Next Week On American Idol 2015: Top 12 & Wild Cards

Next week on American Idol 2015 the Top 12 contestants are revealed when America’s vote is announced and the Judges make their own Wild Card picks to round out our Season 14 finalists.

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol
Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol – Source: FOX

Following this week’s performances by the Top 16 Guys and Girls the voting has wrapped up and set the stage for who is automatically moving on. Only the top five vote earners for both the guys and girls will be assured a chance at performing again next week. The rest are up to the Wild Cards.

While originally rumored to include even this week’s eliminated singers, only the bottom six contestants still in the race will be eligible for another chance at your votes. Judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. will then select from those six to find us two more singers to carry on in the next round.

On Tuesday the American Idol 2015 Top 12 performances will be recorded but we won’t see that episode until Wednesday night at 8PM ET/PT. Then we’ll officially see who was eliminated and who made the Wild Card cut.

During Wednesday’s broadcast the Top 12 will return to their audition performance song selections, so no surprise there on what we’ll be seeing them sing for the next round of voting.

Then on Thursday night, 8PM ET/PT on FOX, the Top 12 will be reduced to the Top 11 and another round of performances. Is your head spinning in a dizzy yet?

We’ll have elimination spoilers for you next week since the Wednesday’s American Idol episode is taped the day before so be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get the latest results and updates.

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  1. I look for JLo to pick Lovey James as a wild card! Last night you heard her yell her name when eliminated. Lovey is a pro like Jena Irene was but not as seasoned.

    • Sadly…Lovey is not eligible for a wildcard slot…the top 16 will be cut to 5 next week..5 boys and 5 girls..the 3 boys and girls left over will be eligible for a wild card spot..the judges will pick one boy & one girl from that group.

  2. So somebody explain this wild card pick by the judges. Will Riley Bria and Savion Wright be eligible? So far, they are the only two I was shocked to see go home so I hope they can come back. Also Katherine Winston has a lovely voice, but the song she picked sucked so I wouldn’t mind if she came back either.

    • Sadly…Lovey is not eligible for a wildcard slot…the top 16 will be cut to 5 next week..5 boys and 5 girls..the 3 boys and girls left over will be eligible for a wild card spot..the judges will pick one boy & one girl from that one from this week.

    • Next Week…WEDNESDAY the top 16 will perform their audition songs…THURSDAY results will be in and the Top 8 boys will be cut to 5 and the Top 8 girls will be cut to 5..eventually eliminating 3 boys & 3 girls…those 3 boys and girls will become the bottom 6 & out of the six the judges will have to choose ONE BOY & ONE GIRL to give a wild card spot to and they will complete the Top 12…moving on to live shows.

  3. American Idol top 16 Power Rankings:
    Based on Performance Quality and Social Media Following

    Top 8 Guys:
    1. Clark Beckham
    2. Daniel Seavey
    3. Rayvon Owen
    4. Quentin Alexander
    5. Nick Fradiani
    6. Qaassim Middleton
    7. Adam Ezegelian
    8. Mark Andrew
    Top 8 Girls:
    1. Sarina-Joi Crowe
    2. Jax
    3. Tyanna Jones
    4. Joey Cook
    5. Adanna Duru
    6. Loren Lott
    7. Maddie Walker
    8. Alexis Gomez
    So Who’s safe? Clark Beckham, Daniel Seavey, Rayvon Owen, Sarina-Joi Crowe, Jax and Tyanna Jones.
    Who’s at risk? Quentin Alexander, Nick Fradiani, Qaasim Middleton, Joey Cook, Adanna Duru and Loren Lott. (Two of these people will probably be saved as a wildcard)
    Who’s Probably Going Home Next Week: Adam Ezegelian, Mark Andrew, Maddie Walker and Alexis Gomez

    • IMHO….. that’s all it is 🙂
      Clark, Rayvon, Quentin and Qaasim and likely Daniel.
      Save . Nick
      Mention this in passing Qaasim gets a lot of hate I think mostly because of his ego. News flash folks the “entertainment” business is full of ego! He keeps hitting it out of the park every week he’s around for awhile. Also think were going to see Daniel around a lot longer than I would like. Mark and Adam gone IMO.
      Haven’t seen this mentioned but clearly the 2 wildcards will have to sing after their chosen. Just a bit of added pressure there!
      Sarina-Joi, Jax, Tyanna, Maddie and ……
      Sarina-Joi, Jax and Tyanna are sooooo safe. God forbid any of these 3 doesn’t make it they are an insta save from the judges. So next 2 straight through I would include Maddie and ……. I know the 5th spot has no real front runner IMO. Alexis sadly is done if she doesn’t get the 5th slot. No judges save. So Joey, Adanna and Loren for 2 spots. Thought Adanna sang the best of the 3 but the WC spot is all about market and that’s Loren. Think she has the best shot of the 3 to get the save. Don’t think they’re tired enough of Joey but maybe Adanna could get the WC if Loren 5th. Joey 5th, Loren save and Adanna out. Not the way I’d prefer it could be. Joey butchered the song, someone needs to smash that squeeze box.

  4. Someone should tell AI it would be more fun if all top 24 contestants are eligible for that wild card! Savion, katherine. Come on!

  5. Wild cards need to be Savion & Jelly. How Shi was chosen over Jelly to begin with just baffles me. Shi was sounding like….. in the movie “Georgia” just like Jennifer Jason Leigh. If eyes were closed, Jelly would have gone through.

  6. If I am reading below is true, I have no better joy than not seeing the pop princess lovey James in this competition. She has no place here and has no marketable qualities as a musician or musical entertainer. Stick to pageants or dancing…

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