This Week On American Idol 2015: Top 10 Perform Movie Songs

This week on American Idol 2015 the Top 10 perform as another contestant is cut from the race when Idol shifts to Thursday for a special night.

Top 11 meet with American Idol mentor Nile Rodgers
Top 11 meet with American Idol mentor Nile Rodgers – Source: @NileRodgers

The remaining Top 11 contestants have been working all weekend to get ready for their next chance at your vote and that including meeting with Nile Rodgers. Rodgers helped the American Idol 2015 singers work on their movie songs selections and we’ll hope to get some early spoilers leaks on what we can expect from this crew.

As you may notice, Maddie Walker is again missing from this group photo as she was in the official Top 11 group shot. We heard during last week’s show that she was having some health trouble, but there haven’t been more details than that. Hopefully she’ll be doing better soon and won’t miss the upcoming show.

American Idol 2015 airs this Thursday at 8/7c for a two-hour show. If you tune in on Wednesday then you’ll get the season finale of Empire instead, but don’t worry because American Idol will be back on Wednesdays in another week.

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American Idol Judges weigh in on possible song themes:




  1. I think Tyanna Jones is the best by far -singing, stage presence, everything and she is only 16!

  2. wouldn’t it be great if they all did songs from the james bond movies!! thos songs are not that easy to sing. the contestants’ artistry would be challenged.

    • Hello PR64….long time. I liked the old format better when we got tons of emails and would go back and forth. That was fun!!!! Enjoy the show…..

      • it’s been too long, namesake!! great to hear from you. hope everyone is well and happy. and I also hope you caught adam and queen in concert last summer-one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. this season has no one close (again…but not surprising) and I’m wondering whatever happened to caleb. anyway, our boy is coming out with a new album soon, something to definitely look forward to. one other thing…LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

      • I wish I did but I didn’t. I did get to see Bruno Mars….another great concert.
        I know Adam is putting out another CD….you know its on my list. LOL
        How has Atlantic City been treating you? You really should visit Vegas!!!!
        I love you but you know I’m a diehard Islander Fan!!!! This could be their year!!!! Either team……go NEW YORK!!

      • haven’t been to ac in over 10 weeks-long story. the taj almost closed but they’re back in business. the whole city is in sad shape. my husband is playing in a tournament 4/16-19 at the trop. love vegas but hate the plane ride. sorry you didn’t see the adam/queen concert. if you think the glamnation tour was amazing, this put it to shame!! unbelievable!! have a feeling that this season of idol is another bust. no one really stands out. keep in touch

      • Just not the same! Here is my email address…….keep in touch. Good luck to your husband in the tournament. We did try to get tickets for Adam they were sold out before they even went public!!!!
        Its only 5 1/2 hours. Bring a book!!! LOL

  3. Maddie Walker had an emergency appendectomy after the show last week. Just talked to Savion Wright & he confirmed this news. That’s why she is missing from these photos.

  4. Oh Lord it’s tear jerker week. How many ballads we gonna hear Thursday. It’s the titanic of all Titanic shows. It will show who can sing though. Jax might do something from Chicago. Would be a very smart choice. Clark will knock it out of the park. Tyanna the same. Think it will show Quassem not a strong enough singer again. Quentin will wow us but its to early for the save think he goes. Frankly its Daniel or Quassem who will bomb Thursday. Joey has 1/2 the “Phone Book” to choose from it will be quirky and very, very good. This is the week the ladies truely rubber stamp its not the boys year unless your names Clark

    • I’m trying to figure out what people see/hear in Nick. He’s so generic he’s not even cruise ship singer material. No power, no personality and no style, he’s a triple non-threat. He’s just beige.

      • beige is a little bolder than I would have classified him.. I’m thinking more of a drab off-white dashed center line road marker in a heavy snow storm at dusk.

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