American Idol 2018 Judges Confirmed: Lionel Richie & Luke Bryan Join

Idol Judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie

ABC finally has their American Idol 2018 judges panel confirmed and signed for the new season. The news comes just in time for Season 16 auditions in front of the real judges!

Katy Perry was the first big role signed on for the return of Idol next year on ABC and that was nearly five months ago. Then in July Ryan Seacrest was confirmed as the series host, thankfully. After that it was just a few more months before the last two spots were filled and now here they are.

ABC made the news official on Friday afternoon, because who doesn’t value a good news dump at the weakest time of the week… And now Lionel and Luke are set to helm the series return to television just two years after it said farewell.

Both Luke and Lionel made an announcement to express their excitement for the opportunity and how much they’re looking forward to working with Katy and Ryan for American Idol 2018. The new season is still a few months away and no schedule has been announced yet, but it’s going to sneak up on us pretty fast!

What do you think of this judges panel? Perry, Richie, and Bryan? Share your thoughts below and get ready for the new season on ABC starting next year.

Image source: @LukeBryanOnline & @LionelRichie




  1. I still think they should’ve had at least one past contestant. The Voice took two Idols because the voice hasn’t produced anyone good enough yet. They’re now in the 14th season (note: Caleb and Jena were in 13 on Idol). Kelly Clarkson will be on the 15th Voice (Idol’s last was 15th).

  2. have watched all but first season… I will not watch this time w Katy Perry as a judge

    Perry is a disgusting libtard… no nice way to say it… she is insulting and offensive… she is a good entertainer but she is not someone to present to the public

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