Who Won Wild Card On American Idol 2013? Results Revealed

Wild Cards on American Idol 2013

The results have been announced for who won the Wild Card on American Idol 2013 tonight and we’ve got the big news right here.

Once again our awesome readers accurately predicted the right winner when they voted strongly for Aubrey Cleland to beat out Charlie Askew to join the American Idols Live! Tour.

This summer Aubrey will be the 11th member of the tour group as they cross the country and possibly beyond to perform in your cities.

Are you excited for these Wild Card results? We’re glad to see both of these singers had a solid shot at the tour but it’ll be good for Charlie to go back home, collect himself, and get the support he needs. Plus, having another pretty face around like Aubrey won’t be such a bad thing either for audiences!

Keep with us this week as we continue to announce the American Idol 2013 Top 9 performances and results as we work our way down to the Season 12 final eight singers.




    • True, but what if Charlie’s emotionally not ready for it and something dreadful happens. He will probably be back another season if he’s eligible to come back again. Isnt there some rule about that depending on how far you made it before being eliminated?

  1. Charlie would have been a better choice for the tour he is so funny! But Congrats Aubrey!!

  2. Charlie should have won. He didn’t need to collect himself, there’s nothing wrong with him. His online support far outweighed hers, can’t believe the results weren’t fixed. Love how much grace and class he showed when it was announced though!

    • His calm reaction was interesting. I wonder if he knows something the rest of us don’t. Maybe he’s going on the tour as a 12th. We’ll see.

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