Who Is Going Home Tonight On American Idol? 5/15/2014

The American Idol 2014 Top 3 have made their hometown visits and they’ve performed their final songs before the finale, so the only thing left is for one more person to go to give us the final two. So who will go and who will go on to the finale? It’s not easy to say.

American Idol 2014 Top 3

* UPDATE: Click to find out who went home on American Idol tonight in our full recap from the Top 3 elimination results show! 

In fact, this is the most unsure I’ve ever been of who will be in the finale. I have never been more unsure of a who is going home post either. This is tough. But let me give it a shot.

Who will go home tonight on American Idol 2014?

Possibly the Final Two

Jena Irene and Alex Preston. I think saying Jena and Caleb is too predictable. And this season has been anything but predictable. And after Alex’s solid night last night, I think he might just squeak into the finale. Will he win over Jena if that’s the case? No. She will win.

Probably Going Home

Caleb Johnson. I think I’m wrong here. It’s probably Alex going home, but I have a gut feeling about this. What if Jena goes home and the final two are Alex and Caleb? That would throw everyone for a loop wouldn’t it? Oh well, if I’m wrong I’m wrong. This is what I’m sticking with.

Who do you think will make it into the American Idol 2014 finale?





  1. I think you’re wrong on this prediction, I think the finale is going to be Jena and Caleb. Alex has been the only one out of the 3 of them closet to going home before.. I know Caleb had to struggle with his vocals but he still killed it. That was impressive, that’s a real star and Jena I think is safe as usual. They all 3 need to be signed, they are amazing. Can we just crown them all? lol 🙂

    • Jena was in the Bottom 3 back when we had twelve finalists. Alex and Caleb have NEVER been in the bottom tier.

      • Alex was just in the bottom with Jessica and has been before. I do not recall Jena ever being in the bottom before. Even if Jena was in the bottom at top 12 that was awhile ago. I would think more recent results would matter most. Guess we will find out tonight! Go Caleb!

      • No, he wasn’t in the bottom two, ever. AI only announced who was “safe”, and they announced the safe people one by one, but not in the order of how many votes they got. They don’t do that. They say “bottom two” when it is bottom two. They didn’t say that when Jessica fell short on votes. One of them got the least votes, that’s all. On the other three, they did not indicate any amount of votes. I would not be surprised if Alex got the most votes, but they don’t want you to know that. 😉

      • Well technically Jena was not just in the bottom before, but was voted out by America back at Top 10/13. The Judges brought her back in to the comp after viewers sent her home that week.

      • That’s right, people keep forgetting that. She would be home sobbing if it wasn’t for the wild card. Let’s do the right thing and send her home now !!

      • You don’t know that for sure. They needed 13 contestants for the live show. If the audience was picking the top 6 or 7 girls for the live show rather than the top 5, then Jena may have made the cut anyway.

      • No, we do know that for sure. Viewers voted on Top 5 guys & girls. Jena was definitely a wild card, there’s no uncertainty in that. And there’s nothing wrong with that either.

      • Not every year but this year AI had the alternates. Clay Aiken was the top alternate until now-after Jena wins!

      • Actually they never said it was the bottom two they just announced that those were the top 3 and Jessica was going home. For all we know Alex had the most votes.

      • Except that Jena was clearly better than Alex in Round 1 and Round 3. Alex only out-performed her in round 2. It’s been that way for Alex all season – 1 step forward and 2 steps back, while Jena has been consistently dynamic and entertaining.

      • I disagree. I do like Jena, though, and I think she and Alex would make a good top two.

      • I agree with you. She seriously needs speech therapy. I can’t stand to hear her. She does not enunciate her words. It is so annoying!

      • Go away lady. Looks to me like u r the one who has marbles in her mouth! Look at those cheeks.

      • I’m surprised that people are making so many rude comments, all 3 of them are extremely talented. We should just be voting for who we love and wishing all of them good luck. Shame on some of you people on here.

      • Jeez can you stop about that. I don’t care what you say about her and you definitely can hear what she sings. So spare me the excuses for her screaming or singing with marbles. I don’t bad mouth your Alex or Caleb I think they’re all talented.

      • I know, its’ hard to believe that the voters got it wrong initially. At least they’re making up for it now.

      • Frankly half the people who made it in the top 10 weren’t great anyways. Even if she was a wildcard, the fact shes still here shows America that they underestimated her.

    • I agree Caleb and Jena in the final .Caleb should win he has never been in the bottom and is Amazing every week

    • Um, not really. Jena didn’t make the cut after the fist vote. judges had to save her.

    • Actually Jena is the only one who has been close to going home before…Alex has never been in the bottom and neither has Caleb…Jena was also a wildcard pic by the judges..she was sent packing once already.

      • You see, that’s what I thought which is why I said Alex has been in the bottom but everyone is arguing it.

      • No, he wasn’t. I just double checked the results. Last week there was no Bottom 2. Ryan just revealed the Top 3 which after 2 reveals left 2 people, but it was not dubbed “Bottom 2” and no indication was given that Caleb & Jena were not in the week’s Bottom. It could have been any of the 3 in there with Jessica. We don’t know.

      • True, I thought he was in the bottom because it makes sense to think that the last person standing with the person going home is considered as the “bottom tier” which is why I think some people like myself think he was in the bottom.

      • Absolutely. 😉 Tricky, the way it comes off to people when they first do a “bottom two”, then the next time, they almost imply bottom two, when one of them may have even gotten the most votes of any (like Alex). He is my choice to win.

      • He was never in the bottom, they never said he was in the bottom,.. some one else was.

      • Alex has never been in the bottom two, he wasn’t last week. They never said he was.

  2. ALEX had the best night. I’ve been max voting him the entire season; if he goes home, I don’t understand America (I never really have, though).
    Jena was not that impressive yesterday, but I have a strong feeling that Caleb is most likely to leave, unless too many people play the sympathy vote for him. My only question for that would be: why?
    To summarize: Caleb is finished, Jena’s okay, ALEX FOR THE WIN.

      • I do agree!! Caleb is a great rock singer but there are a lot of good rock singers out there still. I think Alex is the best only because he is the most original & talented singer and player left. Alex is already on the radio I heard him on 101.1 this morning. What dose that tell you !!

  3. What if they do another twist and have a three way final? I wouldn’t put it past Idol to do that.

  4. This will be a very interesting night ..im routing for a jena caleb finale …but jena is the only one who has been in the bottom! So we will finally c after all these weeks if she managed to get the fan base needed to win! The night was mixed with caleb being really bad on his first two jena having issues too and alex being the best alround but with jena slaying the last round ..so its very very mixed i also have no idea! If it were 3 or 4 years ago id say jena has left because it was like a taboo if u were in the bottom once u can never win lol but things are different now and so really hope jena stays

  5. Caleb has the best rock voice yet, however Jena and Caleb are rockers, and Alex is not. Alex is what we hear on the radio. Jena has earned her place on the final 2. In all these years of American Idol, I have bought several cds. Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Elliot Yamin. NONE winners. Okay, I lied. David Cook I bought too. In this season, I would only buy Calebs’ album. So does it matter who wins?

      • I agree. I like the guys better than Jena, but really only Alex and Jena are marketable right NOW. Caleb would need some work. Obviously he has an amazing voice, but it would have to be tweaked to remove the hairband sound. They also need to work on his “look”. I get it that Alex isn’t a heartthrob either, but he’s got the quirky thing down and it works for him.

      • If Alex’s style of sleep inducing music is “more marketable” … what does that say about the general state of music today?

      • Alex may be marketable, but to me, he often sounds like the person who originally sang the song he’s singing and needs a lot of work with performing/working the stage…. while Caleb has his own sound and good performance skill. Jena…well, most of the songs she sings, I just don’t like how she does them, and her vocals are too gutteral with too little variation and tone. They all have their places though….Alex is more pop….Jena, I keep seeing on Disney Channel or something..

      • She didn’t do a good job on Demi Lovato last night. I though Alex’s take on Rhianna was very good. Caleb is always good…my concern is the Old School Rock doesn’t seem to have a market right now. I could be wrong. I think Jena needs a few more years under her belt.

  6. Even if JENA gets the lowest vote count, they won’t send her home. She is the show (JLo) selected winner this year.
    The only question is whether Caleb or Alex will lose to her in the finale.

  7. Jena had two horrible songs last night, didn’t like her at all except a little of her last song. Caleb is usually very good, if you like rock, but his voice not so too good last night again except in his last song.. I think out of all three Alex is the most talented, love the way he changes up the songs, he’s a talented song writer, musician and performer. A lot of people out there will not by a record by Caleb or Jena unless you are a rocker, both he and Jena don’t sing anything but other peoples song. Alex will go far on his own . My vote is for Alex, all the way

    • What r u talking about? Jena does write and sing her own songs! She performed her original “Unbreakable Me” on the show and I’m sure had she had the opportunity she would have done more!

      • I wish at this stage of the competition they would let the contestants choose their own songs. A lot of the choices that are made for them are not suited for them and none of them should be criticized for singing a song that they had no choice in. As a long time musician I admire the control and emotion that Jena consistently puts into her vocals. In the long run I see that Jena has the best future marketability and longevity
        of the three.

    • I hope for an Alex/Jena finale. Although I’m not a Jena fan, she would make for the best idol. Alex is so unique and would probably want to take time with his record so I think he is better off in 2nd place. I think he gets a record deal for SURE regardless of how he finishes. His iTunes sales alone shows record companies he can sell.

  8. Caleb is the overall best singer and performer. His throat issues are not exactly new. He’s had issues for a few weeks thanks to a round of bronchitus a few weeks ago….During the weekend home, he did a mini concert in the afternoon and a full length one in the evening…..then it was back to LA to learn three new songs and do dress rehearsals and recording them for itunes. The thing about him though, is in spite of it all, he kept on going..as they said, the show must go on.

    As to Alex and Jena…Alex’s first song lacked the proper energy for Pompeii…when you hear the original song, it’s about being optimistic even when the world is literally coming down around you. His second song was best, and his third was ok. Jena, her last one was good…ironically, that’s the song Caleb chose for her a while back when they chose for each other! But there is something that just generally does not agree with my ears about her voice…..it’s too gutteral? Maybe she’s just too ‘perky’ and Disney star like…..I’d rather see Alex and Caleb in the finals…with Caleb winning…but alas! I’m biased! I’m in Asheville and was actually at his mini concert Saturday where he pulled out all the stops! He’s even better live than on TV!

    In the end though, I suspect that all three will have their careers in music if they so choose. Caleb has made a lot of industry contacts and has a lot of fans, including other rockers…and often, it’s not necessarily the final winner that makes it big in the long run.

    • Jena sings with a more closed throat to get the unusual sound some people like. But it hinders her diction a lot, especially in the lower register. It’s interesting to me that the judges, who have clearly favored her, have never noted these issues.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed this. My oldest daughter is a singer with a similar range and a lot of power….Jena has sung a number of song my daughter, Kaja, has been singing for years and the way Jena sings them just rubs me the wrong way….I guess I’m used to more belting and control, clearer enunciation and clearer tone.

      • … and your oldest daughter ISN’T on American Idol… ok, I see where this is going.

        I seem to recall Jessica in group week having to deal with similar issues.

  9. Caleb and Alex in the finale. Jena was good but her tongue, really people? Did you understand a word she sang? Clearly she is garbled and mumbles. Why do people continuously vote for her garbled voice? She has a pleasant sound, but, that’s all it is. There are no distinctive words. She went flat with her rendition of Titanium which at first sounded like tin foil with a side of marbles. :/ If Jena wins it all, she won’t get any financial support from my family via music sales. 😛

    • Doesn’t help that the judges have NEVER pointed it out. That and the fact that she has no lower register.

      • Actually, one of the judges did point out that the beginning of the song “Titanium” was flat. But, once she got through that the rest of her song was great. And that is how I saw the performance as well.

  10. Since Alex made it this far, it means he has a very solid following. I think Caleb is going home too and I believe it is Alex who is going to be this Season’s Big Winner.

  11. why do you all say rock is gone…just because its not on the mainstream radio(which sucks btw) doesn’t mean it is gone There are plenty of people out there that still love rock I hate the stuff on the main stream radio today It plain sucks but believe there is an audience out there for rock more people then u people realize So saying he wont sell today is like saying all the people out there doing rock are wrong? linkinpark, shinedown, godsmack, seether , gosh i could go on and on bottome line is that music is alot better then mainstream open your eyes really dumb to say it is gone and Go caleb!!!

    • Totally agree. Caleb is the best performer/singer out of all three of them. Gena has so much vibrato and wavers over so many notes at once its difficult to understand her. And her genre is in the rock department (she sang a Heart song) so to single Caleb out for being an irrelevant rocker makes no sense. The majority of what is on today’s radio is garbage. It’s all the same…so isn’t want Caleb’s doing by today’s standards of music unique?? His tone and resonance is fantastic. I will buy whatever he puts out. Bring back real rock & roll and soul!! Caleb rocks!!

    • as danny and the juniors sang all those many years ago, “rock and roll is here to stay. it will never die.” as the who sang all those many years ago “long live rock”, and as the stones sang all those many years ago, “I know it’s only rock and roll but I like it, like it, yes I do.”

  12. I hope Alex takes it. Caleb is good but can slide right in to any 80’s cover band. Jena is obviously good but DOES sing like she has a mouth full of marbles (thats funny whoever wrote that) Alex is unique, talented and humble compared to the other two show offs. Hope he surprises the Caleb and Jena fans and wins or at least makes it to the finale. Good luck Alex!

  13. I am a true alex fan from the beginning! He truly is the most talented one there!! They all have talent don’t get me wrong but alex sings amazing every time his voice is pure magic!!!last night alex sang all 3 songs amazing loved the first one beating on the drums loved it!!!! Alex was Absolutely the best of the night and I really hope America will vote for talent not jumping around on stage!! Jena I’m sorry to say I couldn’t understand a word she sang on the first two songs,when she goes to the higher notes she gets better but when she sings low I think she sounds terrible! But she can work on that!! Caleb I can’t stand it’s the same screaming voice every time he sings!! He is to karaoke for me! Alex has the true talent he is the true artist/musician!!! He deserves to make the final 2!!!!

    • yawn…

      Hey there Antonia
      What’s it like in Nirvania
      You’re a thousand miles off target
      But golly, today your so full of it
      Yes its true..
      Alex Preston can’t sing as well as you embellish
      I swear its not just you…

      Oooh, get back to your latte
      Oooh, get back to your latte
      Oooh, get back to your latte
      Oooh, get back to your latte
      ..get back to your latte

      • I wanted to make light of all who think Alex is just this artistic super genius.

        There are some things Alex does well; I would not put him on such a pedestal, though, as many of his fans do.

      • I just don’t get him and haven’t since the beginning. I think he has the talent of a paper clip.

      • I believe you’ve already compared him to a paper-clip….you need new material!

      • As opposed to the pedestal you put yourself on when you comment as if your opinion is the only one that matters?

      • My opinion is worth its weight in gold.

        > Watch out.
        > Don’t turn around..!!
        > You’ll run into my ego and have to go to the E.R.

  14. Alex has never been in the bottom!!! And if you look at the graphs Caleb and Jena came very close to going home!

  15. And it was kind of BS that Caleb got so much attention for being sick or whatever. Anyone can have an off night or not be feeling 100%. Not cool for Jena and Alex. I feel like it gave him a free pass for a poor performance. At least he was not as loud and annoying as usual. :-/

    • Especially given the fact that Alex is also sick:

      Alex Preston ‏@RealAlexPreston 41m

      Oh yeah. I also have bronchitis. I am on 2 anti biotics and lung steroids. But I tried my best. Didn’t wanna say anything.

  16. They are all very talented, but Jena should win. She’s an incredible vocalist, has great stage presence and is fearless. Love her or hate her, you are captivated by her when she is performing. And in spite of the hyperbole of a few people here, you can understand every word she sings. To think that she is only 17 – she has a very bright future ahead of her. Alex is very creative but there is very little depth or breadth to what he does. I don’t know if I could sit through a full concert of his. Caleb has a fantastic voice and I really enjoy his performances, but he hasn’t shown the diversity that Jena has. I think he will finish second.

    • I don’t love or have Jena, not does she captivate me. I’m done with her lower register warbling and high register vibrato. Over singing!

  17. It’s been Caleb and Jena the last month and both deserve to be battling each other in the finale! Alex did my favorite-Bastille: Pompeii though.

  18. Alex WILL win this year. He is the wgwg and has never been in the bottom so it’s obvious that’s where the votes have been going. Who goes home tonight is anyone’s guess.

  19. I am tired of American Idols being young like 16 or 17 winning and American idols that are boring.

  20. Jena didnt do so well until she sang with Caleb and he brought something out of her its like he pushed her when she was singing with him.. Its like she should be thankful for Caleb. He has been doing this for a while. Hes plenty talented go check out Elijah Hooker’s music which is his band. Awesome stuff.

  21. Alex and Caleb are the only two never in the bottom two. Several polling sites had Caleb just above Jessica last week and AI deliberately just called safe and not a bottom two.

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