American Idol 13 – ‘Best Of’ Top 3 Performances [VIDEOS]

Last night on American Idol Season 13, the Top 3 finalist each performed three songs in one last effort to make it on to the big finale next week, but which song picks were their standouts? Let’s go through our favorites of the night for each artist.

American Idol 2014 Top 3 finalists
American Idol 2014 Top 3 finalists – Source: FOX

Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, and Jena Irene each gave American Idol viewers three reasons to vote for them with songs picked by the judges, Randy Jackson, and their hometowns. So which performances were the best for each of them? Here’s our breakdown on the Top 3’s “Best Of” performances from last night.

Alex Preston – “Stay”:

Great song choice by the Judges for Alex as it worked perfectly with his style. This could have only gone better for him if it had been his final appearance of the night, but with online voting open throughout the shows now that might not be as much of a factor as it used to.

Caleb Johnson – “Dazed and Confused”:

Reprising his earlier great performance from the season Caleb killed it just as we’d expect. His voice may have been hurt, but he didn’t let that slow him down. It was just what he needed to close out the night in a strong position.

Jena Irene – “Creep”:

This was a no brainer of a pick for Jena Irene’s encore performance to remind her fans why she’s made it this far in the competition. Great way to close out the night for Jena Irene.

What’s your “Best Of” list for last night’s Top 3 performances? Share yours!

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