Caleb Johnson Finale Song Not Original, Rejected by Kelly Clarkson

Some Caleb Johnson fans are not too pleased about the rocker’s so-called ‘coronation song‘ in comparison to the finale song written for rival Jena Irene Ascuitto. While Jena’s song almost sounds like it was written just for her voice alone, Caleb’s tune just seems not quite as perfect for him. Well, it turns out there may be a good reason for that.


According to Yahoo Music, Caleb Johnson’s all-important American Idol finale song, “As Long As You Love Me,”  is not an original tune, it’s actually a cover. As in, the song has previously been recorded by someone else. Oddly enough, it was a contestant in South African Idol, Mark Haze, who first laid down the track back in 2012, although the song was never released in the U.S.

Not only has “As Long As You Love Me” been previously recorded, the song was also pitched in the past to former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, who turned it down. Writer Justin Hawkins, frontman of the band Darkness, told Yahoo Music that Kelly had the song “on hold” for a while, but never did anything with it.

In contrast, it does not appear that Jena Irene’s ‘coronation’ song has ever been performed by anyone else and seems to be a new, original creation. Although we do admit, we don’t know if it was actually specifically written with Jena Irene in mind. Even if it does sound way more like it was than Caleb’s tune.

Jena’s song, “We Are One,” was co-written by former American Idol contestant Felicia Barton, who recently tweeted a photo of herself and Jena  with the caption: “Hangin w/ @JenaAsciutto1 Can’t wait for you 2 hear the new song cowritten by me @MitchAllan @AnnePreven !!!!!” (Bolding added for emphasis.)


Do you think maybe Caleb got a raw deal by being given a song that not only isn’t original and wasn’t created with him in mind, but was actually rejected by a former American Idol winner?




  1. well either way Caleb will have a better contract then Jena. Look at Adam Lambert he had a better contract his own world tour. Way better then Kris Allen. Jena to me sounds like many teens before her

    • U2philly, Yes Adam Lambert is making money hand over fist. He has made a wholde lot more than Kris Allen. Kris is from the same city I am from. And all he does is play small clubs, or benifit shows. He is a nice christian young man. But his singing cannot compare to Adam Lamberts.

  2. It is odd but Caleb can sing anything !!! Things that make you go “hmmmm” !!!!!

    • I sure hope he wins Pennie! We bought his band’s CD at the Orange Peel after the show…crossing fingers…and toes that he wins!

  3. Caleb should be the winner of this years American Idol and if they gave him that stupid song to sing which I heard him sing. It did not belong to his voice! So if he looses he gets cheated like ADAM LAMBERT DID. Only not for the same reason. And this time I really mean it. I have watched american Idol every year since the beginning. Matt and Branden know it!!! ( where our all the others from when we started? ) GONE
    But I will not be watching it any longer if Caleb looses. Because that stupid song was not suited for his voice. HE SHOULD BE THE WINNER . HE IS AWESOME. I am an older lady. But I would pay to go to Calebs tours. HE IS A TRUE ROCKER!! CALEB AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED YOU ARE THIS YEARS AMERICAN IDOL. Youa re ready to go on tour RIGHT NOW BABY!

  4. Caleb worst Idol winner ever! He will bomb because he is NOT talented. Lowest rated Idol ever and worst winner. Caleb winning is what is wrong with Idol.

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