American Idol 2014 Elimination Results Recap: Top 2 Revealed! 5/15/2014

When the American Idol results tonight are over, we’ll finally be down to the last two finalists for season 13! No matter who got voted off in our American Idol recap tonight, it’s going to be a bittersweet evening. Two singers will have the glory of going to the finale, but one finalist will have to go home in the terrible 3rd place spot in our live American Idol 2014 elimination results tonight!

American Idol 2014 Top 3

We went a bit out of the box with our prediction on who got voted off American Idol tonight. Most seem to think it will probably be Alex Preston’s last night on the show, and rocker Caleb Johnson and Wild Card Jene Irene Ascuitto will be going to the American Idol 2014 finale. We don’t think anything at all is guaranteed until those final voting results tonight are announced!

We’ve had shocking eliminations before in the American Idol Top 3 results. Kimberly Locke lost out to Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, even with a huge fan base behind her. Elliot Yamin came in third behind Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks when many thought he would go to the finale. Melinda Doolittle lost out to Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks. Haley Reinhart was beaten by Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery despite her rabid fans. And let’s not forget Angie Miller, who cane in third behind Kree Harrison and Candice Glover, even though she was a favorite to win for a large part of last season.

So who got kicked off American Idol tonight and won’t be making it to the finale this time around? We’ll have the live American Idol 2014 results for you right here below as they happen starting right now!

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And here we go! It’s time to find out who will be going to the the final two on American Idol 2014!

Of course, we kick off tonight with a bit about how it’s the all important final elimination before the finale next week. Review the performances from last night, introduce the American Idol judges and Top 3 Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, and Jena Irene Ascuitto. Oh, and host Ryan Seacrest’s adorable new puppy Georgia!

Next up, of course, we’ll have lots of fluff to deal with before we get to the results tonight. First off, we have to watch the American Idol Top 3 shove down burgers while talking about what happened last night. Including Jena’s awesome “Creep” performance, Caleb’s mic slamming, and Alex’s awesome drumming while he was singing for the first time.

Moving on, after the commercial break, we’ll have Jena Irene’s hometown visit! Well, after the commercial break and then the Ford commercial disguised as show content while the Top 3 sing to their ‘coronation’ singles in their cars. The singles will actually be be online tonight following the show! Here are the songs:

“I Love This Feeling” by Alex Preston
“We Are One” by Jena Irene
“As Long As You Love Me” by Caleb Johnson

Jena Irene has an emotional visit home, reuniting with friends and family, visiting the restaurant where she used to work, and giving a concert for a huge crowd of fans. Check out the photos below!

Jena finds out she is going to perform with Paramore on the American Idol finale next week. How cool is that?

Another commercial break and we have a bit about the American Idol Live tour, then a visit with former finalists Elliot Yamin and Danny Gokey. Danny is expecting his second child, he is getting back to his music career, and he started an awesome charity for the homeless. Elliot says he has been “living the dream and making music” and has his third album out and has been working on his fourth.

Which is a great lead-in for the guest performance tonight from former American Idol winner Scotty McCreery with his single “Feelin’ It”! Not loving it so much over here, but not a big country fan either.

Hilariously, after Scotty performs and JLo gives him a big kiss on the cheek, Ryan Seacrest makes some joke about how Jennifer Lopez “likes younger guys” when talking to Scotty. We swear JLo just about fell out of her chair with that snarky little reference to her relationship with boy toy Casper Smart, who is like half her age!

Now we have Alex Preston’s hometown visit and his family is so sweet and adorable! Alex gives some radio interviews, visits with his lovely family and friends, and then gives an awesome concert for over 6,000 fans!

Alex Preston learns he will duet with… Jason Mraz on the American Idol finale next week. That’s awesome for him, he adores Jason!

Last up, we have Caleb Johnson’s hometown visit! He drops in on the kids at the Rock Academy, visits his family, stops by the famous Biltmore Estate and then rocks it out in a massive concert!

Caleb Johnson is stoked to find out he will be singing with KISS next week on the American Idol finale! WHAT! Wow, now that is crazy awesome! Caleb is freaking out!

Finally, after more commercials, it is time for the results to be announced! Host Ryan Seacrest brings all three finalists up to the front of the stage to learn their fates. He announces the first person through to next week is… Jena Irene!

The second person who will be competing in the American Idol 2014 finale is…

Caleb Johnson!

That means Alex Preston is going home tonight. We’ll miss you Alex. Watch Alex sing his farewell original song “Fairy Tale” below to close out his run on American Idol 2014!

Be sure to join us here again next week for our American Idol season 13 finale recaps!

American Idol Results Tonight:

Jena Irene
Caleb Johnson

Who got voted off American Idol tonight from the Top 3: 
Alex Preston




    • Same Here… He’s easily the only remotely interesting contestant left, but as much as I’d like to see Miss Speech-Impediment leave tonight along with Mr I Need A Bath/Shampoo… Alex is most likely leaving tonight.

      • Sadly, I think so too. 🙁 He deserves to win so much I think, but I don’t see it ever happening.

      • Admittedly… Alex’s stage presence is absolutely abysmal, but his studio recodings are easily the best of the season.

      • Oh :(( its too bad how it turned out! Now I don’t even want to watch the finale.

  1. If Jena wins I am through with AI. So many lousy judges and mediocre singers who have beaten out really superb performers make continuing to watch masochistic. Just think Adam Lambert losing to What Was His Name? Lambert was as talented and great a performer as most on that show ever, and he was booted. Caleb is the real deal. Boot him and I am gone to the Voice forever.

    • Adam was a true original. Caleb losing would not approach Adam’s loss to Kris.

      • Nope… but I simply can’t stand listening to that weird (seemingly forced) ‘speech impediment’ of Jena’s… It’s beyond comprehension as to why she hasn’t been called out for the bizarre way she enunciates… So Unpleasant To Listen To.

      • Very odd voice like she has her mouth full of marbles or something. Truly annoying.

    • I agree with you 100%! I was saying last night I am not wasting any more time watching AI if all they do is re-hash the same noisy trash each season, while the real talent goes out the door!

  2. I really wish it was Jena now I have to mute my TV when she comes on darn Pretty girl terrible singer

    • Reason for that is Jlo’s run up on stage to kiss Jena. She swayed the undecided voters !!!

  3. All Jena can do is growl and scream. How is that talent? And how is that singing? The only reason why she’s made it this far in the competition is because the judges have been shoving her down everyone’s throats and giving her the most praise when let’s face it, she was no better than half the people who didn’t even make it to Hollywood. There’s a reason why America hadn’t voted her on the top 20. Ugh, such a waste of time. Alex is the true artist of this whole season, and that’s overlooked because of his lack of show-boating.

    • Why on earth would they shove Jena down our throats if all she can do is “growl and scream”. That would make no sense at all. She deserves to be in the finale. Wouldn’t have been upset if Alex made it as well, but I still think it will be an entertaining show with Caleb.

      • And Caleb doesn’t scream? So what would you call it–singing LOUD? If he would type his performances, they would be in all caps.

    • i totally agree with you. Caleb and Jena screams a lot and it’s not a music. It’s noise.. Ok, music nowadays are not the type that Jena and Caleb are singing..

      • I agree about the noise. But, you can understand the words Caleb sings and you can’t with Jena and her tongue.

    • Its the “cute factor” I think…she knows how to get the votes, could make a good politician some day

    • Not really a growl. It’s more like a garbled sound from having something in your mouth while you are talking (or singing). It’s her crazy tongue !!!

  4. A great run for a amazing artist no matter what anybody says Alex will be something because of his unique way of making music that’s one reason most idols mess up is because after show they have to start from square on but like other idol winners or runner ups such as daughtry Underwood Lambert and Phillips they knew who they were as a artist and which is why they had success so I doubt this is the last we will hear from Alex be ready for him to be blowing up the radio and music charts the sky’s the limit

  5. Just got home from American Idol, LIVE at CBS Studios!
    Was Awesome! Thank You FOX 11

  6. All three are good and I think America voted in correct order in terms of popularity, talent and potential. Alex is a talented dude. This has carried him throught out the competition. While his persona seems to be not well suited (yet) for showbusiness, his talent should be enough to sustain a decent musical career. I know in this business, its all about finding your niche. From what I saw, Alex knows very well what kind of artist he intends to be and what music he will create.

  7. Its amazing how Jena has managed to turn her fortune around by virtue of consistent and memorable performances week after week. Having needed to come from the wild card phase, she took advantage of the second chance given her. I am glad that America saw the talent and the overall package that is Jena and kept her in the running.
    The final looks to be a fair toss up between Jena and Caleb. Both have potentials that when managed properly could lead to a successful musical career. Talent alone will not cut it.
    If we consider history, Caleb should end up being voted as the AI 2014.

  8. Me too Julie Anderson, but he was sick on Wed. too, but no one said anything, they babied Caleb

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