Meet Your American Idol 2015 Top 8 Contestants

The American Idol 2015 Top 8 contestants were revealed tonight when viewers’ votes are announced and the new Twitter Twist went live. Who made the cut?

Top 8 on American Idol 2015
Top 8 on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

As we learned this morning, tonight’s elimination on American Idol wasn’t only decided by last week’s votes. Instead the Bottom 2 from those votes were announced and then a live Twitter vote took over to make Season 14’s Top 8 official.

The downside here is that a subset of viewers will be given control over the ultimate decision, but on the plus side all of the Top 9 contestants will get to perform again even with the Judges Save all used up. We’ll find out live tonight starting at 8/7c what will happen next and who will be sent home tonight on American Idol.

Completely conflicting your votes in our readers’ poll, Joey Cook and Qaasim Middleton were not in the Bottom 2. Instead Rayvon Owen and Daniel Seavey were performing for your Twitter Save votes.

American Idol 2015 Top 8 contestants:





  1. It depends on what the judges critiques are. If Harry says Qaasim is the next “GODFATHER” of soul, then Q will do in Quentin or Joey, etc.!

  2. Although I would probably never pay for his music, IMO the only one left with a chance of a career on a national level is Quentin. The others fall short for a variety of reasons from immaturity to lack of showmanship to too quirky. JMO

    • Quentin; 1)Can’t play a musical instrument 2.) sings out of key 3.) no X factor (like Qaasim)-thus no Taylor Swift type (reiterating what they are looking for).

      • The voice is a musical instrument. The dhow, afterall, is suppose to be about the vocals and stage presence. Taylor Swift can’t sing either. She’s manufactured. If you can’t sing live, you can’t sing. She sings off key and she has no range.

    • Qaasim needs to stay away from the guitar. Only two bad performances and they were with the guitar.

  3. American Idol needs to take notes from The Voice. Those singers are phenomenon. They sing and perform like professionals. On their worst day they sing much better than any of the contestants on American Idol.

    • Voice singers sing like professionals because many of them are exactly that. Voice is filled with pros looking to make a comeback or break out. Idol has always been about finding raw, undeveloped talent and making a star out of them. Very different shows. No need for one to try and do the same thing as the other.

      • Not true. Some of America IdoI’s contestants had contracts that didn’t work out, like the first AI einner, Kelly Clarkson. Some sang background for professional singers, just like some of the Voice contestants. That being said, that pretty much balance the other out as far as the singing potential on both shows, but somehow, the Voice is just bringing it better than Idol. Also, the Voice also have raw talent. The majority of the contestants never for anyone Other than family and friends brfore.

      • For as good as the majority of the contestants are on the Voice, I’ve often wonder why for the most part, these singers are hardly ever heard from again. Some of them go on tour with Blake Sheldon and some says they’ve gone on to continue making music under a record contract, but you’re right, they’re not as heard from as the A I Winners. I just enjoy the singing better on the Voice. I love the Idol auditions and the Hollywood rounds. They sound really good during those rounds, but lose me during the actual competition. But I get it, you prefer AI. Who do you think will win it?

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