American Idol Spoilers: Season 14 Top 24 Head To Motown

American Idol spoilers reveal where the Season 14 Top 24 singers will be heading next after American Idol 2015 takes us to Hollywood Week and the all new Showcase round.

American Idol 2015 Judges & Host
American Idol 2015 Judges & Host – Source: FOX

According to The Idol Pad, the singers who survive the elimination round at the House of Blues won’t be sticking around in Los Angeles for their next performance on the American Idol schedule. Instead they’ll head to Motown for a themed show, says TIP:

The theme is Motown and the location is Detroit, Michigan. That’s right – motor city will be hosting the all-important phase of the competition…

The Top 24 have already been selected, as you know from seeing them perform in the shadows on the first night this season, so they’ve been back home resting and enjoying watching their auditions on the show so far. They’ll soon be reunited in Detroit for the next round which will air later in February, but according to Rickey, that may also be taped in advance.

Tickets are being offered up by On Camera Audiences for a show on February 19, 2015 then again on March 4th & 5th. Looks like the Top 24’s performance shows will be recorded in advance with the Season 14’s surviving singers first live show two weeks later in early March.

We’re still 3+ months away from reaching the Season 14 finale and discovering who will win American Idol 2015 so stick with us here on the site plus get our updates on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates!



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