American Idol Alum Co-Wrote Jena Irene Coronation Song

If Top 3 finalist Jena Irene Ascuitto goes on to win American Idol 2014, she’ll be singing a coronation song written by an alumni of the show! Former American Idol season 8 contestant Felicia Barton, who reached the Top 36, leaked the news on Twitter that she helped co-write Jena’s possible future winner’s single.

American Idol Felicia Barton and Jena Irene

“Hangin w/ @JenaAsciutto1 Can’t wait for you 2 hear the new song cowritten By me @MitchAllan @AnnePreven !!!!!” Felicia Barton posted Monday on Twitter, along with the photo above.

According to MJsBigBlog, the song in question is Jena’s future coronation single that she’ll perform in the American Idol 2014 finale if she makes it to the Top 2. If she then goes on to win, the song will become her winner’s single.

Felicia Barton was a contestant on American Idol season 8 and made it to the Top 36 before she was cut. She has previously co-written songs for Glee star Lea Michele, among others. Need a refresher on Felicia? Watch her Top 36 performance of “No One” below.




  1. seems like you already have Jena the winner….not fair to the other 2 or to the voters

    • Keep in mind that we’re a fan site. We do not pick winners. We’re just reporting Idol news.

      Secondly, if Idol has put together a song for Jena Irene then have also done the same for Caleb and Alex to be ready for any possible Top 2. We just haven’t heard news on who wrote their songs.

      • The man has a point. If a girl I loved & voted for in Season 8 helped write a song for a girl I love & vote for now, I want to know about it!

        The others just haven’t been leaked yet.

      • ty for clarification…american idol net makes it sound like this is official site…just an opinion

  2. I like Jena but it seems they have her picked out, not fair to Caleb or Alex.

  3. If you’re just now realizing that they, with obvious help from JLo, have selected Jena (sorry JENA) as winner this year, then you’re either not paying attention, or easily mislead. This “contest” was over a long time ago.

  4. Jena perhaps changed the arrangement and rewrote the Lyrics (Jenafy the song) to suit her. Much like she has with other arrangements of songs on AI this season-what a talent!

  5. One has to wonder if Alex might have wrote his own song if he wins. He’s that Good!

  6. cool!!! can’t wait to hear it if jena makes it to the finale. go jena!!! 😀

  7. In past years, each Idol contestant in the finals has a “coronation” song written to sing if they win. It is NOT a sign that Jena has already been chosen the winner. Sometimes people just jump to conclusions. Every year it is the same thing. People think the show is fixed if the singer they liked doesn’t win. There have been very few times I have had the person I liked best win American Idol. We don’t all like the same thing, and that is good for the music industry and for music in general.

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