American Idol Elimination – Season 12 Top 3 Results

American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest

Breaking News! Randy Jackson has quit American Idol – details here!

Dim the lights, it’s time for results. Tonight on American Idol the elimination of either Angie Miller, Candice Glover, or Kree Harrison will take us just one step away from the season 12 finale where we’ll find out who won American Idol 2013.

Along with the elimination results we’ll be treated to guest performance by Alicia Keys and Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina. Alaina will be performing her new single “Barefoot and Buckwild.”

Now stick with us as we live recap tonight’s show and find out who will be part of the year’s Top 2 finalists. Will our predictions turn out right? Time to find out!

American Idol Season 12 Top 3 Elimination:

Eliminated singer: Angie Miller!

Whoa whoa whoa! I did NOT see this coming! Whoa!

American Idol Top 2 results

Top 2 Finalists:

  • Candice Glover
  • Kree Harrison

What do you think of the results? Did America get the votes right?




  1. The 3 girls are great singers but I believe it’s between Candice and Angie. Agree?

  2. I am really mad that Candice made it. The best two are Angie an Kree by far! America gets it wrong once again!

  3. All of them 3 are great. I’m so sad for Angie because I really want to hear her original song from the finale. With kree 🙁

    • I am sure you will hear many original songs from Angie. She will have a very successful career, possibly bigger than the winner. The judges wante Candice from the beginning, perhaps next year the show will be more honest since their ratings have plumented.

  4. Yes! America got it right! Been voting for Kree since the start and I always pick the winner from day 1 of the show.

  5. Dear America,
    What a bunch of losers you all are. You completely screwed Angie. She is a star- she is by far the best on that show, and she was robbed a chance to become the next American Idol. How dare you. Sorry that you buy everything that the judges say- pimping up Candice… I am over that! I am never watching this show again, and I will only watch the finale if Kree wins. She is more than deserving. Angie should have won. You fools.
    Pissed Off and feeling sad for Angie<3

  6. Looks like AI Producer has got their wish come true .. Candice should be the “elected” AI 2013 …

  7. Stop hating on Candice. No matter how much you hate, you can’t change the fact that she is in the finale. She is in the finale because her talent is undeniable. And kree’s as well. They both deserved to be in the Top 2. Candice will win and she DESERVES it.

  8. I’m shocked, totally shocked that Angie isn’t in the finale. She wasn’t my favorite but I really thought she had a chance to win it all. As I sit here and write this, totally shocked doesn’t cover it. Flabbergasted, dumbfounded, astonished, you get the picture.

  9. Cannot believe Angie didn’t make the finale. In my opinion, they should do like The X Factor and have three in the finale.

  10. Candice should have gone. True colours revealed last week when she dissed Kree when she was announced finalist over Amber and had a face like a cold fish thereafter.

    • A cold face comes on when you are at a loss for worlds. Candice is very humble, I remember someone posting Scotty smiled when someone was sent home too. Scotty IMO is the best country singer that came from AI.

      • Candice is my fave but that put me off her a little bit. As Kree joined the semi finalists she kind of dissed her and that was a shame.

      • What was a shame was Angie getting voted off because of pity votes. Me thinks you are a Kree fan. I’m voting for the best, Candice.

      • what pity votes do you have evidence? or you just want it to be the case? Kree’s performance was outstanding.

      • She did have people kind of feeling sorry for her.think what you want.
        As for Lambert I don’t listen to him. I like Scotty, Phillip, Haley and Casey. Melinda was great too and I believe Angie will go far.

      • you mean you think people felt sorry for her? I missed the video home bit and saw her performance which was stunning. I then watched her video and just loved her and understood her magical connection to the lyric. For me Adam Lambert is the finest performer on any talent show.Saw him up close and personal in a small venue in Glasgow and was so privileged that he visited my town.

  11. I thought Angie put more into her performances than Kree. Kree seemed uninterested most of the time. But Candace is and has always been the front runner. she is really good. sorry to see Randy go, I think Nikki screwed up this whole season single handed..bad choice. I do think Keith had good advice. Randy is out of words except” in it to win it”..getting old..but will be missed.

  12. Kree does deserve it as much as angie did, re,member Chris Daughtery was eliminated at 4th…he should never had been eliminated but he is a Star now and angie is already there..she will be amazing..Randy Don’t leave and Keep Keith….stay stay stay, don’t leaveUS

  13. Conick Jr, Adam Lambert, Paula Abdul, Simon or the blonde who was on when Adam was on the show as judges. This lot of judges were biased in favour of Amber and Candice.

  14. All I know is that if Candice does not win, I will never watch that show again. Candice has a beautiful and wonderful voice. Kree’s voice is normal. I can even sing better than her. Please.

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