are listening.

Michelle Maria – “Blue” – American Idol audition:

If you want to go deep then check out Josiah’s performance of the Cash single “Ghost Riders.” Harry is enjoying it and jumps up to go clap along to the beat, but in Harry form it seems like he might have taken it too far with a distracting horse “neigh!”

Josiah Siska – “Ghost Riders in the Sky” – American Idol audition:

Lastly we’ve got Olivia Rox who is just shocked to be here before the Idol Judges. After having watch Idol since childhood she’s ready to perform and goes to the piano for Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.” Harry tells Olivia that they’re looking for the perfect bookend to Kelly Clarkson and she hopes she can deliver for them.

Olivia Rox – “When I Was Your Man” – American Idol audition:

Get ready for the American Idol 2016 season start on Wednesday and Thursday this week for the final run at finding one last winner.



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  1. I stopped watching Idol because I got tired of the judges performing and all the other “big name” stars. I want to watch the performers I don’t want to have to go back and watch all the previous years of performing. That is not why these people have auditioned they are the ones that need to be heard and seen. So tired of all the insidious garbage that takes up time.

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