Quentin Alexander Reflects On His American Idol 2015 Journey [INTERVIEW]

Last night we had to say goodbye to Quentin Alexander as his American Idol 2015 journey came to a close with an impressive run to the Top 6 round on Season 14. After the show FOX Audio Central caught up with him to discuss his path through the competition and what he has planned coming out on the other side.

Quentin Alexander performs on American Idol Top 6
Quentin Alexander performs on American Idol Top 6 – Source: FOX

Looking back on what’s been a long time invested in his American Idol experience Quentin is clearly appreciative of the opportunity he was given:

“It’s been a really long journey. You know I auditioned first in January, so its been pretty much yearlong for me, you know, and it’s been a really great journey, a really great ride, because I’ve learned so much. I’ve gained so much knowledge and I’ve learned things about myself that I wouldn’t have learned without this experience.

And I’m just very grateful for everything that I now have to take advantage of being in the industry and to take advantage of these opportunities that may or may not come my way, and take advantage of the opportunities that I’m going to create for myself.”

What will be Quentin’s take away from Idol? He credits the series with his start:

“The one thing I’m going to remember is that it really all started here. You know, I wouldn’t be anywhere without this experience as it gave me so much exposure and just what I need to make it in the world.”

Fans won’t have to worry about Quentin Alexander fading in to the background after American Idol. He’s got plenty of plans besides officiating Joey’s wedding and he knows just what kind of music he wants to create:

Oh man. It’s going to be a mixture of things. It’s real, I’m imagining like a soulful, boozy rock, just a bunch of different kind of, I don’t know, alternative techno elements, just a bunch of things because I take so many influences from a lot of styles of music, just like back in New Orleans.

You know, there’s so much there even though the place is so small, but all together it works. So I’m going to try to make something that hasn’t happened yet, or hasn’t happened in a long time.

Quentin was a fantastic addition to American Idol this season and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative risks he took each week. Even when there was a song choice I would question he would surprise me with a unique approach to it. I’ll definitely miss his performance next week.

Source: FOX Audio Central




  1. IMO Idol was the wrong vehicle for Quentin due to the mainly southern, midwestern viewership. I’m glad he got some national exposure, but I doubt he could have won on this particular show. Especially so, due to the twitter save being open to just the eastern and central time zones.

  2. Answer just one question honestly and get voted off the show?…Bad precedent…now what you’ll get from future singers is guaranteed 100% phony. That’s really Wack!

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