American Idol 2015 Eligibility Rule Change: Only Top 10 Can’t Audition

For American Idol 2015, there is apparently going to be an interesting new rule change for auditions. Unlike previous years, anyone who was not in the Top 10 finalists will be eligible to try out for the show again. So it is actually possible we could see previously eliminated American Idol 2013 finalists Ben Briely, Emily Piriz, or Kristen O’Connor again next year!

Kristen O'Connor on American Idol
Kristen O’Connor on American Idol – SOURCE: FOX/YouTube

The news of the American Idol rules change comes from The Idol Pad, who was the first to leak last year that former semi-finalists would be able to audition for season 13 for the first time. Now it appears that FOX is taking it one step further and opening auditions to any contestant who has not formerly made it into the Top 10.

Thanks to that earlier rule change, some of the other potential previous American Idol 2014 contestants we could see again include semi-finalists Andrina Brogden, Austin Wolfe, Brandy Neelly, and Bria Anai Johnson.

We aren’t sure why FOX has now decided to allow former non-Top 10 finalists to audition again if they so choose, but it will be interesting to see what familiar faces we might see popping up again next year on the show.




  1. I think they’re doing it for 2 reasons. 1 being that they don’t get as many turning up at their auditions like they used to, especially talented ones.
    2 being that they assume more people will start watching the show again if they think they’ll come back to watch their past favorites again. It’s an interesting change, but I’m not crazy about it, only because it puts too much pressure against those who have never tried out before, going up against ex-Idols. We’ll see if it brings back ratings.

  2. it would be nice to see the judges have a new role also. if you think about it, other than the save, what role do the judges play in the top ten. their role is fluff, taking up time on the show, and getting the crowd / viewers some what involved. don’t get me wrong.. I like having the judges. I think they need to play a more active role. the could let them judge as they do in dancing with the stars, or take some of the rules from x factor (which may not be a good thing since the show is no longer around) or play a mentoring role as does randy. I read comments all the time that the judges are partial, blah blah. actually in the current format for the top ten, other than the save, the judges have no real say. the advice the judges give, for the most part , is good… just might consider getting them more involved in the process..

  3. Big mistake-been there, done that, and already voted off for a reason by america.

  4. It will take away a spot of a future star. There are only so many tickets to hand out and if it is used on a singer who America doesn’t like and has already been voted off then it might be taken away from a person who has star quality like Kelly or Carrie then it is a BIG Mistake!

  5. Past Idols I’d like to see again: Brielle Von Hugel, Emily Piriz, Charity Vance, Shannon Magrane, Brianna Oakley, Jillian Jensen, Brandy Neelly, Schyler Dixon, and Aubrey Cleland!!!
    WHO’S WITH ME!?!?!

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