American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 4 Song List Revealed [UPDATE]

Here are this week’s American Idol spoilers revealing what the Top 4 will be singing on tonight’s live performance show with its love song theme.

*UPDATE: Click here for our full American Idol recap of the Top 4 performances show with videos!

American Idol 2014 stage

The spoilers reveal which love “make-up” & “break-up” hits the American Idol 2014 final four contestants will tackle for your votes. Check out the full list below and see which performances your most excited to see tonight on the American Idol stage!

American Idol Spoilers – Top 4 Song List:

  • Alex Preston – “Yellow” by Coldplay & “Too Close” by Alex Clare
  • Caleb Johnson – “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney & “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi
  • Jena Irene – “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley & “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar
  • Jessica Meuse – “You And I” by Lady Gaga & “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

* UPDATE: Idol Insider has released the list of songs for tonight’s show and it appears there may be THREE solos for each of the contestants, rather than two. We do not have absolute confirmation on the songs/singers below, but this seems to be the most likely way those third song choices are going to work out if there are indeed three songs each tonight.

Bear in mind that these songs may be leaks from potential Top 3 recordings or something else, we don’t have official spoilers on what exactly these are yet:

  • Caleb Johnson: “Travelin’ Band” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Jessica Meuse: “So What” by Pink
  • Jena Irene: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga
  • Alex Preston: “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz”

For the most part this looks like it could be a great playlist for the Top 4 show. What do you think of these spoilers? Who has the strongest line-up for their performances?

Source: TVLine




  1. I’ll be interested to see if Alex performs “Too Close” without the robot farts in the background. Yellow is actually a great good choice though.

    Jessica’s choices seem… ambitious. Perhaps I’m biased– I’ve seen Lady Gaga perform You & I live on the piano, and it’s just unreal both in terms of vocals and the amount of passion she puts into that song. I’m not sure if Jessica will be able to capture that fully. But she’ll position herself well IF (big IF) she can pull them off. I know a lot of people here have faith in her.

    • does she have a say in these songs… I don’t think they fit her.. but if she has to do it…. again to prove herself.. I hope she nails it … I sick of everyone wanting to see her fail… omgoodness @???!!! Nail it jess!

  2. love the choices for everyone but alex. try as I might to like him, he does absolutely nothing for me. he reminds me of plain boiled rice…bland and boring

    • oh pr64… I think who ever who is … could’ve have picked better song choices for jess.. doe she have a say in them ????

      • no idea if she has a say or not but I think she can do well with gaga if she belts it out

  3. I hate that Caleb is doing the Bon Jovi song. Due to this week’s theme he has to do a breakup song, but his cover of CCR’s “Travelin Man” is on NZ ITunes [presumably for next week’s home visits] and I wish he was doing that song instead.

    • Apparently he is doing Travelin Man tonight. But in place of which song? And how does it even remotely fit the theme?

  4. No real surprises here. It’s the first time the choices are more open for the contestants, and they picked about what you would expect.
    Alex and Jessica are doing the more current songs and artists that sell today, and Caleb and Jess are doing songs and artists from 40 years ago. It doesn’t say who will garner the most AI votes, but does point to relevancy and who can be successful in the market.
    From the marketability stand point, Alex and Jess are clearly the leaders. However, I expect the judges to really come out swinging for their favorites tonight. The Kool-Aid will be delivered in buckets, and many people will be like Jim Jones followers and drink it up.
    Open minded people, or Jessica fans: Expect it to get ugly for Jessica tonight. If compliments come, they will be back handed.
    Prediction: Caleb opens the show, Jessica buried in the dreaded second slot, Alex third, with JENA being given the gift of the final performance.
    Prediction: Two standing ovations for JENA, they might even start standing during the video intro out of desperation.
    Prediction: Audio and stage production for JENA’s Heartbreaker will be better than anyone else gets. Many people will get excited and assume it was all JENA, instead of seeing the importance of the staging, lighting, and audio.

    • LOL. Had to laugh at vision of Keith and JLo standing at Jena’s opening video. They’ll probably be armed with glo sticks!

    • Alex is more likely third, he needs a good night and i hope he has one, Jessica fourth, but that can change too. I agree with Harry when it comes to the ovations, Imo, that should be held for the winner. Right now it’s Jena at the top. See does remind me of Selena.

    • I love Jessica, too! Ridiculous how Jlo and Keith have a bias against such an amazing talent, great vocals and smoking hot looks

      • JHo is going to slam You and I. Just watch. She doesn’t like Lady Gaga. Or Jess.

  5. I think Alex will come up on top this week. Caleb is over, no matter what he does tonight.

    • I’m not a Caleb fan but people that know him “personally” say he’s a great guy! His remarks were meant to be funny in a Steven Tyler/Charlie Sheen way. Caleb Johnson is however more of an Andy Griffith/Taylor Hicks type. Note: Andy Griffith won a “GRAMMY”-something that both Taylor Hicks and Caleb Johnson will “never” do!

      • Yeah, and no Idol will ever win an Oscar either. Oh, wait… Did you see that one coming too?

    • Calebs fans are forgiving, I agree with you about Alex, but he needs to have a great night.

  6. Elvis’s “Can’t help falling in love with you” doesn’t seem to be that good of a choice for Jena; “BUT” when Jena gets hold of the piano “ANYTHING” can be breath taking! It’s like when in the movie “ENTER THE DRAGON”, Bruce Lee gets a hold of a set of nunchucks weapon- (someone yells “Uh Oh” in the theatre)” you know immediately that it’s ” GAMEOVER” for his opponents!

  7. Listened to these on iTunes. Jess takes “You and I” country and I like it. Jena’s “Heartbreaker” sounds good, but it’s just old to me. I like Alex’s “Too Close” too. Interested to see how the live versions go. They have the wrong song up for Caleb so I don’t know what the deal is with that.

  8. RANKING: Who Has The Most Momentum Coming Out Of Top 5 Week And Going Into Top 4 Performances:

    1. Alex Preston
    2. Caleb Johnson
    3. Jessica Meuse
    4. Jena Irene

      • Why? I bet Jena was bottom 2 last week, and has very little appeal to most fans. JENA is definitely the worst person left, so it makes sense for her to be in 4th.

      • 1.Jena, 2.Caleb, 3.Jessica 4.Alex Though I love Caleb and his voice, and know he will front a top act in the future, Jena has a stronger system of vocalization in which standards of songs are sung. Yes, Caleb has strong range and all of the above, Jena will win by a camels hair.

  9. I think Jessigca is the best and Jena.Time to go home Alex we have had enough of your plain ways. Caleb is screamer he will be complaining about anything think song choices could be better especially Jessica besides we already know jennifer and Keith are going to pick on Jessica they never

    give her a break . She is the best and Jena is too.

  10. Caleb and Jena will be the top two, I’ve been saying that since the top 12 and 13…

    • Barbara, you think just like I do! I’ve been watching your posts and I couldn’t have said things any better! Matter in fact I would like to see Caleb & Jena get together and do a heavy rock number and I’ll sit back with some of our local moonshine and have a party!!!

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