Watch Out Top 4, It’s Daughtry Week On American Idol 2014

No one better get too comfortable on American Idol for the next few days because this is Daughtry Week!

Chris Daughtry eliminated on American Idol
Chris Daughtry elimination shocker on American Idol – Source: FOX

Chris Daughtry was eliminated during the Top 4 results show back at season 5 in what is often considered the most shocking elimination show in American Idol’s history. Other notable strong favorites eliminated in the Top 4 include Tamyra Gray of season one, Josh Gracin of season 2, Jason Castro of season 7, James Durbin of season 9, Michael Lynche of season 9, and Hollie Cavanah of season 11.

The takeaway here is no singer is safe and nothing is guaranteed when it comes to moving on in the competition and scoring a spot in the next round. All of this season’s remaining finalists, Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene, and Jessica Meuse, need to step it up tonight or risk facing elimination.

Current front runners Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene have a strong chance of moving on while Jessica Meuse would be considered a more likely elimination following her repeat appearances in the Bottom 2. Would anything be more shocking for this round than for her to move on and one of them to go home?

Who is your most shocking American Idol elimination in the show’s history?

Be sure to support your favorites and get in on the American Idol voting tonight when the show starts at 8PM on FOX!




  1. Crossing my fingers that Jess prevails. Any of the others leaving is fine by me.

    • I’d like Jessica and Alex to stay, and for a third I’d take Caleb over Jena.

      • As soon as you see that Jena is on the piano tonight, you’re thinking will immediately be “GAMEOVER” for your favorite!

      • Seriously, are you JENA’s Mom or her piano teacher. I can’t imagine anyone else believing that.

      • I believe it too. She is the most marketable and diverse with a voice that does not waver.

      • I love it when Jena plays piano, because we don’t have to hear as much of her singing. AND she can’t dance around, that’s another plus.

      • When Jena performed “Creep” on the piano … That was the moment I saw her as a potential winner.

      • Exactly. Seem most people feel that way about JENA (except Champion and Calene Grenhalgh)
        However, she’s got the judges and producers strongly promoting her, add that to enough lemming voters, and she might shock the real world and make it another week.

    • Jess appears constipated when she sings. It’s hard to watch. Good voice though.

      • If by constipated, you really mean beautiful, then we’d have to agree that Jessica is beautiful. And those eyes, pretty, humble, venerable, and yet confident and powerful too. A guy could just watch her eyes all night, stunning. That said, women hate women that are prettier then they are, so maybe its a disadvantage in these competitions to be a pretty girl.
        JENA sounds like she’s gargling when she sings. If she really is gargling when she sings, that would make a great circus act. If that’s her real voice though… ugh.

  2. most shocking ever – Chris Daughtry. I shut the TV off and didn’t watch the rest of that season or the next 3. Thankfully he had more success after Idol than any of his season’s contestants combined (and yes I do mean you Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hillbilly)

    • It shows that if you are strong enough, you have to win the show. Kellie Pickler was in that year too, and she’s doing better than a lot of winners too. Heck, I even heard Bucky Covington’s A Fathers Love on the radio (and I am not a big country fan), so there’s always a chance.

  3. Love Daughtry! Hope Caleb Johnson doesn’t suffer the same AI fate, but if he does, I’ll buy his music, too. Rock on, boys!

  4. I hope Jena is booted this and seeing the reaction on her face…


    • “NOWAY”! She’s on the piano tonight! It’s like Bruce Lee on the “NUNCHUCKS”! “GAMEOVER”!

      • Haha! Too funny, Champion. I definitely agree with you though, I think tonight will be another very big moment for Jena with “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, which should be like Ingrid Michaelson’s version. It’s going to be incredible, and even her Pat Benatar won’t compare.

    • I would love to see that tonight. Don’t forget the expression on JLo’s face, either.

  5. Caleb and Jena are the two best. I’m not a fan of Caleb’s “Rock Music’. But don’t judge him on his slip of the tongue because people that know Caleb “personally” say that he’s a great guy!

      • Wow, congratulations on never saying anything in your entire life that hurt someone’s feelings. I thought we were all human and made mistakes, but it appears you and Jesus are the exceptions, good job!

    • Alex … Likeable guy. And he had a shockingly good performance last week. Other than that, it has been the same, boring vocal style week in and week out (to me). Can you imagine if Alex attempted to sing at the full range and power Caleb does? That would be the very definition of “screaming and screeching”.

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