American Idol 2016: Top 10 Rankings – Poll Results

The American Idol voting has closed for 2016’s Top 10 and so has our poll asking readers “who was the best?” in the past week’s performance round. Now it’s time to look at how those results turned out.

Trent Harmon tops reader poll for Top 10 round
Trent Harmon tops reader poll for Top 10 round – Source: FOX

Our power rankings yesterday put La’Porsha Renae, Trent Harmon, and Dalton Rapattoni in the top three spots and your votes agree. After thousands of votes, the top spots of our poll have Trent at number one with nearly 30% of the entire vote. La’Porsha earned second with more than 22% of your votes and Dalton snagged third with over 13%.

With those three garnering nearly two-thirds of all the votes here combined they should all feel extremely comfortable when it comes time to for the official results during Thursday’s show.

Sitting in the middle of the poll results we’ve got Sonika Vaid, Lee Jean, MacKenzie Bourg, and Tristan McIntosh in their respective order of vote performances. All four had strong performances on Thursday, but the percentages for each drops off rapidly after Sonika’s 11% down to just under 3% for Tristan. That last position puts Tristan very close to the bottom three in our poll.

Rounding out the results from your votes here we’ve got Olivia Rox, Avalon Young, and Gianna Isabella as we work through the last three and that’s not a good place to be even in our poll with a double elimination round this week. I’m definitely surprised to see Olivia here and wouldn’t be surprised to see her flip positions with Tristan in the official results.

Perhaps Olivia’s bypass of the last voting round worked against her this week since no one had to rally to support her the time before, but then again the other three “Fast Pass” contestants have held on to the top spots, so that might not be it at all.

What do you make of Olivia’s rankings here and the rest of the results in our poll? Share your thoughts below and get ready for Thursday’s two-hour live show with eliminations and the Top 8 performances.




  1. Olivia does better with belting out song (ex.Confident) and Unconditionally showed her sharpness to much. Sonika is on pitch but has “DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS” syndrome much like Sam Wolf did.

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