American Idol Results: Who Went Home Last Night On American Idol? 3/3/2016

Dim the lights. Here we go. Last night’s elimination sent home two more singers from the American Idol 2016 competition when Seacrest announced the results of your votes and the Top 8 contestants.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

Double Elimination expanded the danger zone this week and that theme isn’t going anywhere as it’ll happen again next week as well. So how close were your votes in our poll as a prediction? Our results suggested the Bottom 3 would be Olivia, Avalon, and Gianna in danger of saying goodbye, but nothing is official until Ryan announces the outcome for who went home tonight on Idol.

Now with the added twist of Judges and production picking from the week’s Bottom 3 there’s even less certainty in who stayed and who went this time around.

Top 10’s Bottom 3:

Wow. Your votes were right in our poll and correctly identified the Bottom 3! Nicely done, readers.

So now Olivia has gone from a Judges’ Fast Pass to the Bottom 3 in the span of a week. Since the Judges saved her once will they do it again so soon? Will they do it to protect their interests or just admit defeat and pick a new singer to support this week?

Top 10’s Judges Save:

  • Avalon Young

Top 10’s Eliminated Singers:

  • Gianna Isabella
  • Olivia Rox

Next round the American Idol Top 8 will face another double elimination so give support to your favorites as the voting lines open tonight. With such a fast paced season you won’t want to miss a beat. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get all the latest news sent your way.

What do you think of this round’s outcome? Did viewers get the cuts right? Share your thoughts and tell us what you think should have happened!




    • I agree. I feel so sad to see her go. She such an artist and really amazing. Producers did a twist well it’s a show.

      • are we looking for the best singer or the most popular? Who is going to be a star like Kelly Clarkson? Most popular: Dalton, best singer left Sonika

  1. ridiculous…I was sure Olivia would make the finals if not win the whole thing…what? Avalon over Olivia? Stupid stupid judges!!! Terrible choice!

  2. WORST DECISION EVER. Congrats Idol you lost your superstar bookend to Kelly Clarkson. BOOOOOOOOO

  3. I hope they pull a surprise finale twist and decide that America gets to vote back a contestant that has been eliminated and they join the two finalist for chance to win it that’s my only explanation for this stupidity.

  4. I agree, love Olivia. No offense to avalon, but the music industry will chew her up, and spit her out. I understand the no makeup and tomboy thing, I don’t wear makeup and I’m a tomboy, but then again I’m not competing in a competition like american idol. She looks like she won’t wear anything other than sweat suits. If Simon Cowell was a judge, she wouldn’t have made it this far. Oh and I’m usually a huge harry connick fan, but he sounded really off last night.

  5. I feel like Avalon was a great choice but she song the worst song ever last night. I was hoping they’d pick Avalon. She has an awesome voice but doesn’t know how to make a song sound nice. She’s not opening up all the way.

    • Avalon shouldn’t be on the same stage as the rest of the “talented” people.

  6. BRING OLIVIA BACK! ! ! Judges blew it!!! Avalon was O.K. but is out of her league. Olivia Rocked and they sent her home?? WTF! ! Worst performance of the night was that mess of a song by Harry Connick Jr. Anyway, with Olivia gone, they should just give La’Porsha the trophy. J-Lo already said as much.

    I’m gonna watch something more entertaining like C-Span. Then drink a Pepsi and pee on my Neighbor’s Ford Fusion.

  7. Top 8 Rankings:

    1. La Porsha Renae

    2. Trent Harmon

    3. Avalon Young

    4. Mackenzie Bourg

    5. Dalton Rapattoni

    6. Sonika Vaid

    7. Tristan McIntosh

    8. Lee Jean

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