American Idol 2019: Who Should Win? [Predictions And Poll]

The American Idol 2019 season finale is just five days away and either Laine Hardy, Alejandro Aranda or Madison VanDenberg will become the new American Idol champion.

But who is going to win it all? A case can be made for each of the three finalists. Laine Hardy has had a steady run this season and has proven to be very marketable. Madison VanDenberg has also been consistent and has been compared to the OG American Idol Kelly Clarkson. And Alejandro Aranda would bring something new to the music table. His innovative sound and talent could literally change the scene.

Again, who is going to win American Idol 2019? Well that’s up to you, America, and based on your voting all season long, I think Laine Hardy is going to win American Idol 2019. Not only is he a classic idol staple (white guy with a guitar), he spent a year taking voice lessons and improving his image and came back this season with full Idol producers support (come on, you still don’t believe he wasn’t planted in the auditions to actually audition again. That was not just a coincidence. That was very calculated).

Of course the American Idol producers’ plans could backfire and Alejandro could take it. He is insanely talented and could actually have some great success, which isn’t always a thing with American Idol winners. Or maybe for the second year in a row, a sweet girl named Maddie (Madison) will win?

I guess the race might be a little tighter this year than last, but any outcome is possible. I think I’m going to stick with my Laine Hardy prediction, though. But let’s see what you think! Let us know below who you think should win American Idol 2019. And is that how you will be voting at the finale Sunday night?