American Idol Predictions – Who Goes Home Tonight – Season 12 Top 3

Judges on American Idol 2013

Who will go home tonight on American Idol 2013? Let’s review your votes in our weekly poll, compare them to a few others out there, and see if we can accurately predict the Top 3 elimination for Season 12.

Angie Miller, Candice Glover, and Kree Harrison remain as the Season 12 Top 3 performers. All are amazingly talented, they wouldn’t still be here if they weren’t, but one of them will be going home.

According to our Top 3 performance poll readers are overwhelmingly supporting Candice Glover this time around. This morning she held 43% of the vote. Nearly half of all votes have gone to her so far! Wow. That’s an incredible feat with so much talent in the competition.

Holding second place in our poll is Angie Miller with 34%, just over a third of all votes. Honestly I expected this round to be Angie’s to lose considering her record of having never hit the bottom danger zone, but clearly fans were moved more strongly by Candice’s performances than Angie’s. Then again, there’s nothing at all wrong with second place out of three especially when it puts you in the finale.

Sadly for Kree Harrison and her fans we’re seeing her place third this week. With 22% of the vote she has less than a quarter of all votes and roughly half of Candice’s numbers. Song choice and delivery could be the culprit this week for Kree as we suspect she faces elimination.

How do these numbers compare to others out there? According to MJs, Candice and Angie lead with Kree in third place with 27% of the vote for their “favorite contestant” poll. Then you’ve got Rickey’s poll putting Kree in third place for popularity with 23% of the vote there. See a pattern here?

Three separate polls putting Kree Harrison in the hot seat is not encouraging for her fans. Combine that with Branden’s elimination prediction that we’ll be saying goodbye to Kree tonight and I can’t help but agree with everyone on this.

Who do you think is going home tonight on American Idol 2013?




  1. well gee what do you expect when Kree is thrown under the bus in two out of the three songs….while candace is spoon feed the taylor made songs….its things like this is why this season is such s mess..’.poor kree never had a chance……..

    • I have to agree with you Mark! It seems at first they all loved her, then all of a sudden (after they got their marching order to pull for Cancace) suddenly Kree couldn’t do anything right! Keith was on her back EVERY song. I am pulling for Kree!!!


      • These ignore the fact that all of them had to pick songs throughout the season and various contestants shined. Angie and Candice had more outstanding performances throughout the season and were more consistent. The picks given them reflect the producers nod to that — the only thing they have

    • YES! AMERICAN IDOL FIXING IT AGAIN! CANDICE DIDN’T WIN THE NIGHT ! WHAT A JOKE JIMMY! but we all keep watching the show! If Angie doesn’t make the Finale!

    • Not Even… A truly great singer can sing anything well and just because Kree (and Angie) aren’t up to that task doesn’t mean that Candice was ‘spoon fed the tailor made songs’, it just means that Candice is a far better performer. Period.

    • I agree, Kree was praised for weeks, then told she changed her way of singing, I disagree she sings the same as she did from day one, judges turn on contestants and it kind of sickening.

    • I agree with you also Mark it is so obvious that the producers & judges of A1 don’t want Kree to win but hey there are a lot more votes out there then whats on here so my fingers are crossed & I hope America didn’t listen to them. I didn’t even watch Candices last performance because I knew what the judges were going to say makes me sick I’m not saying she’s not talented because she most certainly is but I hate favortizm from the judges when they are there to judge not pick their favorite & then tell America to vote for her!!

  2. I agree with all of the polls, and I agree with the previous comment. These young women are all so talented (best I have ever seen on Idol) and they will all have amazing careers. The judges basically gave it to Candice last night and I do not agree that she is the best. The other two contestants have amazing voices and play an instrument. Many things to take into consideration. But as I have said many times on this site, it is all a matter of taste.

  3. Well poplar last week, Amber was dominating in the polls and then got sent home.

    I think the same will happen to Candice. She’s great but way too overhyped. People don’t like that.

  4. I remember Candice last year singing ‘It Dosen’ t Matter Anymore with Jessica and DeAndrea, and I wondered why they sent her home, her voice is amazing.
    Tonight I think Angee’s going home.

  5. at this point it really doesn’t matter. all three girls are exceptionally talented. their styles are all completely different, so that one is not necessarily better than the other. all three will make it in the music biz. they’re certainly better than some of the judges!!

  6. Idol in now a numbers game. Here’s how it will go down.

    Candace got Ambers votes since she got eliminated. This week Cancade will have the most votes.

    Angie will be second The will eliminate Kree.

    Kree’s votes will go to Angie and SHE will win.

    The Demographic are Midwestern teens & women.

    Angie Miller will be American Idol.

    • No, it doesn’t and shouldn’t. Who gives a flying you know what who weighs what and who looks the best. What should matter is their voice, period. That someone is judged on anything other than that is disgusting and says something really sad about people. Of course this is just my opinion but really….

  7. Taken from another site:

    How the season should end….

    Ryan calls up the 4 judges plus producers Nigel and Ken to go onstage and then Donald Trump walks out and tells them “You’re ALL Fired !”.

  8. I agree kree got the shaft and when is it ok for a judge to name a person to vote for first jimmy gives kree a lousy song and the first choice of the show gets a full orchestra keith should say hes sorry to angie and kree. For naming who he wants you to vote for and I thought it was our choice

  9. I think this is the only poll I’ve seen that Candice is winning. Most of the polls I’ve been reading Angie is winning.

    • I think the contest is going to Angies head. I won’t be surprised to see her go home tonight.

  10. I really wanted Janelle to win, I thought she was the best country singer. The top tree are so close in talent, I can see anyone of them as the AM idol

  11. I didn’t notice this last night, but on one of the clips (somewhere on american idol net) it shows Angie behind the piano but not playing during her last song. Her hands were not on the keys. It looked like she was using the piano as a prop–at least part of the time, anyway. She’s getting good comments about being in her comfort zone at the piano, but she’s not playing! Did anyone else notice that? I wish I had seen that before I voted.

    • After I commented here, I went back to try to find the clip that prompted the comment. Since I have not, so far, been able to locate it, I TAKE BACK THE ABOVE COMMENT and apologize. Without proof, it means nothing.

  12. Probably Kree. What ever happens they are all winners in my book!! Wonderful talent this year with all the ladies!!

    Big problem with the judges, especially Nicki!! She has to go!! She made the show about her, and worried about their cloths, instead of focussing on their voices!! Nicki it’s not about you, its about the contestants!!! Most people I know including me, will not be watching next year if she stays on!!!

    By the way, why the talk, about removing Mariah? She was a lady even though Nicki was very rude to her on almost every show!!? Keep Mariah, she’s. very knowledgable in the music industry!!

  13. This has been The worst year of Idol if you ask me. Out of 100000 + auditions all the guys were average singers. All not terribly good looking and that would curb the female younger voters. They went in wanting a girl to win and that is exactly where it went. Then they wouldn’t use their save for one of them. Leaving all the girls in the top. Praising Candice and Kree the whole time. All of a sudden, Candice is too churchy and Kree can do nothing right. They picked her crap songs last night and fed Angie songs for her piano. Seriously? I am so disgusted I have no wonder as to why the Voice is the number one show. I have been a die hard fan of Idol but this one is so fixed I can’t believe it.

  14. Of course Kree w ill have to go, given the song choices given her last night. She has never been in the judges favor. Candice has and will win this year as planned from the beginning. I know it doesn’t matter but I’m finished with AI.

  15. Candice, winner of AI. Love her voice. Kree second place. Angie goes home tonight. She is highly overrated. Her voice is not as good as Candice and Kree’s voice. AI needs to get rid of Nicki. Keith and Mariah should stay and Randy needs to say farewell this year. The production crew need to get a new judge in place of Randy.AI needs to make changes for next year, if they still want to be back or The Voice will definitely eat them for breakfast.

  16. This season was so manipulated it was sick. Candice can sing but the truly beautiful voice is Kree. Give me a break the songs that were selected last night for Kree were sung by bands. And do you think it was fate that Candice closed the show with the best known belting type of song. I think they wanted another Jennifer Hudson because when she was eliminated except the tour she was out of the clutches of American Idol and went on be very successful. I think they want that out of Candice. Angie can’t sing, plus she is phoney as they come. You have to ask yourself, would you go buy her album. I don’t think so. Just my irritated two cents

  17. I was able to vote on line last night, but it would not let me vote via the phone system. The lines were busy every time I tried. The music that they picked for Candace makes it so obvious who the judges and show executives want to win this year.

  18. I agree with Mark Pantano, Kree was thrown under the bus with the song choices and Candice was spoon fed the taylor made songs so she could shine…come on…..The judges are suppose to help the contestants but all they do is confuse them. Keith Urban loved Kree at first, now she cannot do anything right. That is unlesss she is singing the judges pick song. This show is not fair. Go Kree. Did you see the judges faces when Kree was in the final two..How sad is this show getting.

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