Lazaro Arbos Leaves American Idol Season 12 With Burnt Bridges

Lazaro Arbos

Lazaro Arbos, one of the most improbable contestants ever to appear as a Top 10 finalist on American Idol, was finally eliminated from the Season 12 competition two weeks ago. Lazaro’s elimination came with a collective sigh of relief from the judges, who out of sheer desperation, totally trashed his off key performance of the Bacharach/David hit, “Close To You”.

Why were they desperate? Somehow, every week, despite giving performances barely good enough for a high school talent show, he was being voted further and further along in the competition. He had managed to make it all the way into the Top 6 and it was very possible that whatever force was moving him forward could result in one of the remaining 5 girls, whose extraordinary talent put them way out of his league, being sent home before him. This would have been a complete travesty and unbearable for production and the judges and probably the millions of viewers who were at a loss as to why Lazaro ever made it to the Top 6 in the first place.

From his first audition, Lazaro had a firm grip on our hearts with his inspiring story. He had overcome such obstacles as being bullied and a socially debilitating stammer. And in spite of that he persevered in his dream of a career as a professional singer. His singing ability at the auditions amazed everyone, especially the judges, who gave him his ticket to Hollywood without hesitation. As Lazaro moved along through the weeks of auditions, however, his charm began to wear thin for many when he started forgetting song lyrics, singing off key and ruining group performances on a weekly basis, while more talented singers were being voted off.

To make things even worse, he blamed everything and everybody but himself for his lack of singing ability. He said things like “he had never heard the song before”, “the week’s theme was not the kind of music he usually listened to”, “he wasn’t familiar with the Beatles or Motown” or the excuse that turned out to possibly be an outright lie; that his “song was changed at the last minute and he had no time to rehearse” (a claim that Jimmy Iovine swiftly refuted on-air.) When asked by reporters about his disastrous performance of “Close To You”, Lazaro said “we had a last-minute key change, and it was something we didn’t rehearse”. Really? It’s a little hard to imagine that.

When asked if he was disappointed that he was eliminated, he said, “My main goal wasn’t to win a TV show. My main goal was to get known as an artist and to have people that love me. So I don’t want to win.” Lazaro’s enthusiasm is exceeded only by his naivete. He went on to say, “No, as long as I get signed and go on tour and people buy my records, I’ll be fine!” When he puts it that way it sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? When asked about his future plans, Lazaro said, “I am trying to contact Ryan Murphy (Creator of Glee), so if he stops by tell him to call me”. If Jessica Sanchez can do it, why can’t he?

Burnell Taylor attempted to blame Lazaro for the disastrous group performance of “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch” during which Lazaro again forgot his part. Was it retribution from Lazaro’s fans that got Burnell voted off the following week? When Burnell heard the news of Lazaro’s elimination he tweeted, “God is Good!”

The cute and cuddly persona that Lazaro projected on Idol is quickly unraveling as he answers questions in the many interviews he has given since his elimination. He told one reporter, “I’m not gonna say names and I don’t wanna sound rude. But I think that one woman in particular is craaaazy and she wants to win!” He doesn’t want to sound rude? He also said, “She thinks that we’re in The Hunger Games and she’s fighting for her life.” Rumor has it that he is referring to Top 5 finalist Angie Miller.

Lazaro isn’t content to disrespect his former companions on Idol, he also has said that the judges “have made horrible records”. The sour grapes don’t seem to be limited to only Lazaro. Recently, former Top 10 finalist, Curtis Finch, Jr. fired off an angry tweet saying that it should be him on the Idol stage instead of someone who constantly forgets his lyrics. Curtis tweeted this message, “Honey he has BEEN MESSING UP!!! Forgotten lyrics and all! Why am I at Home?!?!” That’s a valid question coming from Curtis.

With all of this animosity, the long hours spent together on the American Idol 2013 tour bus this summer should be loads of fun for the Top 10 finalists and wildcard pick, Aubrey. At least we can all look forward to some interesting tweets coming from that bus and backstage at the performances.





    • I dont buy into everything I read. Ive seen a couple of Lazaro’s interviews and he has said some things that make him look like a sore loser. There are definitely 2 sides to Lazaro.

      • direct quotes taken out of context and placed in a piece of hype by an author trying to inflame controversy so as to sell copy and make money.

      • Accusing someone of taking something out of context implies there was originally a context in which Lazaro’s comments became acceptable. What was the context his comments sounded acceptable in? Did you even hear any of his interviews or are you just following the rest of the ignoramuses (or is it ignorami?) who have blindly supported him through a singing competition which he had no business being in?

    • In the big world there are people with all sorts of personalities and problems .. the fact that Lorenzo had a speach impediment set him aside in an obvious way .. My understand of stuttering is that that it a anxiety disorder .. Having someone on such a high pressure show is going to be extemely stressful . My point is that the constestants should be screened and councilled to much sure they can handle these huge stresses . I think at this stage he needs a lot of personal support ..

      • Yeah for sure they should be screened. I’m wondering if they do perform some kind of background check, which I realize is not the same as a psychological screening. Remember the guys that were kicked off because of outstanding warrants? Lazaro should let someone stand near him during interviews to make sure he not only understands the question but to stop him from saying anything that could hurt him in the public eye. At least until he gets the hang of it.

  1. He was given a free pass and now that reality has come home he wants to trash the actual Talent…. Well I don’t think we will be seeing him on the big stage anytime soon – and no he will not be getting my $$$ for anything he puts out

  2. Lazaro babe! relax, you are adorable, and most people felt bad due to your speech problem, but face it Lazaro, your singing was WAY OFF- my husband and I fought over you LOL a few people were sent home and they should have been on the stage instead of you. good luck and we will see you somewhere but you have to get rid of your TUDE !!!!!!! you are amazing that you can sing without stuttering wow, but no one owes you a thing!!!!!!as for FINCH Jr UGH no comment was glad when he went home. Burnell was annoying but I did love his voice

    • VERY WELL SAID. I was supportive of Lazaro right up until he began blaming others for his shortcomings as a vocalist. There is nothing so UNATTRACTIVE as an UNGRACIOUS loser. He should be able to use his exposure on American Idol to get his foot in the door of a highly competitive business.
      If not as a SINGER, then possibly ACTING, especially if the stammer disappears when he is focused on performing. This is actually not all that rare, JAMES EARL JONES and MEL TILLIS are prime examples. But if he doesnt CEASE and DESIST with the attitude, the great effort he has thus far put forth will all have been for NAUGHT.

      • You must really hate Curtis Finch then, who has been such a total crybaby about how he should still be there, blah blah blah. The show is rigged. The judges are biased. The producers orchestrate stuff to go their way. Sometimes the voters still win out. I like Lazaro’s singing voice, I think he was unsupported by the AI staff and producers, and he was left more to fend for himself, because Jimmy Iovine can’t imagine how he would market a singer who has trouble talking.

  3. Well this is what happens when a “Girl” win is engineered by Idol The Girls are great, do not get me wrong, but the guys, really? one or two were indeed good but had other issues. You cannot tell me that these were the best guys out there. Look at last years guys….. Originally based on what was shown he was not that bad,is very goodlooking and the comparrison from his speaking to his singing was a shock. I think Lazaro lasted so long because the public was like okay your gonna play this way we are gonna vote for the least likely guy.

    • The top 10 guys were no where close to being the best guys out there. Nick Boggington for example had an amazing voice. He did “stars” at the keyboard and the group performance of “somebody to Love” with 3 other guys who were also really good.

      So many were sent home in favor of Lazaro and the other subpar guys that made it into top 10. As soon as the shows in front of an audience started, Lazaro started going downhill fast. At least the other 4 guys could sing on key and remember their lyrics. Pathetic though if thats the best thing we can say about them.

  4. nothing can be gained by putting one another down… God has made us all different for a reason and We are meant to Love one another no matter what they may do… you all have gotten a great gift do not waste it on anger…Love ya and GOD BLESS

    • Not sure what “gift” you are referring to. There’s so many to choose from. For right now, I’ll go with the gift of being able to voice our opinions. When we do that we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of hearing a view counter to our own. That is all well and good and makes for lively discussion. However, if that view includes a personal attack, then we have every right to make use of the “gift” to defend ourselves.

  5. There’s always two sides to every story .. but everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon of only one side of the story that they believe to be possibly true … sad little sheep … perhaps Lazaro should be given the chance to speak on national t.v. to have his say … and I would love to get a peak at the card that Ryan Seacrest holds .. who’s to say EXACTLY what is written on it .. as brought up by another of America’s peers! I being Canadian, can’t vote on your show, however, I am entitled to my own opinion and I just gave it … no arguing, just stating my own personal view points!!!

  6. What sucks is “We Americans” bought his lame ass story. We know his limited and not versatile to any genre. They should’ve kept the other black guy who had a speech impediment (or something wrong with his throat in that nature”. Yall remember him? Now that dude can sing, remember lyrics, knows different genre and pronounce the word perfectly while he sings.

    Lazaro…. (cricket in the background)….. He can’t even hear himself off key… Judges sucks… ya shudda known that from the beginning. Yall too nice and you judges more on Clothing that they wear. Simon Cowell wudda chewed yall judges ass.

  7. I don’t blame Lazaro for the way he feels. I blame whoever made sure there would be a female winner by getting the guys they did! Thing is I love Kree Harrison so I can’t complain too much!

  8. I don’t care for his sour grape attitude though! If he was honest with himself he would have to agree he forgot words to many songs and his last performance was not good!

  9. He does enought damage control on him self to have anyone else say hate comments towards him. He has a long road ahead ! America was watching..

  10. I started to stop watching the show over Lazaro and his whimping and whining…could NOT believe they kept voting him back on as in the “top 3” that night. He uses his “disability” as a crutch and excuses don’t get it.

  11. What a MORON He had no business even in the top 25…Very Little Talent, not to bright. Sorry but its true, he was at best mediocre and that is being very generous

  12. It was apparent with his last few weeks of his attitude, when the judges were trying to voice their opinion. Lazaro’s “what-ever” attitude was too obvious. Bring back the guys who could keep up with the top girls! Go Kree !!

    • I have to wonder if because of his disability he has some phrases like “whatever” pre-programmed into his vocabulary. And because he is so limited on his speech, it was very difficult for him to convey his true meaning some times. So he may have come off sounding a little flippant at times when really he could only choke out one word at a time. How frustrating that must be! He definitely needs a full time coach! But I agree, he could have and should have worked much harder to learn his songs.

      • Thats a good point and I think youre right that he perfected some short phrases to use as stock answers to questions. He still was clearly not ready for an american idol type competition.

  13. I liked Lazaro, but agree that he didn’t deserve to be in the top 5. I was saddened to see some of his after-Idol comments. That said, I find it equally disgusting that several of the judges are actively pushing their favorites and being unfair to other contestants. They should NOT tell people to vote for specific people. They are supposed to be impartial and judge on the talent and the performance, not their personal preference. I only tuned in to Idol this year to watch Keith Urban (you know the truly artist on the panel) and I seriously doubt that even he could keep me watching the show in the future.

  14. Hasn’t anyone at Idol heard of “Vote for the Worst”? the group has pulled together for years, voting for people like Lazaro. check out their website!

  15. I never thought he was even close to the level of some of the other contestants, he should have been voted off a LONG time ago!! Burnell was much better than him on every level!

  16. This is a terribly mean spirited article. I’m really ashamed of how many people have been trashing this guy. He’s simply trying to do his best. He’s gone from the show now. That’s not enough for people. I have no pity at all for Lazaro (Admiration yes, pity no). I do pity the people who have so little going for them in their own lives that they have to try to tear him down.

    • I would say the comments that Lazaro has been making since he left Idol have been EXTREMELY MEAN SPIRITED. This article is simply informing the readers what he has been saying about his fellow contestants and the judges. Your self righteous nonsense is completely WITHOUT MERIT!

    • I agree with you he did the best he could just let him be, he was so brave to even go there in a first place you don’t see that very often

    • What’s the other side? Im sure we’d all love to hear it. Anyone who heard or read his interviews knows what he said was completely out of line. No way it was a language issue either. He was quite clear expressing himself.

  17. Lazaro beat out thousands of people that tried out. That says quite a bit there. Would you try if that trashy hoe Nikki Minaj kept putting you down? Would you try if the judges were laughing at you or whispering about you while you were singing? Idol is DEAD.

    • Yes – all that whispering during a final, final performance – when whoever it is, is singing their heart out to stay in the competition! The judges should be LISTENING and then go into a huddle if need be. Not good!!

  18. Why did u put this one sided article? No balance?

    I don’t care if Lazaro can’t sing but it’s unfair to write something raising people to hate on Lazaro like this. Lazaro has been voted off 2 weeks ag but u put this article now?

    AI sold his background story for ratings now people keep judging him as though they are all better than Lazaro??

    • What is the “OTHER SIDE” to Lazaro calling another contestant “CRAZY”. what’s the other side to his blaming everything but his own lack of preparedness for ruining other contestants’ group performances?

      The talented people who were voted off Idol and lost the chance to share their abilities with the country certainly care that “LAZARO CANT SING” even if you dont..

      The irritation with Lazaro started long before this article was written. Remember the contestant way back on Hollywood week who was in tears because he and 2 others who were put in Lazaro’s group were voted off because, he said, they spent so much of their limited rehearsal time trying to teach Lazaro the song.

      Were you concerned with the BALANCE or FAIRNESS of that situation? Truly talented singers had a ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance taken from them all so a sympathy case that couldnt remember lyrics or sing on key could have his chance. Now he’s SMEARING those very same people. Does that seem fair or balanced to you?

      • Hey you suck, i feel sorry for u coz u have nothing to do but raising hate on others. U should hate yourself.

      • If Lazaro is talking about Angie Miller when he says someone is crazy competitive, I agree. If Lazaro is talking about Candice Glover, I agree. Lazaro can sing, his voice is beautiful – although most of his live performances were not so good, his recorded songs are great. Nick Boddington is a little weasel, Burnell Taylor who I liked, was a jerk to tweet “God is Good” when Lazaro was cut. Curtis Finch also tweeted smack about Lazaro – should make for some good times on the bus this summer. Glad Nick won’t be there at all.

      • Why do you call Nick a “weasel? I dont know him personally, but I do think he has a nice voice. Yes, Burnell should have just kept his thoughts about Lazaro to himself. Most of them are new to their sudden “celebrity” and have a lot to learn about what they say in public.

        I’m sure Lazaro could put out a decent album because almost anyone can be made to sound good in a studio. Hes got some work to do if he wants to tour and I imagine hes working hard right now so he can deliver good performances on the summer tour.

  19. I personally know Lazaro and he is not what they are making him out to be. He is a great kid with alot of talent. He is still young and may have alot to learn but no matter what I will always be a supporter of him.

  20. I do not anderstand why people cant stop talking about Lazaro.the kid did his best so WHAT.for those who are criticizing maybe they are more talented than Lazaro.

  21. You’re a stupid little Queen. I felt sorry for you or better said, sympathized with you. Also, I’m Cuban. But, you were out-talented, out-performed and out-classed. Maricon!

  22. I always questioned why Lazaro was even in the top 12. As vocally, he should never have been anywhere close to that. But, it was not until I saw him laughing hystericaly at Jimmie Iovines negative comments on his last performance … That I realized Lazaro is not a very respectful person either. Add his all stupid excuses why his performances were not very good and just come to the conclusion he just is not a very nice person

    • I never found him to be arrogant, or to be making excuses when he was trying to explain why he hadn’t done more. He seemed to feel deficient in not meeting all of the expectations, but if you liste to the iTunes songs, the professionally recorded ones in the studio, those are really good singing, even if it was a bust on the live show. I thought Lazaro seemed unsure of himself, grateful to be there, not confident about himself and his abilities, but with a beautiful voice, full and rich, really nice tone. He got worse as the live shows progressed, he was more comfortable even back at the audition stage. I think they tried to break him once he outlived his useful life as backstory fodder. The manipulation of the outcome of this show is annoying – I wish they would allow the process to go on, they put out a Top 20, or Top 10 to the voters, and be ready for any single one of those singers to end up the winner. He’s also a good looking guy, kind of funny, charming, made some good friends on the show, and he did what he could in a rigged environment. I agree that there is NO WAY that five guys go home before one single girl, in the year they are so set on forcing a girl winner. Come on, that has to be something that everyone can agree about – they said it a hundred times, that they want a girl to win.

      • It’s called auto tune. Anybody can sound decent if you auto tune in the studio which the American Idol labels do. Check out the liner notes & back up cds. Most use auto tune. The artists that don’t actually put “no auto tune was used in the making of this record” etc. He has a good voice, but he needs more training & experience. He’d also make a great model as well.

    • I’d buy Lazaro’s music before I would buy Angie’s or Candice’s music – both of them are boring, and they both seem way too full of themselves, if you are looking for candidates for that. Although Curtis Finch had to be the biggest jerk of the bunch. I don’t believe that the bulk of Lazaro’s followers and voters were sympathy – and sometimes I think that the process of Idol takes good voices and almost destroys the singers. How does Lazaro go from how well he did at his audition, to falling apart in the live shows? No support, not the best vocal coaches when the assigned them to each singer, arrangements that were changed last minute, Jimmy slamming him left and right – Smokey Robinson really liked Lazaro’s singing voice. The people who only chimed in after the live performances began, you missed out on how he sang earlier, when he won his spot in the Top 10. The live shows are always tough on the singers with the least experience – whereas Janelle and Candice have auditioned what, three years previously? Several of the others in the Top 10 as well? Come on, the ones who are really exciting are the ones like Amber Holcomb, Lazaro Arbos, Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips – people who haven’t been on that same big stage, but they make a go of it – there’s a lot of upside for them as they grow. Kree Harrison has had and lost a recording contract, she performs live with a band in Nashville all the time – of course she’s going to be more sure of herself. But why hasn’t she made it into the bigtime before now? And what is all the fuss about Candice Glover? She’s not very interesting, her voice is kind of thin, and the performances are contrived to give her votes. I don’t like the overmanipulation of the show and it’s producers.

  23. Lazaro should have been eliminated much earlier in the competition, that would have allowed one of the other singers to stay longer. I think he stayed there so long because people were giving pity votes…rough childhood,speech impediment, etc. Get over yourself Lazaro…pull up your big boy pants and move along.

  24. Time for Lazaro to MAN-UP. American Idol should cut their losses pay this douche bag off and cut him off the tour.

  25. Lazaro’s comment that “as long as he gets signed, goes on tour and people buy his records” is hysterical and shows that the millions of votes he got every week really convinced him that he’s the cat’s pajamas despite the negative feedback and the obvious screw ups. The naivete would be charming except for the fact that he is publicly trashing others.

    Where is all of his bad attitude coming from? He must be able to admit he wasnt in the sme league as the other Top 9 contestants and certainly not the girls. I cant forget the image of him performing “That’s What Friends Are For” with the ladies. Other than singing the first line, he spent the entire song swinging his microphone around and keeping it so far away from his face that he wouldnt be heard singing and possibly blurting out the wrong lyrics. He seemed to know he wasnt that good and deliberately tried to divert viewer’s attention by doing things like that.

    I thought then that he was trying to make the best of a bad situation he was forced into or the producers told him to do that to minimize any mistakes, but after hearing his rude remarks, I’m not sure what to think.

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