‘American Idol’ 2016 Predictions: Who Will Be Voted Off Tonight For Top 2?

Who will be voted off tonight? Our American Idol predictions for the final elimination are here as we prepare to meet the Season 15’s Top 2 when one last singer is cut from the finale race.

Update: Tonight’s results are in! Find out who was voted off from Idol.

American Idol 2016's Top 3 contestants
American Idol 2016’s Top 3 contestants – Source: @AmericanIdol

After correctly predicting who we would see in the final three round we should go back again to your votes in our latest poll and see just how that could all play out as either Dalton Rapattoni, La’Porsha Renae, or Trent Harmon will be sent home tonight.

If things keep on track as they have with results then I predict Dalton will be cut from the competition tonight. He’s a great singer and performer but he’s also the only one of these three who has already been to the Bottom 2 and he has trailed La’Porsha and Trent in our polls all season. In which case our Top 2 would be Trent & La’Porsha.

Now it’s not impossible that Dalton stays, just unlikely from my view, but if he does stay then who would go? Hmm, now that’s tougher. According to our poll the next person in row would be La’Porsha, but across the board I’d almost expect Trent and Dalton to swap out if it’s not Rapattoni to go since they’d be more similar in style than with La’Porsha. But really I just don’t see that being the case.

Who do you think will be voted off American Idol tonight? We’re down to the final round so tonight’s votes are critical to making sure your favorite wins the title during the series finale tomorrow night on FOX.

Official results revealed tonight on American Idol starting at 8/7c for the one-hour show. What do you think will happen tonight on the American Idol results show?




  1. Dalton’s gimmick is to slow a song down and emphasize every word. That’s it. Even Harry said last week, you’re not a good vocalist” and he’s right. Trent’s the man. LaPorsha’s the woman. In the end, Dalton is just a WGWGG (White Guy With a Guitar and a Gimmick). That said, he will probably have a career in music.

  2. Dalton will go. Trent should win but I think LaPorsha will because of her voice, Style and She has the Baby and her abusive relationship for sympathy votes. Trent is just Talent plain and simple.

  3. I am hoping for a Trent win and also hoping BING is wrong predicting Trent eliminated

  4. Dalton should win he’s the only one who can change a song and make it better plus he is the only one to go out of his comfort zone. La porsche and trent stayed where they r comfy which is wrong. And the judges basically made dalton lose by giving him that song last week. They set hom up to fail while giving ttent and la porsche song in their comfy zone. Plus they brought the dog and baby uo and did nothing for dalton. Dalton should be the real winner.

  5. The fact that Dalton even made it to the top 3 is annoying to me as he is the weakest vocalist and McKenzie blew him off the stage last week. Dalton has stolen his look from Billie Joe Armstrong and if the idol voters had ever listened to any music other than pop they might see his look as a complete rip off. Nothing unique-it was painful for me to watch him butcher Billy Idol when I saw the real deal. If La Porscha wins it is more political than anything and much like all “reality” shows was pre-determined months ago. If Trent wins it would be a shock-not because he does not deserve it but because he is white and from the South. In the Obama era that is basically 2 strikes against him. La Porsha did not blow me away last week but Trent brought his A game and did not disappoint. I voted for him. I hope he wins but the sympathy vote will most likely go to La Porsha even though she was not the best in my mind.

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