American Idol Results Tonight – Season 12 Top 3 Eliminations

American Idol judges & host

The American Idol results tonight will reveal the Top 3 eliminations and set the stage for who made it to the American Idol 2013 finale next week.

Angie Miller, Candice Glover, and Kree Harrison await the vote results to find out the audience’s decision when tonight’s results show airs at 8PM on FOX. While we don’t have any spoilers on the official results we can tell you now that things don’t look good for Kree based on several polls we’ve reviewed from the Top 3 performances on Wednesday.

No matter what happens all three singers have great potential to move on in the industry and follow their passion in music. As we’ve seen time and time again, making it to the end of the season is not a requirement for making it in the industry.

We’ll be here reporting live results from tonight’s American Idol 2013 broadcast. Watch along with us and discuss with other fans throughout the show tonight at 8PM.

American Idol – Top 3 Recap:




  1. I’ve been hoping for a Candice and Kree finale since the top 12, and I’m still hoping for one. However, Angie is an amazing singer and I knew she was going to get far when I heard her. :3
    I’m actually very happy with whoever winning out of these three. They’re all talented and they all deserve it.

  2. I want Kree and Angie to be the final two but that said, I love Candice too. I will be happy with any one of these three winning. So hard to pick a winner, actually, they are all winners.

  3. I love kree and I think angie is very good. Candice isn’t in their league. I hate how the judges and the show. Have been tilting the show in Candice favor. And just treating kree and angie ugly just so Candice can wins. I was a fan of mariah and kieth but after this.

  4. Either Angie or Kree will leave tonight because the two of them will split the vote and that means Candice stays. Simple math, darn it. : (

  5. I hope candice wins, she has great vocals and I’ve been voting for her since day 1

    • I agree Lisa. I hope Candice wins. she can sing anything. and with emotion. Kree has anice voice. But she doesn’t seem like she can sing with much emotion.

  6. kree kree kree she is the one for me…..i think the girl is amazing and has a outstanding voice just has not been given the right songs for her voice but she can sing just about anything and do it well besides all of that i think she is a beautiful person on the inside and outside she has a sadness in her eyes but i think that makes her very humble in everyway… she has worked very hard during the season trying to please the judges but sorry judges she has pleased sooo very many people in the chat i have been following evrything on her and she can count on me to support anything she puts on the market ……. goooo get em girl and goood luck with your future in the music industry..

    • Kree is good, Candace is the best singer, but Angie is the whole package. She sings, writes. and plays. She is a very easy sell for the poster people. Angie is NOT the best vocal but she will represent America very well in an overall way.

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