American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 3 Performance

The American Idol Top 3 contestants have performed three songs each in a bid for your votes to make it to the Season 13 finale next week. You can cast your vote in our poll below to show your support for your favorite Idol Hopeful.

Jena Irene performs on American Idol 2014
Jena Irene performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

The official FOX voting started at 8PM earlier tonight at the beginning of Idol in part with Google Search Voting enabling online traffic to get things going. Now the other methods have been added as the phone lines are open for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. Jena, Jena, Jena … WOW! Absolutely AMAZING! You were born for this and it’s very clear … You have arrived! Congratulations!

  2. Alex earned his spot in the finale! Either way he is a winner and is the only one whose music I’ll buy.

  3. Cinematography: D

    Tonight was some of the worst camera work I’ve seen on A.I. in a long time. Simply put, the director L. Horvitz is trying to do WAAAAAY too much with the show.

    For the longest time, I can remember seeing the Idols on stage as they performed. This year, its been all about cutting to the judges to see J-Lo swaying (or popping), girls with mouths agape at Sam, or J-Lo, or Keith lip-singing, or J-Lo bouncing, or CJ’s GF looking concerned, or J-Lo flashing, or Randy chillin’ in outer space, or J-Lo. Tonight, we saw practically 80% J-Lo, 10% others, and 10% Idols. What is Swedish for the word ‘atrocious‘?

    Audiography: D-

    Again, all season long, this season stands out as one of the worst I can recall for sound. I understand the Audio Engineer only gets ‘one shot’ at best guessing the correct mix during a Live performance, but how often has s/he gotten it wrong this year??? When the viewing audience is cringing, wincing, and covering the ears for ⅔ of the performances, something’s wrong!! How difficult is it to put in a 5- or 10- minute delay in the program so the viewing audience can get the same performance quality the live audience members are getting?!?! At the very least, couldn’t they get a dry run during performance rehearsals the day prior to the live show? Maybe have the Audio Engineer sit and try to watch the rehearsals on t.v. like we do… so s/he knows how cr@ppy they sound?

    Tonight, as often is the case, the ‘playbacks’ after commercial break sounded so much better than the live versions… its obvious to me someone or something needs to change here.

    When Ryan was talking to Dawg Randy, Live, we couldn’t hear a THING Dawg Randy was saying if/when the live audience started cheering. That should never happen…! Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Production: C-
    What cubby-hole does Ryan have to crawl out from under every time he has to come stand with a contestant after judgement?? There’s always this awkward moment, where Ryan’s walking in from Orange county or some other far off locale in the back stage.

    All the ad-hoc, ad-lib stuff has been eerily contrived. Where was Jessica looking when Ryan was trying to ask her a question? At least Malaya saved the moment by showing the world her retainer on national t.v.!

    And, someone please tell Ryan to keep his mitts off Jena…!

  4. just for the sake of the last 3 contestants i will vote for Jena this time, cause Jess has gone already, but i would still be an avid fan of her ALWAYS.. #muses

    • I gave mine to Caleb, do not care for Jena. Hoping for Caleb and Alex finale

  5. Sorry everyone, This should come down to , Caleb and Jenna, Alex, is not nearly as good or as captivating onstage as these other two are.

    • I totally agree. I would pay to see Caleb or Jena in concert. I really like Alex’s voice but he is boring on stage.

      • Alex doesn’t have to be a loud mouth he music makes up for it which is how it should be,

  6. The show (JLo) selected JENA a long time ago. Even this sight does all the subtle techniques to influence you decision in favor of JENA. Like giving her the final performance, etc. It’s all been rigged, and many of you JENA fans are just suckers thinking you’ve come to an independent conclusion, but you’ve been played.

    This site works in collaboration with the show as well. Look how JENA is always in the front/middle of all the pictures. She’s highlighted as the main star. On this page the title is “Vote For Best Top 3 Performance” followed by a big picture of JENA.

    Don’t believe that would influence you? Then you’re a fool, it does. Science has shown that just search results from Google influence elections by 12%. Search for “Research in India suggests Google search results can influence an election.”
    JENA is not as good as you people think, and those of you that believe she was the best on the show are just more gullible. Someone like Becca Gibbs (above) honestly believes that “Jena Irene’s voice is a gift to America!” Seriously? Don’t be a fool.
    Learn to look for manipulation, filter it out, and you’ll then see reality.

    • Now, Bob if you tell me you voted Democrat, I’m going to give a hearty laugh.

    • Really? I don’t know about the rest of America but I have a mind of my own and don’t need u or anyone else telling me what to think! And I think Jena should Win!!

      • I definitely agree AI has put Jena in the spotlight as much as possible and there’s no doubt the judges have swayed opinions with their favoritism .. I don’t think this site has done the same on purpose .. but if you look back over the past few weeks or so, Jena DOES seem to be featured a lot more than the others here .. maybe the “brainwashing” has had a subconscious effect here as well and you don’t even realize it!

      • Jena has not been featured more than any others here. I’ve been rotating images between leading contestants all season (as I do every season). If people are more interested in certain contestants (as we can tell by polls and pageviews) then it only makes sense for us to cater to the fans in pictures. But we never ever promote or “feature” one contestant over another. I have no vested interest in one singer winning over another.

    • Hi bob, thank you for the chuckle.

      No, we do not work with FOX, American Idol, or anyone associated with the show. In fact, based on legal documents we’ve received in the past, I’d say Idol downright doesn’t like us.

      I’m honored that you think our fan site gets to choose who gets the final performance, but we don’t. As for which picture to put on the poll article, we’ve rotated it around week to week, so that accusation doesn’t work either.

      Sadly, you’re also wrong about her positions in the group photos. We’ve had people claim FOX was putting her front & center in all of them, so I actually went back and check. Nope, she’s mostly off to the side. But now that they’ve got 2 guys & 1 girl, of course they’re going to put the girl in the middle of the two guys.

      I do know what topic you’re referencing with the search results and elections, but I don’t get how you’re tying that in to this situation.

      All the same, thanks for the laugh and be sure to change out your tinfoil regularly for a new hat so it doesn’t get too dirty under there.

      • So where was JENA placed when there was 2 guys and 2 girls? If you go back and look, she was front and center, with everyone else behind her. People love rooting for the likely winner, that’s the whole bandwagon effect. Showing JENA as the person in front, does affect who they vote for.

        But there are other ways they can make their favorite get more votes. When people sing, the lighting, audio, comments, (basically how the show choses to present the performer) effects how people in turn feel about the performer. If they get the final performance of the night, that’s huge.

        If you are familiar with the Google study, here is another good study to read. “Playing Dice With Criminal Sentences: The Influence of Irrelevant Anchors on Experts’ Judicial Decision Making” Just seeing a higher number before a judge handed down a verdict, cause a longer sentence. Even when the number was unassociated with the trial.

        Although amusing to you, it is still very, very real. if anyone believes they are immune, they are just fooling themselves.. The best way to try and control it, and make objective decisions, is to understand how people can influence your choices.

      • Everything you countered with has absolutely nothing to do with our website. I’ll take that as an admission that you understand you were wrong in your unfounded claims accusing us of collusion with FOX/Idol.

        As for the pictures, oh come on. You’re shocked that they put the shorter girl in the front row? Look at all of the “Top” group photos & see where they put girls/guys (hint: boy, girl, boy, girl, boy). And guess how many times Jena is in front of Jessica? (hint: the same number of times Jessica is positioned in front of Jena).

      • I listen to “music’ with my ears! Bob’s been drinking too much “Kool-Aid” spiked with “Alcohol”-that’s doing the talking! LOL Bob will probably be the one buying most of “JENA”S music in the future (after she wins) LOL

    • Stop complaining, drink the Kool-Aid, and get on the “JENA BANDWAGON”-like the “Majority” of us!

    • strongly agreed, even-though I think Jena did not ask for this herself, more like :Jlo’s favoritism and biased actions are ruling here!

  7. Yes, Jena is great to watch and certainly talented. Not a fan of Caleb – too karaoke & not original. Alex is a true artist. Not as entertaining, but with music, I don’t typically watch. I buy to listen, and his is the only music I would buy. I actually haven’t purchased little, if any idol music, but would definitely love to add Alex’s work to my collection. His voice is awesome!

    • then you never saw Calebs u tube videos with his band hes very original I won’t stoop to saying anything bad about the other two because i was taught better then that

  8. Alex you are truly an amazing talented artist/musician you deserve a spot in the final!!! You have proved over and over again how original and humble you are as an artist!! You deserve this!!! Alex most talented for the win!!!

  9. it should be Caleb (froggy) and Jena in the finale! Story of my Life by Alex was way better his first time!
    Note: No “Kirk Gibson” moment for Caleb. As comparable, if Jena was in a Baseball Stadium, she would have knocked the ball somewhere down on Hollywood Blvd.! LOL

  10. Caleb should win hands down I don’t know what you all were listening to but he had the best performance with Dazed and confused. Alex had 1 good performance and so did Jena. He was fantastic with his vocal chords being strained

  11. With the best singer, Jessica, out last week .. things are going exactly as SCRIPTED by the producers. BTW .. glad for Jess that she too got her hometown welcome .. well deserved .. but surprised they didn’t show more footage of the other’s hometown visits .. guess the turnout wasn’t that great .. don’t blame em. As for this week … the comedy of AI didn’t disappoint. J-Lo continues to make a complete buffoon out of herself .. and the other judges continue to hype up THE-Jena to no end. That said, Alex blew em all out of the water this week and it looks like, as expected, he took Jessica’s votes with him as the viewers who appreciate true artistry to go along with actual singing are throwing most of their votes his way. As for Caleb .. guess we won’t have to hear another apology. The judges tried their best to make excuse after excuse for him .. bringing doctors on stage .. sayin he had to learn a new song. Awwww .. like other contestants haven’t had issues .. like THEY ALL aren’t learning new songs. And if that wasn’t enough .. his little tantrum gimmick with the mic stand was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen on AI .. but of course the judges, and all the fools that fall for his screaming act ate it out of the palms of their hands. LAUGHABLE! Alex and THE-Jena will be in the final .. Jena is scripted to win … but if America wakes up, maybe an upset can save the day. Either way, this is still the last season this fan is watching after they’ve completely rigged the results with overwhelming favoritism to the point of nausea!

    • Alex is a true musician and unique quality…also humble….he will be most successful even if he doesn’t win..Winners of Idol don’t always meet success…often the winner fades into the darkness an the runners up excel…..Caleb is no more than a karaoke singer in any bar on a Friday nite…. and Jena voice and word pronunciation is irritating and she copies other singers…..a dime a dozen……Alex is the truly gifted one

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