Clark Beckham Talks American Idol Experience & What’s Next [Interview]

Clark Beckham topped off an impressive American Idol season this week when he became the Season 14 runner-up and while that may have disappointed his fans it’s not something that’s going to hold Clark back.

Clark Beckham performs on American Idol 2015
Clark Beckham performs on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

Speaking with FOX Audio Central after the season finale this Wednesday Clark remained optimistic for his music’s future and thrilled for Nick Fradiani’s success. “You know, I feel good. I just believe that I’m exactly where I need to be. I cannot possibly, I can’t possibly explain how grateful I am for American Idol and for the judges and for this performance platform that has lifted me up to present good music and, you know, also just my beliefs and I’m just so grateful for being here and I’m really happy for Nick.”

Some fans noticed a bit of headbutting with Scott Borchetta and that seems to be reflected here as Clark seems to admit Scott might find a better working relationship with Nick. “I think it’s a perfect fit. I think it’s perfect, really I do, for him. Nick and Scott work well together, and I just, I really believe it’s exactly what – I just believe it’s exactly where I need to be is where I am right now.”

Clark is thrilled for the opportunities ahead of him and the chance to pursue his love for music. “I’m very excited to get into the music man. I just, I just believe that, I’m addicted to hard work. I really am, and I just can’t wait to get into the music. Because I was already getting into music, but now I’m going to have doors and opportunities,” Clark tells FOX Audio Central.

Idol has opened doors that had never even been there for him before. “Four months ago I was playing on the street. I couldn’t even get in a bar, you know, and I think I’ll maybe be able to pass the bar phase and actually go on tour and record and actually have a career. I believe that. And that’s what I’m excited about.”

Beckham doesn’t plan to take any time off after the show before getting in to his music. “I’m nervous about doing music and there’s not going to be a break, because I don’t like a break. I like just working and doing music. So that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

Clark’s fans can get ready more from their favorite and he’s ready to make it happen. “I’m excited for the people that are coming to my life and will continue to come into my life and I’ll, you know, make that happen. So I’m going to keep doing music. I can’t help it, and I’m just going to keep working hard because I cant help it, and I look forward to whatever that looks like.”

Congratulations again to Clark Beckham and his success on American Idol 2015. There’s no denying his impact on the season and all the fans he earned through the process. We’re sure he’ll have lots of fun out there ahead of him so keep an eye on Clark.

Source: FOX Audio Central




  1. I think Clark will have a hard time finding a record label. Only two come to mind that didn’t need American Idol to become successful-Kelly and Jena(pending).

    • Champion, I agree with you that Clark will have a hard time getting a record label. He is too stuck on I am going to be no matter what. That attitude won’t work in the music industry!

  2. you don t know what your talking about, he will have no problem getting contact, there will be awards in Clark future, not Nick

    • Clark has an annoying “chalk board grating” sound in his voice that’s hard to camouflage. Thus autotune is too difficult and time consuming for a record label to risk undertaking Clark. He should perhaps try asking to perform in a bar again?

      • I mean this in a kind way, but reading Clark’s remarks here he almost sounds not real bright. Is he a bit slow?

      • I’ve thought that as well, but didn’t like to bring it up. There’s something childlike in his responses as though he’s stuck at age 12 or very near it, polite and well behaved, but extremely unsophisticated. Daniel Seavey seems more “with it”. Clark seems sheltered.

      • He has a very high opinion of him self. It was obvious. Why keep saying ” I am me and that’s who I am going to be? He had the voice to win. Where was the charisma every performer needs?

    • He has a wonderful voice! We shall see what happens. A singer has to have a little personality. Clark has none! After all Nick won. Not that great of a singer. But a whopping good personality. Everyone is entitled to there own thoughts. You certainly are too. Only time tells the truth.I like Clark! And I hope he does do something good. JMO.

  3. Can’t wait to hear more of his music. When performing with Michael McDonald the other night he showed such joy. That to me is what music is all about.

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