American Idol 2013 Finale Performances Tonight

Kree or Candice

American Idol 2013 finale performances tonight as Candice Glover and Kree Harrison fight for your votes one last time this season.

The show kicks off at 8PM tonight (Wednesday) on FOX with both ladies delivering three songs a piece and we’ve got the Top 2 song list spoilers if you want to know what they’ll be performing tonight on American Idol.

We can’t wait to hear their new coronation songs. Remember the impact these songs had on last season’s competition? It was a game changer then. Can it do the same again tonight?

Readers seem evenly split over which finalist will take home the crown during Thursday night’s live results show. Fans of Kree and Candice are outspoken and supportive of their favorite as we head in to tonight’s one-hour performance show.

We’ll be here live blogging a recap of the American Idol 2013 Top 2 performances along with all your voting information so you can help crown your favorite. Be sure to visit tonight during the show and chat with other fans about what are sure to be incredible songs.

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Who Will It Be? American Idol 2013 Winner:




  1. If the coronation songs can be “game changers,” why can’t Kree sing the song she wrote as her coronation song? If Candice has written songs, why can’t she sing one she chooses to perform? The coronation songs are different. One song could be catchy, and one could be a dud . That could affect the voting. I thought Idol was encouraging contestants to write songs. Whatever happened to their efforts? Where does Idol get the coronation songs?

  2. Being they took Angie out I guess I will say Candace, I think the only reason Kree is there cause they felt sorry for her. That not right and I will not watch next year at all !!!!

  3. Fernando,how long have you been watching AI? Ruben Studdard,Fantasia&Jordan Sparks all won AI and all are black.I am a white woman who loves Candice’s voice and hope she wins tonight but I also know that country music fans will be voting for Kree,just like last year when the top 2 were both country singers.Its not about race,it’s about genre.

    • Some of us country fans are going to vote Candice, I know I am, her voice is Amazing!

  4. I’ll be happy either way. It’s like the ad says: a R&B monster against an amazing country girl. Both will be successful, just like Angie.

  5. Kree!!! I like Candice but hate how they push her on America to vote!! There has been songs that she sang that was terrible. But good luck to both girls, no matter what they will be great no matter what. So quit hating, you don’t have to win to make it, some has won and they bombed!! So good luck to Kree and Candice!’

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