American Idol Recap: Top 6 Perform As Two More Leave

The American Idol Top 6 performance show continues next with Trent Harmon singing a classic in hopes of your votes. Plus, the Bottom 3 results of the night are still ahead.

Trent Harmon, “Stand By Me.” I love that he picked this song and I love that he changed it just enough to make it seem like a song that isn’t as old as it is. Trent is the best artist this season so he can do no wrong with me. I’m just going to say that every week because it’s true. Keith thinks Trent has grown and JLo thinks he is a “badass.” Harry rambled and I drifted.

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Tristan McIntosh, “A Broken Wing.” First of all, I have to say I’m surprised she wasn’t in the bottom 3. That being said, I don’t think she’ll have the same luck next week. She’s just not as solid as those remaining. This was a really good vocal, however. I didn’t love the song, but for her, it worked. Jennifer thinks she has the perfect country voice. Harry rambled again and Keith thought it was beautiful.

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Dalton Rapattoni, “Eleanor Rigby.” I don’t get this performance. The arrangement was good but the way he sang it was weird. Like I don’t even know what to say about this. If the judges say it’s good then they’re crazy. Harry thinks it was a great choice. JLo and Keith loved it. I don’t get it. But moving on.

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So this means that Sonika Vaid, Lee Jean and Avalon Young are in the bottom three. So let’s get to their performances to see who stays.

Avalon Young, “P.Y.T.” Another smart choice for Avalon. This is definitely the kind of song that will get the judges to save her. But will they realize that it’s a fruitless effort? This is the second week in a row for her in the bottom, so will they just let her go?

Lee Jean, “Let It Be.” At first I thought “oh, he’s going to stay with this performance.” But then it just kind of stayed in the same place for the rest of the performance. While it was tender and nice, it probably wasn’t the best time to sing such a down-tempo song when you’re not a singer with a huge voice.

Sonika Vaid, “I Have Nothing.” Perfect time to pull out a great big Whitney song. That is if you can sing. And Sonika can sing. I’m not sure this is her best, but I think she’s a great singer and performer. Right now I think the judges are leaning toward Avalon.

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So who gets to join the Top 6? Let’s find out! The judges have decided to save Sonika. Lee and Avalon head home.

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