American Idol Results Show Tonight: Top 2 Revealed Live

The American Idol results tonight will make the season’s Top 2 finalists official when Ryan Seacrest dims the lights and reveals America’s votes. These results will decide who goes on to the season finale starting Tuesday next week on FOX.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

* UPDATE: Click to find out who went home on American Idol tonight in our full recap from the Top 3 elimination results show! 

We’ll get the Top 3 elimination results tonight beginning at 9PM ET/PT on FOX but unlike recent weeks, this will be a full one-hour results show. On top the of the exciting news of who made it to the American Idol finale, we’ll also get to see Scotty McCreery back on the Idol stage!

Be sure to vote in our weekly “who was the best” poll and re-watch all of their performances as we wait to find out who moves on to the coveted Final Two in the last week of the American Idol 2014 competition!

Join us tonight during the show for our live recap and to discuss the performances with other fans in our Idol chat room!

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  1. Why bother watching? JENA was selected to win a long time ago. It’s a waste of time.

    • yeah, should not waste time. not America’s vote but, just American Idol producers’ choice.

    • I don’t get this conspiracy theory. Why would producers want anyone other than the viewers’ most popular pick to be the winner? The point is to produce a music star that sells records and in turn promotes the show and makes them money. Producers want the most popular contestant to win so why would they override actual votes like you’re suggesting? What’s their angle in your conspiracy theory?

      • There is no conspiracy theory. just haters complaining. it should be Jena and Caleb in finals. They consistently turned heads all year. Some people like Alex but that is not my kind of music. Not enough entertainment coming from artist during his songs. he does have a good voice though. Poor guy looks like Lyle Lovett! What a curse.

      • I generally don’t like the kind of music any one of the top 3 sings, but I must say, I surprisingly enjoyed some of Alex’s stuff. I am actually going to purchase one or two of his songs. Julie hit the nail on the head; she has made clear something I’ve been feeling for a good while: performance wise Caleb and Jena are much bolder, but Alex will DEFINITELY sell more songs! When you want to SEE an exciting performance, you go to the two finalists, but when you want to HEAR good and stimulating music, original, creative, and creatively arranged, ALEX. I’m definitely going to keep my ears open for his music. The first one to stimulate me to this point in American Idol history.

      • There’s TV show popularity, and then there’s selling records. I think this year is a classic example of that. Caleb is good for TV, but Alex would sell more records.

    • Next Weds. get out the Kool-Aid and Pop corn and watch the confetti fall on Jena’s head! LOL

  2. All-in-all, Per Blankens and his crew need to be sent packing tonight. I really think the top brass at Fox needs to re-think the ‘executive crew’ of American Idol.

    What could have been a big comeback year for Idol this season has been lackluster. Too many issues with the current format for me to want Per Blankens at the helm for a Season 14. E.g., the comment quality of the judges has been some of the best we’ve seen in ages—yet, its all over-shadowed with antics, screams from the audience, ear-touching, and other gimmicks. Also, the ruse with week 5, asking the idols to vote on their own fate—dumb, dumb, dumb… maybe that works in Sweden, with Swedish viewers, but not here – we value our perceived voting rights, and that pretty well summed up many viewers’ opinion that the Vote really is not all its cracked up to be.

    Time for Per’s light to be turned off.

  3. I have loved everything Alex has done. His renditions are the only songs I have downloaded this year.

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