American Idol 2015 Top 5 Theme Revealed: Hometown & Soul

Next week on American Idol 2015 the Top 5 contestants return to face a new theme with another round of double performances.

American Idol Judges Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban
American Idol Judges Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban – Source: FOX

We’ll soon be watching as Idol Hopefuls Clark Beckham, Jax, Nick Fradiani, Rayvon Owen, and Tyanna Jones take on songs of the Judges’ hometowns and their own soul. Yeah, the second song theme is definitely a gimme and gives the contestants a song that hits right in the middle of their comfort zone.

As for the Judges’ songs, it’s interesting that they didn’t use this when there were enough singers to go with two Hopefuls to each Judge. It’ll be interesting to see how the singers are assigned to a Judge and who makes the song picks.

Along with the Top 5 American Idol singers performing we’ll also see Harry Connick Jr. take on “City Beneath The Sea” as the guest performance next Wednesday.

Which of the remaining contestants on Season 14 are you most excited to see perform on next week’s American Idol?




  1. Clark Beckham is the next American Idol! He stays in tune always and stays true to himself. I’d buy his Album right now. Everyone else pales compared to him because they all remind me of someone else. Rayvon sounds and resembles, voice wise John legend, Jax’s is very much like a Debbie Harry or Gwen Stefani, I could go on but no one compares to Clark. I could listen to him all days soulful blues, yes!

    • Did you not catch his first performance on Wednesday? Totally off-key and, as always is the case for him, no real connection to the audience. Real emotion with his eyes closed, but blank stares and darting eyes when they’re open. I’m sorry, if he takes the crown this year, I will have to really think about watching the next season if the viewers will pick someone who doesn’t connect to the audience. He won’t have a performance career if he keeps that up.

      • Amen. At first I really liked Clark, especially during Hollywood week, but then I started to realize that he just doesn’t have any more tricks up his sleeve. His last performance was horrendous and that vacant look he keeps in his eyes is really strange. At times he sounds like he’s screeching and my ears beg for mercy. I’ll be so disgusted if he wins just because he has baby blue eyes.

  2. American Idol is the cause why their show sinks, its not about the years getting old. First if all these themes sucks, like this week Arena Anthem, no one even sang an Arena Anthem. Second, the mentor, ugh, Scott borchetta really? And randy jackson, they didnt even know how to do mentoring, Next why they dont have the both recordings for song, many people love White Flag by Jax, What a Wonderful world by jena, yellow by alex preston. Next, the judges are stealing the spotlight, esp. Jlo and harry, making some not funny jokes.

    I thinks they need to do the last season next year, its a great idea if they will bring back all the judges who had been a part of the show. And it must be American Idol All Star since its final season so the show will not remember on how ir sank.

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