American Idol Spoilers 2014: Who Made the Top 2!

We have the American Idol spoilers coming to you live tonight for who made the Top 2 on season 13. This is it, the final American Idol 2014 results show before the finale next week. Who was voted off American Idol tonight and won’t be making it to the final round? Join us for the live vote announcement and find out if your favorite made it through!

American Idol 2014 Top 3 and Ryan Seacrest

The American Idol judges have had their say. The viewers have all cast their votes. It comes down to just one more American Idol elimination results show before the finale next week. Either Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, or Jena Irene Ascuitto will be the one who was eliminated on American Idol tonight in the terribly dreaded third place spot.

We’ve made our prediction about what will happen tonight, now it’s time to find out the official American Idol season 13 results for the Top 2! We’ll be bringing you all the action live as it happens tonight, so beware west coasters if you don’t want the American Idol spoilers on what happened!

Our live results blog will kicks off at right now! Watch the final announcement and the performance of the eliminated finalist below:

American Idol Results Tonight:


Jena Irene
Caleb Johnson

Who got voted off American Idol tonight from the Top 3:

Alex Preston




    • I knew when they said he would be singing with Kiss, he would be in the finals… I mean really if AI teased us like that and then he lost.. o geesh! I would never watch again! lol

      • Even if he would have lost he would still be performing with Kiss. Alex is performing with Jason Mraz next week.

  1. Caleb and Alex will be finale! I admit that Jena is OK, but she is over acting, she is over confidence. I don’t know why, judges gave favor this gal. To be honest, Alex is much better then her. Alex is the true artist. Caleb is a good rocker but I don’t know why judges are not fair enough for all of the contestants. American Idol judges should be fair as the coaches of the voice. The coaches of the voice never say bad to all of the contestants. They didn’t let happened something to the contestants because of their comment. American Idol need fair and talented judges. In this case, only one of the judges for this season is good.

    • The comments of the coaches on The Voice mean nothing because they say the same boring words to all the singers. They say gushy things and then make stupid comments about the other coaches. It is not helpful and is boring.

      • I agree. I like Idols approach with the judges… i’d rather have honest judges…

  2. I only like Alex and Jessica, since Jess is not around anymore…I really hope Alex can win this!!!

  3. Sad. I had hoped for an Alex and Caleb final since I do not like Jena. Something is “not right” about her. She appears to get irritated easily. Also, she has a unique appearance, looking nothing like her relatives. Odd.

    • Something is not right about your characterization of Jena. And, that’s all it is—character assassination.

      Only a Sith deals in absolutes. I will do what a I must….

      • and what they don’t realize is that if they don’t like the artist they don’t have to buy their music! that’s what it all comes down to…the good old u.s. dollar

      • No, no, nothing like that guys. Probably misstated my thoughts. I have no idea of her “character” cebux, so I cannot assassinate it. Nevertheless, just saying she seems to show irritation easily although not as much as in the beginning. Peace.

  4. I knew Jena and Caleb would be in the finale. I couldn’t be anymore happier. Good luck to them all.

    • I am with you! Love Jena I couldn’t see Alex as a top 2 but that means nothing really, he is going to have a fantastic career in the Music Biz!

  5. So bummed for Alex! I know he will be fine though 😉 Good luck Caleb and Jena, it should be a great show!

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