Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 5/1/2014

Dim the lights and here we go! The American Idol 2014 Top 4 finalists were revealed last night on FOX when Ryan Seacrest took the stage and announced this week’s results.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

We’ve been watching our poll here and making our own predictions for which contestants are in the most danger of being sent home tonight on Idol, but now it’s time for the official outcome.

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Host Ryan Seacrest reveals the results as we meet season 13’s Top 4 contestants.

Wait! Hold that thought cause we’ve got a new twist! Ryan reveals the Top 5 has the power this week to decide a what happens next. They get to vote for either one person to go home this week or no one leaves tonight but two go next week. Wow. What do you think of all of this?

Ryan reveals the votes: Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No.

Okay, so that’s the end of that potential twist. It needed to be unanimous. Now we can speculate over the drama of who was it that voted “no”. Who do you think it was?

So who goes home… Sam Woolf!

American Idol 2014 Top 4 Contestants:

  1. Alex Preston
  2. Caleb Johnson
  3. Jena Irene
  4. Jessica Meuse

With that twist we didn’t get a chance at a Bottom 2 and instead just went straight to the elimination.

Top 5 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight?:

  • Sam Woolf

What do you think of this week’s outcome? Did America get the votes right? Share your thoughts!

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  1. There is a chance of Jena going home. I think she was somehow overshadowed last night. I don’t know. I’m not sure.

    But she does not deserve to go home. After last night’s performances, Sam is the one who shall leave (he did a great job but the other 4 contestants had better performances than him.)

  2. Well done watching idol…after they had the chance of keeping the group together and didn’t this group has worse personalities then I thought. Especially two of them doing it. Idc who wins…done.

  3. Sam was the right person to go home. Before the performances, I thought it will be Jessica to leave next but after watching her performances, she proved her worth to be in the top 4. Sam is a great artist, but the remaining contestants delivered better performances than him last night. And Sam should be happy because he had been saved already and was given a second chance.

    • It was probably Jessica for sure. I guess the other one… Alex?

    • Actually, in a post show interview it was revealed that the 2 no votes came from Jena and Alex

  4. I was kind of surprised that they all didn’t vote to keep everyone together for another week but obviously there were two who wanted to whittle down the group by 1 more. I’m very curious as to whom.

    I do, however, think that Sam was the right person to go home. Of course I’m a huge Jessica fan so I’m terribly relieved. I hope she blows them away next week with her performances.

    • I agree with you. We bet that Jena and Caleb voted to send someone home to reduce the competition for the finale

      • Are you kidding me? Jessica has the biggest poker face in the show she looks like she’s all in it for herself. She defintely voted no, she even shock her head after they said three were yes, then the other one was her no. Which im glad they said no we dont need to drag this on, it’s obvious whos going to win.

      • Jessica had genuine shock on her face when Sam’s name was announced.

  5. I have a feeling it was Caleb & Alex who said no. Possibly even Sam himself & Alex, they seem fairly cocky. Caleb is confident enough that I don’t think he thought for a second he’d be voted off this week or next, same goes for Jena. Guess we’ll never know!

  6. Fact is Career wise, Sam is much better not winning American Idol. He will go to Berklee shape his craft and sign with a better label than AI could have offered. All he needed was the platform now he’s good to go.

  7. I hated to watch because I knew Sam was gonna be in trouble. Fact is he and Jessica have great voices, just lack the stage presence. Jessica edged him out vocally last night…think the choice was inevitable.

    • Me too. Even when he sang his swan song, he was inanimate on stage…he just stood there.
      Too bad, he has potential though

  8. I think that America made a mistake about voting sam off of American idol because sam Woolf was a super good singer and he was just starting to get more used to being comfortable on the stage

    • Amy – if you like him, you can go out and buy his singles, photo albums, et. al. If Sam is that good, he, like Chris Daughtry who was also voted off week 5, can still make a name for himself.

      I seriously doubt it, but, he has the chance to prove himself in front of the market now.

  9. I’m thinking it was Alex and Jessica who cast no votes. If they are watching the blogs and ITunes charts, they’d know that they were in pretty good shape and might have hoped that the lower numbers for Sam and Jena would get one of them gone. I further hypothesise that TPTB pulled the secret ballot ruse because of the Sam save and because Jena was the other person in the bottom 2 and they want her in the finale. How’s that for a conspiracy theory?

    • I love it…the theory, but poor Jena just looked to darn guilty…but we may never know.

      • I think Sam messed up and thought no meant yes. As for Jessica she has been mean before. I watched her face.

      • Alex and JENA were the two who voted no. Jessica o ly voted Yes to Dave her own rear. Caleb and Sam voted Yes to “keep the family together”

    • What does it matter who voted for what ? Fact is in a matter of a very few short weeks the winner will be declared. Let’s hope the most talented singer wins because they must be Very talented to sustain a singing career & be successful in recording to sell records & be mature enough to withstand the rigors of touring . Those who are voting for “cute” are wasting votes. This is a singing competition not a popularity contest.

  10. I would listen to Jessica’s singing on the radio, mp3, or from a CD and it makes no difference about her stage presence being good or not. It is all about the voice and she does it for me. Just lovely to listen to and not bad to look at for sure.

    • I already posted almost the same elsewhere….. how often would you see any of the (possible) idol winners on stage? It doesn’t matter – no matter how many times the judges say it (they say anything, anyway)…. It’s a singing competition…… some we listen to a whole lot more …. than seeing them on stage!

    • I also agree. Stage performance when you are in concert or doing stage shows is very important but making CDs and playing on radios, etc the voice always grabs you. She is a beautiful gal and when singing the right song I am sure her personality will shine through. If you consider most of the songs she sang, they did not require screaming, jumping, and showman(lady)ship. She just sang and showed the audience what her voice was all about. Love her and hope she wins. If she does not win for sure she will not be a “broke musician” but rather she will be on a road to music success.

  11. Who the heck are you Walter to make such elementary comments. You are the Moron

  12. I still think America got it wrong when they sent Dexter home!! With that said remember the Alabama Power. They had an unfair advantage with three contestants from the same state. With Dexter and C J gone, Jessica now will receive the majority of Alabama votes!! Jessica has an amazing voice and her performances this week were excellent, which helped get her votes up. Alabama has had more American Idols than any other state. She now gets the majority of Alabama votes! This has to be a plus for Jessica. #TeamDexterAlways and #TeamAlabama!!

    • I love Dexter but no way I’m gonna vote Jessica, all because she now lives in Alabama. doesn’t mean she is the best on American Idol.

  13. I figured Sam or Jessica would go home. This was a stupid stunt by the producers because now people are speculating who voted “no” and I’m sure many will vote to try to eliminate who they think voted no, not for who they like best. It may end up sending someone home earlier than they should have gone simply because people think they voted “no” even if the didn’t.

    • They have to do something to make it interesting…. Just a ploy to gin up drama. That’s all. Its not meant to create strife among the remaining contestants.

      Speculation at this point is hardly worth the effort.

  14. We can speculate all we want by thinking this person looked guilty and that one wouldn’t look at the camera but the TRUTH is that we have absolutely no idea who is was that voted no.

    I’d love to be a fly on the dining room wall when those that remain sit down together to eat tonight. There might be some interesting conversation taking place.

    • During one screen shot… Jena was the only one not smiling…. the rest were smiling…. I picked up a vibe there…

  15. If you watch Caleb and jena don’t even look at the ballots when they get them like they weren’t even giving them a thought. It was weird Jessica shaking her head no before the first no vote was read but I think it was a more disgusted no…she probably knew Caleb and jena would vote no.

      • Alex and Jessica were the ones. Jessica was obvious, and Alex probably wanted Caleb or Jena at least to go home so he’d have a chance of winning.

      • No caleb and jena are the 2 i think said yes.

        jena looked scared during the announcements of the votes.

        and caleb blurted out and said im saying yes before the commercial break.

        alex & sam are the 2 who said no in my opinion and it backfired.

        sam thought jessica was going home so he voted her out.

        and alex knew he wouldn’t going anywhere and is going to be smart and let him get as far as he can.

        and jessica obviously said yes cause she wanted to stay

    • Out of them all Jessica has proven herself to be mean and she seems cold Imo. I believe she voted no.

      • I don’t think Jessica is cold, I think she is guarded; almost wary at this point of everything that goes on. She’s been a punching bag for the judges for the most part and has taken all of it in stride imo.

      • They all get to hear it, she is stiff, Dexter heard it weekly, he just smiled, the band held him back from doing his own thing, so I heard.

  16. I just don’t get why anyone would vote no… Totally turn me off the remaining contestants knowing likely half of them did this. Watch, this will defiantly create friction among the remaining contestants and a rating drop off.

    • I think you are right Randy! Just speculating, but I am thinking Sam and Jessica said yes because they probably figured themselves to be in the bottom. Caleb was saying yes as they cut to commercial. Maybe the No’s were from Jena and Alex. This is a competition, why give 2 people another chance to beat you out next week. The lame part to me is that this appears to be a desperate ploy by TPTB to try and save Sam once again.

      • I think even Idol knows you cannot save a guy that simply comes off as an average karaoke singer.

        My condolences to the Sam-fans out there, but his time was up weeks ago.

        It doesn’t matter who had the ‘yes’ / ‘no’ votes.

      • I’m really hoping we can get off the camera-cut shots to young girls now and re-focus on the contestants.

        I lost track of how many girl-shots we had in the final moments of Sam tonight. Every-other-bar, we had a cut to girls.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy, and I’m all for young girls, but not like this—its just not what I’m wanting to see as a tv viewer. I want to see the Idol contestants. Not J-Lo. Not Keith. Not Harry. Not 12~17 yr. old girls, cute as they may be.

        For that reason, I’m actually pretty grateful they don’t show many cuts to girls during Caleb’s or Jena’s or Jessica’s songs. Watching J-Lo bop around is distracting enough.

      • I couldn’t have said it better…. Jennifer needs to act her age… She’s a judge…not a groupie … all that fake hair. The show, IMO is catering to the very young…. which, of course, leaves me out and I’ll just gladly watch something else more entertaining!

    • they voted no so Americas votes would count..you don’t change the rules in the middle of a game!

  17. Someone on the Facebook site here is being consistently rude with his comments to other people. “You’re a moron” and “shut up dummy” are insulting to the commentators and his comments need to be removed please.

    • Good luck with that. There are so many out of line people here. I really don’t think the mods care, just want/need the traffic.

  18. No love for Jena? She is the best female contestant since Jordin Sparks. Best chance to topple the male dominance. I think Caleb has a good chance but I find him a one trick pony. If Alex were cuter he would win going away. To me, Jena is performing as if she has already won.

    • You may want to go back and look at Jordin’s season. TPTB wanted her to win so when she was voted off they pulled a “Twist” and combined that week’s votes with the following week instead of sending her home. You people can’t see that this wasn’t about saving Sam it was about not revealing who was the second lowest vote getter. I’d be willing to bet it was the producers chosen one Jena.

      • Except Jena actually has a chance at making it. Jordin … never really had the experience to make it on her own. Jordin has had to rely on others to help her produce albums.

        Jena’s already got her band, got her own music… she’s far better off than Jordin was.

      • A lot of people have a band and music they play. Not a lot a lot of people can translate that into success. There’s a lot more to it… That being said, she does have a chance, but probably only if she places in the top 2.

      • Daughtry had a band.

        I think beatbox Blake had one, too, no idea where he’s gone off to.

        Candice, Jordin, Lee, the guy that beat Adam L., the grey hair guy, … they’re all winners without a band and have hardly done a thing without assistance post-AI.

      • Never thought Jordin was the best singer of that season. Melinda Doolittle, IMO, won it. She was the one I wanted to hear sing each week. She was the one who delivered amazing performances that even Simon praised.

      • Blake was better I thought even though he would beat box all the time but he was definitely unique.

      • I wasn’t talking about Jena vs Jordin. I meant when a singer that TPTB want in the finale is threatened, they pull a twist. I think either Jena or Caleb was the other one in the bottom two and they didn’t want to reveal that fact.

      • Interesting conspiracy theory but not a response to my much simpler point: I like Jena and liked Jordin as well. If Jena wins that would break this all boys’ streak. I have no interest in finding fraud. I will take Kris Allen’s win over Adam Lambert as a referendum on the voters. If Jena loses to Caleb it would not be as disappointing as that.

  19. I agree with the “no” votes. I didn’t want the double elimination next week. This is a competition! And, i don’t think it would have been fair to the top 4. I only wish it would have been Jessica who would have been sent home tonight instead of Sam. I like her voice ok but, she is not a good performer. Sam has a great voice and I think he is a better performer than her. But, it is what it is! We all cast our votes and this is the 4 that shook out. I have my favorite to win!

    • I agree this is a competition and this was a pathetic attempt to save Sam. If they want an audience and voters then they need to stop trying to manipulate the vote.

      • I really don’t think it was an attempt to save Sam. That ship had sailed long ago.. week in, week out, Sam’s not been a stellar performer as the producers had hoped.

        This was a ploy to gin up drama (& ratings) among viewers. If anything, it might have been an attempt to engender Sam fans to stay loyal to the show after his departure. But, no, I can’t think this was an attempt by the producers to save Sam.

        If they wanted to keep Sam, they could have kept Sam.

    • Yes, if the powers that be wanted a real “twist” they should have done this yes/no contestant vote on performance night (Wednesday) instead of the results night (tonight) to avoid the appearance of “manipulation.”

    • It stinks that they even put the contestants in that position. I agree with the ‘no’ votes as well. The issue with sending two people home at once, especially at this stage, is that there is SO much more room for an unjust result.

      • Yes! if they were going to do that, why not do it when it was when Sam was going to be voted off like the other seasons? Two people would go home on that week which would obviously be the other two that went home (Dexter and Malaya sharing the 7/8th place together)

  20. During this season, there have been many comments about singers who scream. Majesty, Malaya, and Jena have been called screamers. But the real screamer in the group, to me, is Caleb. Every performance is nothing but screaming followed by a smug look of satisfaction. If screaming is talent, he will win. Without the screaming, his voice is not impressive. The judges don’t ask him to sing something different from the normal screamfest anymore because they realized that, after his song to “make the old ladies cry” was not that great. I really did want to hear Sam sing a Rick Nelson song before he left.

      • I am not a rock fan but Caleb has real talent & I recognize it.

    • I hate how people say that. People obviously don’t know what screaming is. I mean you were sort of born doing it. Screaming would be a screechy high-pitched child voice that would make your ears bleed if you heard it. To me nobody screams. It’s just an excuse to put on them because you don’t like them or something. Frankly I love them all, including Sam. (Malaya screamed to be honest IMO she always made my ears bleed)

      • I loved Malaya’s character—she was a real charmer. Watching her eyes pop-around here-&-there. The braces, the glasses, always smiling: striking character. And her final exit song was just splendid.

        I disagree that she screeched, however. To this day, I contend she was a far better ‘singer’ than Sam. Many will take issue with that, but she never missed a note.

    • I think you’re right… When he slows it down, he’s often offkey… but he has his rock genre followers…. Each of the remaining four offer a different genre…. May the best man or woman win…. if, in fact, America really does choose them…. sometimes, I wonder!

    • Maybe I missed something, as I have been out of the country. And maybe you are not a fan of rock music. Or maybe your definition of screaming is someone who sings loudly. Nothing to be ashamed of, my Mom was the same way. But, all I have seen is seen Caleb hit high notes, that are as polished and clear as some of the most talented rock performers out there. And do it consistently each and every week.

      • His loud high notes are not what I’m talking about. His voice in the lower volume is not impressive. It’s the ability to change volume back and forth effectively that can add more meaning to the lyrics. With Caleb it’s like he believes loud is better, and it’s not.

      • OK, are you going to hold the same standard to the other ballad type performers. That being they have be as “impressive” signing at the high volumes. If so, most of them would be so out of key, they would fail miserably. Or would you prefer a double standard?

  21. I’m not the only one who was kinda glad Sam went home, right?.. I mean, sure he’s a good (ish) singer, but… I just don’t get the appeal.
    As for the whole ballid thing.
    I think it was Jessica and Alex, who said no.
    It would be hilarious if it was Sam, cause he’d basically be sending himself home.
    Caleb and Jena, they aren’t guilty of saying no, I’m sure. They aren’t very “competetive”, lol.

    • No, you’re not the only one who was kind of glad that Sam went home. It was definitely his time. I never got his appeal either.
      It’s quite possible that Sam did vote “no” because he was ready for this to be over. There was relief on his face right after his name was read and his smile was totally genuine (for the first time it seemed.) It was obvious week after week how uncomfortable he was at times so maybe…..but who knows.
      I also think that they didn’t mention the other who was in the bottom two because it was a frontrunner and they didn’t want to tarnish the vote for next week. Just a thought.

  22. Sam will be fine…he just needs to get confidence performance wise and that is going to take time and maturity. He has the voice…actually he and Alex are the only 2 I would ever honestly listen to on the radio. I can actually understand the words when they sing but totally respect that some people love the rock vibe more. For only being 17 when he started, he should be proud. Have to say though, I have watched Idol since season 4 and this was the most painful season ever. Contestants overall lacked personality & chemistry. Love the judges though and hope they give Idol one more chance.

  23. I do NOT get why some American Idol fans are making such a big deal about two of the performers voting no on should someone be sent home. So many fans on American Idol are moronic idiots who love to pass judgment on others. I know if I was someone like Sam or Alex and I knew I was never going to win … I would not want to perform a extra week (for free mind you) that would ultimately get them nowhere. Remember, these kids are young and have been away from there family for a LONG TIME. Let them go home if they want.

  24. sam should have not gone home because he had an amazing voice and he is good looking. If he won American Idol, he could make it in the business because he is good looking. I think somebody should sign him because he could make good money from all the girls.

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